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November 3, 2015

4G Smartphones supporting wireless charging between 13 to 20 megapixel camera resolution

These following smartphones meet the critera’s of being a 4G, with wireless charging, with a camera resolution between 13 to 20 megapixels .

Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched July 2015

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched :August 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6
Android 5.0 Lollipop
launched :April 2015

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Launched :April 2015

November 2, 2015

Thinnest Smartphone Manufacturers : 10 slimmest mobile phones

For Apple and specially for late Steve Jobs, having the slimmest smartphone was an obsession, and Apple it has continued his dream of  the  iPhone”being the slimmest mobile device handset in the market and it makes it right at the top as the slimmest smartphone with a  mere 7.09 mm.

The 10 slimmest mobile handsets in the market  from thinnest to thickest today are iPhone,Huawei, Samsung, Sony,Meizu,HTC ,BQ,ZTE,Blackberry,OnePlus,Xiaomi, Nokia,LG and Motorola

10  Thinnest  Smartphones Manufacturers: 

While iPhone is the undisputed no 1 being the slimmest mobile device,it  does have a lot of competitors racing in to take that coveted spot . Closely following Apple’s flagship iPhone is Huawei which  is  7.69 mm thin, while Samsung with 7.89 mm takes the  3rd rank

Meanwhile at 9.62 mm LG ranks at the bottom of the list .On the thicker side,feather-light manufacturer Motorola—counter-intuitively—also makes the thickest device

This is likely yet another consequence of releasing more small-screen phones, on average, than competitors. A smaller display often means less room to squeeze in a battery, and as a result, the need for thicker internals.

March 4, 2015

Global Top 10 Mobile Phone Manufacturers by MarketShare

mobile vendors  marketshare


The latest data on Worldwide Mobile Handset manufacturers/OEMs published by Garter recently, does not have too many surprises baring the fact that Microsoft has now taken up the place vacated by Nokia who was once the worlds biggest mobile handset manufacturer 

Here are Some of the Highlights

 1.)Clearly and substantially Samsung does the talking in number. Its way ahead from the rest both in volumes and marketshare .Controlling 21% global mobile handset marketshare ranked the number 1. 

2)Apple comes 2nd with 10.2% marketshare shared by their iPhone versions.Drilling into Apple’s geographic data shows that it has been able to increase its Chinese sales by 56% and US sales were up by 88% 

3)Microsoft with 9.9% global marketshare ranks 3rd and also has been the biggest gainer in terms of volumes and marketshare YoY ( .obviously due to the Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia) 

4)The Chinese Manufacturing Giants are fairly well represented in the form of,LG, Huawei TCL Xiaomi and ZTE   

 5)Together the top 3 OEM’s Samsung, Apple and Microsoft held 40% of the Global Mobile Market in 2014, a far cry from lets say 2007-08 . when the likes of Nokia/ RIM/ Samsung /Motorola used to control 65% of the market

December 4, 2012

Apple beats LG in US Mobile Market with 18% share in Nov,2012

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Mobile Vendor (Beta) Market Share

October 2012 Traffic Data Compared to July,2012 Data 

Apple Overtakes LG as #2 Mobile OEM in the US: After months of closing the gap with LG, Apple has moved into the second spot in comScore’s list of top mobile handset manufacturers, per the company’s latest MobiLens figures covering the 3-month average period ending in October 2012.Apple ranked second for the first time with 17.8% market share, up 1.5% points from the 3-month period ending in July. LG dropped 0.8% of its market share, to 17.6%. Motorola with 11% and HTC with 6% make up the bottom  

Apple has been challenging LG for some time now. In the September figures, it sat just 0.2% points back from LG in mobile market share, while in the August figures, it was 1.1% points behind. Its second ranking in October culminates a trend that has continued for longer than a year: back in October 2011, it sat in the 4th spot at 10.8% market share, compared to 20.6% for LG.

January 4, 2012

LG To Launch Borderless 55-inch OLED HDTV

 LG will be among the companies this year staking claim to HDTV sets that go where no TV has gone before. LG will produce  the world’s largest OLED TV at CES 2012 next week. With a panel that measures 55 inches diagonally, LG’s new HDTV features an infinite contrast ratio, 4-Color Pixels, Color Refiner and a nearly borderless design with a bezel that is only 4-millimeters wide.

The LG’s TV  differentiates itself from other OLED TVs is 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner which work together to generate natural and accurate colors that are sharp and consistent. The 4-Color Pixels feature allows for more accurate color depiction by using a set of four colors (red, green blue and white) in comparison to the RGB setup used by other OLED TV manufacturers. 

Color Refiner ensures consistency in colors from a wider viewing angle via an LG algorithm which improves and refines hues and tones. This is in contrast to other OLED TVs which often exhibit drastic changes in hues from different viewing angles and abnormal color gamut.