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August 30, 2015

5c smartwatches having the best battery lives

US funding Raising activity for 2016 US Presidential elections :Who has raised how much


HOW THE BIG 3 IS STACKED AGAINTS EACH OTHER WHEN IT COMES TO FUNDING RAISING Donations To 2016 Presidential Candidates, By Size Percent of candidates’ committee and superPAC donations from different donor groups. Charts are ordered by amount of money raised (largest to smallest — that is, Jeb Bush to Lincoln Chafee).

Fund Rausing Campaigns in US : Who Has Raised how much and how

The 2016 US presidential elections candidates have already raised more than $350 million combined. In comparison, the two political parties in the U.K. raised less than $13 million over their entire 2015 election. The staggering U.S. campaign fundraising totals come from three primary sources: campaign committees, super PACs, and other committees (including nonprofits like 527 groups).

the best cities to work for for marketing and sales professionals

California, Pennsylvania and New York are the top 3 states which pays the highest salaried to sales and marketing professionals.
Highest Paying Locations for Marketing Managers | StartClass

The above chart shows the best locations for sales and marketing employees” who are most likely to get more than average compensation” as compared to other cities in US source :

Bailout of Top 5 Banking Companies by UK Government

The UK government plans to sell its 80% stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland.
This chart takes a look at how the UK government has  paid in terms of government bailout and how much it has got backk
But how much has been paid in bank bailouts and how much has the government got back?

the most popular emarketing automation tools for IT Enterprises


   What you did not about Bain Capital : know these 10 trivia facts  and how  the company is incubating several start up companies

They list of top 20 bains investment"

Bain Capital

  1. Year in which it was  Founded :1973, 
  2. Number of full time employees : 900+
  3. Investor capital  Bain manages  as of date : :$75billion
  4.  Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by Bain & Company partners Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss, 
  5.  Bain Cap specialises in : private equity, venture capital, credit products 
  6. Investments  across industries :Bain Capital invests across a range of industry sectors and geographic regions. 
  7. Bains Total Assets: $66,000,000,000 
  8. Initial Investment Funding Raised $37,000,000
  9. Earliest Bain’s investment : earliest and most notable venture investments was  “Staples, Inc., the office supply retailer. 
  10. Bains  acquisitions and investments : Along with Thomas H. Lee Partners, acquired Experian, the consumer credit reporting business of TRW Inc., in 1996 for more than $1 billion.

August 28, 2015

comparing the market cap of internet companies: 1995 vs 2015


  1. Year in which it was  Founded :1973, 

US salaries by states : which states pays the most

Salary Differential  aross United States : U.S. Median Salary by State | StartClass


August 27, 2015

Apple’s 9th september event rumored to unveil 4 inch iphone and apple TV

Get ready to welcome back Apple’s keynote come september Apple’s upcoming iPhone event is taking place on September 9, and the press blitz is coming fast. Howrever for those apple fanatics who felt apple will be unveiling its next  hand watch or iweight accessories, a new icar or a new iTV is set for disappointment.

However as it goes with tradition, There would be a launch however as according to Appleinsider while Apple will announce two new iPhone 6 models on stage, there won’t be a 4-inch “iPhone 6c”. According to 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman, Apple is retiring the smaller iPhone c product line due to an “aging feature set.” The site adds that Apple is working on a new 4-inch phone product, but that it will not be released this year.
Meanwhile new reports from buzzfeed suggests Apple would make some kind of announcement of the new Apple TV. This was originally pegged for a launch in June 2015 during WWDC but was scrapped at the last minute the announcement then.

global insurance stands at 6%, S. Africa, S. Korea most insured with 15% penetration


"global insurance stands at 6%, S. Africa, S. Korea most insured with 15% penetration

Global insurance Penetration

Globally Insurance penetration is  measured as the ratio of premium to Gross Domestic Product.Globally, insurance penetration stands at 6.2 per cent, while density is at $662 (Rs 42,103) for 2014

Among BRIC nations South Africa leads in insurance penetration with 15.4 %.Brazil ranks no 2 in terms of insurance penetration with 4%,followed by  India at 3.4%,China 3% and Russia with 1.3% insurance rates.

Across Developed countries  UK and Japan  tops  insurance penetration followed by UK with 11.5% and Japan 11%.Meanwhile France, Italy and US follows with 9%,7.6%and 7.5%
respectively. Canada  and Germany   stands at 6.5% , along with  Australia’s insurance  penetration of  with 5.2%

South Africa and South Korea have the biggest insurance rates in  the world with 15.4% and 11.9%

Insurance penetration  across  Top 20 Nations

  1. Australia:5.2%
  2. Argentina:3.6 %
  3. Brazil :4%
  4. Canada:6.5%
  5. Germany: 6.5%
  6. India: 3.6%
  7. Italy:7.6%
  8. China:3.0%
  9. Mexico 2.1 
  10. Indonesia 2.1
  11. South Africa:15.4%
  12. South Korea: 11.9%
  13. United Kingdom:11.5%
  14. United States:9%
  15. Turkey 1.5
  16. Russia 1.3 
  17. Argentina 3.6 
  18. Mexico 2.1 
  19. Indonesia 2.1
  20. Turkey 1.5
  21. Russia 1.3 

The biggest 10 corporations which has been financially bailed out by US Government

" the top 25 corporations bailed out by US"
Which  American corporations are largest recipient of US Financial Bailout package

Top 10 corporations  which has benefitted from the U.S Government. Financial Bailout Package  ;

The above chart represents the list of 10 corporations who have been among the receipients of American government sponsored bailouts program. 
Heading the list  as the biggest recipient of US government bailout is Fannie Mae  with a $116 billion bailout package. However government aided bailouts or not, the company has a debt of $22 billion outstanding.The number 2 in the list is Freddie mac with a government bailout package of $71.3billion,,while  AIG is no 3 with a total bailout package of 
Till date the US Government has bailed out 951 corporations with a total disbursed bailout package amounting to $615B. Out o this $390B were returned back to the Government. The total Total revenues from dividends, interest, and other fees amounted to $283B Total disbursement


August 23, 2015

The global insurance industry risk vs opportunity matrix chart

Where are Insurance companies looking to Invest across the world ? The below report plays out the contrasting studies on the most risky markets that might give unprecedented growth versus the safest countries which might give just predictable business The charts shows a country matrix based on the nations 5 factors which classify them as being the most risky, medium and hottest markets for Insurance and the nations have the most potential in increasing insurance penetration across the world.

"The global insurance industry risk  vs opportunity matrix chart"

For most of the past decade, insurance companies focused on investing across BRICS market which was a simple strategy for insurance companies seeking to expand their business in RGMs.

According to recent forecasts from Oxford Economics, the average growth rate of real GDP in the BRICs was 4.3% in 2012, and that rate is expected to rebound only modestly, to about 5.6%, between now and 2018. Growth in other RGMs will be affected by this deceleration.

The above matrix is based on majorly 5 metrics on which future global insurance growth depends . 1) Insurance Premium Growth 2) Regulatory Changes in a market 3) Macroeconomic volatility and stability ( negative vs positive) 4) Average age of younger demographic ( percentage of people in the nation in the age group 20 to 55) 5)Liquidity Risk; lack of liquidity makes the market unstable keeping away its population 6) Corruption index : Risk in the level of corruption The ranking matrix developed are based on an analysis of their potential risk and opportunity. It is designed to help insurance executives weigh the opportunities against the risks of doing business in individual economies.

August 16, 2015

March 1, 2015

Real Estate Valuations in California’s Bay Area falls by whopping 14% as Central Valley records 8% growth

The Fall in California’s Bay Area Real Estate Housing Market

  • The san Francisco’s Bay Area median price of single family homes  increased $669,950 ,a  6% increase corresponding to  same time last year 
  • Meanwhile sales in  Bay Area fell by a whopping 14% compared to last year .While the median value of central valley region by 8%to 242,270T
  • Meanwhile southern California saw a 3.8% growth , to median price of $ 420,700