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July 12, 2015

List of acquisitions made by Apple in the last decade

"apple's acquisition lists"

 The chart shows Apple’s top 10 acqusitions  in each year ( 2002 to  2014)

 Beats Electronics  had been  Apple’s most expensive buyout  by Apple standards  at around 3billion USD  in the year 2014
 In 2012  Apple acquired Anobit Technologies  at $450 million USD 
followed by AuthenTec   at $356 million and  Primesense  at   $345 million

May 12, 2015

ipad vs iphone vs mac vs ipod contribution to apple’s revenue

"ipad vs iphone vs mac vs ipod contribution to apple's revenue"
apples revenue by product category: ipad vs iphone vs mac vs itunes

The iphone  has been apple’s bread and butter then back in 2013 , which continues to remain so even in 2015.The data shows apples product shipments and how they contribute to its revenue.  Apples itunes ecosystem continue to rake in the dollars, the only exception seems to be the case of ipad whose contribution is slipped by a huge margin in 2015, q1 and q2

October 16, 2014

iOS 8 vs iOS 7 : Whyi OS is late in driving more adoption

Infographic:  iOS 8 Still Powers Less Than 50% of iDevices | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

According to data from Mixpanel, iOS 8 is spreading slowly, particularly when compared with its predecessors. While iOS7 powered nearly 60 percent of iPhones, iPads and iPods a mere seven days on from its release, Apple’s latest operating system is installed on less than 50 percent of devices 28 days on from its release.

February 28, 2013

How Itunes U might Replace Academic Books in Classrom

Apple ‘s entry into the Higher Education Space was an Interesting one , and might  pave the way for Digital eLearning  and enure immense reach.In the last academic year, students spent more than $5 billion on textbooks. The iPad is a substitute for textbooks. And as more and more of those pricey textbooks are available on the iPad – for much less money than the paper version – students will see a huge reduction in the amount of money they have to spend on those textbooks.
While the iTunes U app provides access to the content that’s available in the iTunes U section of the iTunes Store, it also offers a means for teacher and student interaction. The opening interface looks a lot like Apple’s iBooks app, with a bookshelf that hosts icons representing your courses. Tap on a course, and you’ll see a list of topics on the left, such as Overview, Instructor, and OutlineTeachers can post a syllabus, notes, and assignments to the class, and students receive notifications when new posts are available.
. More than 600 universities, plus other cultural institutions like the New York Public Library, MoMA, and PBS stations are on iTunes U. Teachers can distribute course materials through iTunes U as well, using ePub and PDF file formats.

iTunes U Hits a Milestone As International Use Grows

iTunes U Hits a Milestone As International Use Grows: The popularity of Apple’s online educational catalog, iTunes U, has tripled over the past two-and-a-half years according to Apple .

Apple announced Thursday that more than 1 billion items have been downloaded from the catalog, up from 300,000 in August 2010. The service was launched in mid-2007 and got a dedicated app at the beginning of last year.

Tunes U allows verified teachers to upload and distribute educational content — in the form of videos, audio and PDF files — privately to their own students, or the Internet at large, for free. They can create courses on their desktops or on their iPads. As with podcasts, users can download materials and subscribe to courses to be notified of future updates.
According to Apple, approximately 1,200 universities — including elite institutions like Yale, MIT and Oxford — and 1,200 K-12 schools host more than 2,500 public courses between them. International growth has been greatest: iTunes U is available in 30 countries, and 60% of iTunes U downloads take place outside the U.S, says Apple.

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October 16, 2012

Apple generated 12 Million New Account Monthly

Projecting iOS devices sales through iTunes account growth | asymco: During the iPhone 5 launch event, Apple announced 435 million iTunes accounts (with credit card numbers) with one click shopping.The current rate is approximately 12 million new accounts per month.The growth in iTunes accounts mirrors the growth in iOS usage as shown the following chart:

According to Asymco The current rate is approximately 12 million new accounts per monthThe growth in iTunes accounts mirrors the growth in iOS usage as shown the following chart:

charts source : Aysmco

April 27, 2012

March 17, 2012

The Making of Apple’s App Store 25 billion Downloads

Apple Says 25B Apps Downloaded from App Store: “Apple has announced that there has been 25 billion downloads from the App Store to date. The countdown to 25,000,000,000 apps began on February 17th when Apple said it would give away a $10K gift card to the person who downloaded the app and incidently  The 25th Billion app downloader was Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China,  which is apple’s biggest market who downloaded “Where’s My Water” and won a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. Where’s My Water is an app created by Disney, which “is a challenging physics-based puzzler complete with vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and a sensational soundtrack,” according to its maker.

According to Apple there are more than 315 million iOS devices in use worldwide — a figure it originally announced in its last quarterly financial earnings call.his is up by nearly 18 apps from January 2011, when the App Store saw its 10 billionth download, and by 5 apps from when the App Store hit 15 billion downloads in July. .With 550,000 apps available on the App Store, the a average download rate per app, is 45,455 

Apple’s nearly doubled its numbers since early July when the App Store hit the 15 billion download mark (to put this in perspective, Google’s Android Market passed 10 billion app downloads in early December). All its success notwithstanding, Apple recently acquired app search startup Chomp, which should help make navigating through and discovering new apps in the App Store more streamlined and effective. 

March 15, 2012

Apple Developer Payments vs iTunes Downloads

The above chart published at Asymco shows the state of the iTunes downloads .The above 3  charts shows  the reported total downloads by media:

 One of the more interesting numbers reported by Tim Cook during the last earnings conference call was the total payment to developers during the fourth quarter. This is the first time that Apple reported a quarterly payout todevelopers.

The figure was $700 million and it was mentioned in reference to the total payments to date of $4 billion. The $700 million is interesting at least because it gives an idea of what Apple obtained in total sales of Apps and how much it paid to developers . As it retains 30% and pays 70% to developers then it follows that it retained $300 million and the total “gross” sales was $1 billion in Q4.

February 29, 2012

Apple’s Growth Across Retail Channels : The Story in Charts

Apple’s retail stores increased sales by nearly 60% in Q4. This is a dramatic though not unprecedented change from Q3
s 1% growth rate. The growth rate faithfully tracks iPhone releases as demonstrated in a post last quarter.

The above chart  published by Aysmco ,shows how Apple products have grown via  Retail  Channels  seen on a yearly basis 
  • There were 332 million visitors in 2011, an increase of 29%. (This total is greater than the population of the United States.)
  • The average  revenue was nearly $50 million/store
  • 38 stores were opened, in-line with 2010s 40 openings
  • Total 2011 revenues were $16.4 billion
  • About 34,600 (full time equivalent) employees were employed on average
  • There were nearly 1 million visitors per store
  • There were an average of 100 employees assigned to each store
  • Average revenue/employee was $473,622
  • Average profit/employee was $120,289
  • There were about 9,600 visitors for each employee
  • Each visitor generated about $50 in revenue
  • The revenue per square foot was about $6,500 across all stores.

October 9, 2011

The Making of the iTunes Ecosystem

During the October iPhone event Apple gave an update on the app and song download totals. This is a reliable gauge of the iTunes ecosystem performance and Apple has been supplying these numbers for several years.   By Plotting This numbers and data  gives us a good idea of the trend in mobile content consumption. 
(data Source:Asymco)

The total number of apps downloaded (excluding updates) overtook songs in June/July and continues on its trajectory. In fact, the rate of downloads for Apps is now over 1 billion / month. Given the data points above, I calculate it to be about 34 million per day. The corresponding rate for songs is 8.3 million per day.( source )

After paying the content owners, iTunes is left with about $75 million per month from apps and $85 million per month from songs. At a billion downloads a month (and rising) the value in terms of revenues is already a run rate of $2.9 billion per year. This has been enough to overtake a business that has been running for more than seven years. ( source  )

At $2.9bn/yr apps are challenging songs as the most valuable online medium