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June 12, 2015

These Industries have spent 35% of their digital budgets in adwords

    the most expensive  keywords spends on google adwords"

The Top AdWords Spenders By Industry

According to AdventurePPC, the top spending industries when it comes to AdWords in 2014 are:
  1. Finance and Insurance ($4.0 Billion)
  2. Retailers and General Merchandise ($2.8 Billion)
  3. Travel and Tourism ($2.4 Billion)
  4. Jobs and Education ($2.2 Billion)
  5. Home and Garden ($2.1 Billion)
  6. Vehicles ($2.0 Billion)
  7. Computers and Consumer Electronics ($2.0 Billion)
  8. Internet and Telecom ($1.7 Billion)
  9. Business and Industrial ($1.6 Billion)
  10. Occasions and Gifts ($1.2 Billion)

December 16, 2012

Delhi and Pune leads in Hiring Activity in 2012

According to Naukri Job Index Hiring Trends All the top cities have seen lower  hiring numbers over the  last quarter month, barring Hyderabad and  une which saw stable hiring levels.  Mumbai, Bengaluru and  Chennai saw hiring activity dip by  5% respectively in Sep-12 when  compared to Aug-12. Delhi saw a  marginal 1% dip in hiring in Sep- 12 when compared to Aug-12,  while Kolkata saw a 17% dip, after  three months of consecutive upward movement

July 27, 2011

The State of Social Recrutiment : Infographic

About 89% of U.S. companies use social media for recruiting, according to new report and infograhic from JobVite, a company that makes social recruitment software. As one would suspect, LinkedIn is the biggest among social networking sites when it comes to finding and hiring new employees, a trend that’s sure to continue ask LinkedIn rolls out its one-click job application button for employers.
Interestingly, while LinkedIn is used by the majority of companies for recruiting, the majority of jobseekers actually use Facebook when looking for a job, suggesting that people are relying on their immediate, non-professional network to find employment.