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February 1, 2016

the biggest IPO start up funding in the history of financial markets

American business are often looked as” icons” when it comes to raising business funding. be it Facebook, Linkedin or Google. An start up IPO that is considered as billion dollars created its  very own buzz .It this ” big time fundraising event that makes America’s largest funding events all the more astonishing.Recently FindTheCompany,partnered with VentureDeal to determine the 25 largest funding events since the turn of the millennium.

January 31, 2016

the biggest IPO’s by industry and size

Chinese internet and online shopping giant Alibaba’s IPO was the biggest IPO in the history if financial markets. The number 2 biggest IPO was Votorantim Cimentos followed by Citizen Financial group , which is ranked number 3 The IPO of .Syncrony Financial  was the 4th largest, thereby making the fintech industry  the highest number of record setting initial public offering ,IPO history.

November 2, 2015

Pinterest Funding Details vs Use of Proceeds

Filing Details Pinterest, Inc., which listed its industry on March 16, 2015.
Previous to this filing, their last Form D was filed May 27, 2014.

Offering Details The total reported offering size was $577,916,906.
Of this amount, Pinterest, Inc. sold $367,099,927 or (63.52% of the offering), with the first sale occuring on February 27, 2015.
The minimum investment for this offering was set at $0.

On average, companies in this industry sell 72.98% of the total offering size. $210,816,979 was reported remaining.

May 9, 2015

US States ranked by number of tech start ups readying for IPO

"US States with the highest number of technology companies about to launch an IPO"
Which US states top tech IPO Pipeline  

California, New York and Massachusetts  are among the tops 3 states ranked by the number of technology start ups with IPO pipleline.Home to silicon valley with the big and the brightest of technology and human minds California  is right on top  as the leading state home to over 315 tech start ups  who are readying for an imminent  IPO.New York  emerges as the second by a huge margin with 69 start ups,while Massachusetts is ranked no 3 with over 44 start ups readying for IPO stage ( chart :cbinsights)

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September 20, 2014

5 Facts You Did Not Know About Alibaba Group

IPO of worlds biggest Giant and valuation
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The Biggest IPO and market capitalization compared 
  1.  Alibaba’s IPO values the Chinese company at a whopping $168 billion. That’s more than triple eBay’s $67 billion market valuation and is even above’s $150 billion market cap. 
  2. is global wholesale marketplace online for international customers leading online wholesale marketplace for domestic Chinese small businesses
  3. Alipay: the PayPal-like service processed $623 billion of digital payments in fiscal year 2014
  4. The amount of goods  sold online  at, is  greater than that of Amazon, eBay, (JD) and Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten — combined.,
  5. “It recently opened 11 Main, an e-commerce platform for high-end boutique products like clothing, home goods and jewelry

November 7, 2013

Twitter Debuts at Wall Street, becomes public listed, its time to perform,

One of the most Anticipated  ” Tech Companies ” going Public  to raise money has been a subject of lot of attention, and the D day finally arrived  as “The IPO values Twitter at $14.1 billion, with the potential to reach $14.4 billion if underwriters exercise an over-allotment option, as they are widely expected to.

when Twitter IPO has just made its debut in Wall street  coming up with a issue of size microblogging network priced 70 million shares at $26 on Wednesday evening, above the targeted range of $23 to $25, which had been raised once before. The IPO values Twitter at $14.1 billion, with the potential to reach $14.4 billion if underwriters exercise an overallotment option.

If the full overallotment is exercised, as expected, Twitter could raise $2.1 billion, making it the second largest Internet offering in the United States behind Facebook’s $16 billion IPO last year and ahead of Google Inc’s 2004 IPO, according to Thomson Reuters data.

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Forbes-by Robert Hof-36 minutes ago
As soon Twitter shares began zooming toward $50 today, nearly double their initial offering price, you knew what was coming: sell ratings by …

Twitter prices above range to raise at least $1.8 billion

Reuters Indiaby Gerry Shih15 hours ago
REUTERS – Twitter Inc(TWTR.N) priced its initial public offering above its expected range to raise at least $1.8 billion, in a sign of strong 

November 5, 2013

Accumulated Wealth You would have made , had you invested $1000 on the Internet IPO’s

internet ipos and your   wealth returns

Return from Dow Jones

The above chart shows how much your wealth would have been worth, if you had invested a sum of $1000 during the IPO of the 5 tech giants below

1) Amazon   2)eBay   3)Yahoo   4)Google   5)Linkedin

October 4, 2013

Twitter IPO :With 200 million monthly users ,500 million Tweets are sent everyday

Geographic  Real Time Tweets

As Twitter gets ready to float its IPO which has been ” among the biggest technology IPO amidst    a slowing global economy, It also   showed the ” 140 character ” reflects in terms of  sheer numbers and bottom line . Here are the top 5 Numbers which the Public and Retail Investors would like to know

1)Twitter is planning a $1 billion IPO and hopes its symbol will be TWTR — it has not chosen an exchange yet.Twitter had reportedly been planning to raise $1.5 billion with an offering of 50 million to 55 million shares priced at $28 to $30 each.

2)Twitter is  at the time of IPO offering  472,613,753 shares of stock. It made $316 million in revenue in 2012, $253 million for the six months ended June 30, 2013

3)Not many would know that among  Twitter’s  top 3 biggest Market after US, is Indonesia Japan and India.( source French market research firm semiocast ) Twitter is widely used by Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, who has 6.5 million followers on the service.
4)However, Twitter had net losses of $79 million in 2012 and $69 million for the six months endedJune 30, 2013.
5)Twitter has 200 million monthly active users, and its users have tweeted over 300 billion times with 500 million tweets coming through every day.( venturebeat)

October 28, 2011

The Groupon IPO Analysis : 5 Charts That Can Impact Investors

Gross Billings,” which Groupon formerly classified as “Revenue,” continues to grow strongly, rising 25% sequentially in Q3 to nearly $1.2 billion

Revenue,” the portion of coupon sales that Groupon keeps, also grew, but much more slowly: Revenue increased 10% to $430 million.

Groupon’s IPO  Presentation Pitch

Groupon’s IPO roadshow pitch is revving into high-gear this week..One of Andrew Mason’s tasks on Groupon Inc.’s roadshow this week is to demonstrate to investors that the three-year-old startup is growing up and is capable of acting like a public company.
Firing underperformers is one way. Mr. Mason told investors Wednesday during a presentation in Boston that the company is replacing the weakest 10% of its salesforce

 Groupon’s IPO  Presentation Pitch

 Failing to win enough repeat customers may dampen the rapid growth that currently supports the company’s roughly $11 billion valuation

As of Sept. 30, Groupon had 143 million subscribers, but in the third quarter only 30 million of them bought Groupons. Groupon currently has a salesforce of over 4,800, according to its IPO prospectus.Repeat customers increased from the second quarter but only numbered 16 million, according to a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


 Why is Groupon’s  growth rate collapsing?

There are a few potential reasons why their revenue growth could be stalling.
According to  Yipit Reduced marketing spend.  While Groupon was able to break even this quarter, they did so by reducing their marketing spend. Unfortunately, marketing spend also fuels growth by acquiring new subscribers. Groupon grew their subscribe base by 23% this quarter. The previous quarter, they grew by 39%.

Competition. As competition in the space heats up with Google Offers, Amazon and LivingSocial, Groupon is getting crowded out of the inbox. In Q3, the number of Groupons sold grew just 1% despite Groupon growing their subscribe base 23%.


September 30, 2011

The Most Anticipated technology IPO : Infographic

Facebook is preparing to launch its blockbuster initial public offering in the US towards the end of next year, a later public debut by the social networking site than had been widely anticipated, say people familiar with the company.
The IPO, expected to be one of the world’s biggest with recent private share sales valuing Facebook at more than $66.5bn, has been expected by April 2012, with persistent speculation that it could even come this year.