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February 17, 2016

linkedin and pinterest fall from grace from top 5 social media sites

Snapchat and Twitter has surpassed linkedin in terms of traffic . Facebook leads Social network marketshare with  over 1,5 billion, followed by Tumblr  and instagram with 500 million users. Twitter and Snapchat share the honors for the 4th and 5th place
Pinterest and Linkedin have seen their places toppled by  Instagram and snapchat.

February 2, 2016

who are the vc firms, private equity and corporate investors having stake at linkedin

Number of Investors  at Linkedin by Investor Type  FindTheCompany

The data shows  the number of private investors led by  venture capital  firms, private equity investors and corporate investors which still control  a fair percentage of stakes at LinkedIn. To know the details of the investors, hover your mouse on the bar chart.

January 12, 2016

tweaking and optimizing your images on social media : cheat sheet

how to tweak your images for highest ROI across social media

tweaking and optimizing your images on social media : 

Cheat sheet for Tweaking your images for optimizing  for search and social media marketing . Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Pinterest, Youtube, Whatsapp and Google plus

November 3, 2015

Stock market returns in the last one year: Twitter vs LinkedIn

How has the Twitter Stock fared in the last one year compared to Linkedin
Twitter One year Stock market Return
Linkedin One year stock Market returns

November 2, 2015

July 28, 2015

10 statistics on How Linkedin struck gold and disrupted the hiring industry

Linkedin was launched on 5th May, 2003 by Reid Hoffman and 5 team members. Click here to see complete linkedin stats

10 statistics on How Linkedin  struck gold and disrupted the hiring industry "

The  science of  the making of Linkedin : How to win friends and influence employers 

  1. Linkedin users (%)  with more than 500 connections:                           41
  2.  LinkedIn  membership after one year of operations :               4,500 
  3. Number of Languages which Linkedin Supports:                           24 
  4. Number of Employees which works at Linkedin :                      7,600 
  5. Total number of LinkedIn users :                                                313,000,000 
  6. Number of monthly unique visitors to LinkedIn:                     87,000,000
  7.  Professional  hired via  ads on  LinkedIn:                                   35,522,000 
  8.  interviews  received from Linkedin :                                           122,070,000
  9. Number of  linkedin account is created   seconds:                                1
  10. Number of full time employees in Linkedin:                                    7600 
  11. Cost of  Linkedin stock  per share at its IPO debut :                          $45 
  12. Cost of Linkedin Share after the first day of trading :                        $94 (109%
  13. Linkedin  revenues from non US Countries in percentage                30%
  14. Percentage of Linkedin Subscribers who are paid members:           16%
  15. The increase in percentage of Linkedin company created pages:              33%
source :Forbes/wiki/linkedin annual report

July 9, 2015

compete and alexa ranks top 15 social networking sites this year

"top 10 most visited social websites"

" social networking sites with highest visitors  ranking"

" top 15 social networking sites in 2015"
data/source :ebizmba

Alexa and Compete published their list of most trafficked  social web sites  this year . Social networking sites led by Facebook and Twitter rules the  social box office with  compete ranking it 3 and Alexa ranking in 2. Alexa ranks websites in terms of web traffic, as a result the lower the alexa rank, the higher the traffic and vice versa.  Compete is a similar tool which ranks web sites  as per unique visitors.
Twitter and Linkedin make the number 2 and 3  most frequented social networks with a compete ranking it  21 and Alexa ranking it 7. Linkedin ranks  25 in compete and 9 in Alexa

May 11, 2015

which techology company has highest number of woman managers

technology companies and women managers

Tech brands with the highest number of woman managers  

Pinterest, Linked, Yahoo are the top tech companies with the higher number of women managers with 40,39 and 37% respectively 
While there is no evidence or research to show that productivity or efficiency is gender dependent nor any study to show why companies needs to hire more woman than men or vice versa.  So what makes them so attractive to tom tom !! For these global technology giants gender diversity is a big statement in itself .It makes them sound very politically correct and helps them to don the leadership role in the tech industry by trying to showcase gender diversity. This is a great way to hire new woman recruits who are at times seen not as ambitious or career driven as men… What is left unsaid is the role of economics in gender diversity . Do compensation levels play a role in gender divide ?

eBay, Apple, and HP have the most women in leadership role in tech companies

"gender diversities in leadership positions in tech companies"

Gender diversity in  leadership  Positions  in Technology companies 

The chart published by Gigacom above shows the gender diversity in top technology companies when it comes to leadership. Some companies count leadership roles as being only vice presidents, others count as broad a definition as “officials and managers. eBay, Apple, and HP have the most women in leadership roles, although at 28 percent they’re still far from equally weighted. 

March 24, 2015

February 27, 2015

US Most Visited Top 10 Multi Platform Social networks : Google + inches ahead of Twitter

chart of the day
The above chart  shows data on the top 10 most visited social networks in US  across cross platform devices including browser-based visits across personal computers, tablets and mobile phones
Facebook forms 55.2% of all visits to social media websites in US,followed by Youtube with 20.7% Americans logging in via their smartphones, Tablets or PC/Desktops 

Suprisingly Twitter  is loosing out to Google Plus in terms of online visits as  Google + 4% share  to twitters 2.52% visits. QA Community site Yahoo Answers is visited more than Linkedin( 1.45% vs 1.38%), followed by Pinterest 1.12%


January 30, 2015

Which Sites in Social Media send the highest referrals Traffic : Facebook vs Stumbleupon vs Linkedin

 Facebook vs Linkedin vs Stumbleupon  traffic share percentage


The   referral traffic  from social sites is lead by Facebook by a huge margin,  as  around 3%( 2.9) of referral web traffic is sent by Facebook, Youtube and Reddit comes a poor second and third. Facebook has been the largest content sharing social site since the past 4 years as wellLinkedin and Stumbleupon  ranks 5th andf 4th respectively

Together 14 social media sites send 3.4% traffic .. out of which Facebook forms over 97% of referral traffic

April 8, 2014

Social Media Reach Across Multi-Platform Devices

Social Media Platform by Reach

 Twitter and Instagram are closely matched in total reach, a finding that makes sense given a recent report from the Pew Research Center indicating that a majority of Twitter users also use Instagram. Facebook, of course, continues to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Meanwhile, only LinkedIn and Vine are accessed by primarily by desktop-only visitors.

March 20, 2014

80% of LInkedin Lead Conversion happens between 1 to 4pm

 Conversion Time period   from Linkedin Post 

Can you predict at what time your consumers will ”  convert during your marketing campaigns ? Is it possible for business to know during which part of the engagement process a lead is likely to be converted ? well if you think this was  never possible ,  It actually can  !

According to recent post by  Oktopost, B2B leads are most likely to convert between 1 and 4 PM at Linkedin

 Here are the most popular posting methods on LinkedIn to generate leads, followed by conversions: 

  •  Discussion Groups – 96.22 percent of posts, 86.30 percent of conversions
  • Company Pages – 0.59 percent of posts, 10.07 percent of conversions
  • Personal Profiles – 3.20 percent of posts, 3.63 percent of conversions 
That means ‘ discussion” about  your Posts ”  create the maximun buzz across linkedin  and are the ” best qualifiers for a lead “

Also interestingly “The average length of a B2B-related LinkedIn post is 248 characters, and one out of every three posts contains a question mark in its subject line.”

source :80% Of Social Media B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn (Infographic): “

February 20, 2014

Linkedin Registers its Highest Jump in Traffic from Netherlands , with 16% growth in January 2014

 The Dutch users  mainly access the world wide web via  PC and Mobile web

In January 2014, there were 13.3 million desktop and laptop internet users, and 11.2 million unique online video viewers in the Netherlands. 

 Linkedin registered the fastest growth on unique visitors of the Top 20 ranking, with a 16 percent increase since December 2013.

February 6, 2014

Social Media Reach in New Zealand exceeds 90% of the Population

social media

8 million people accessed a social media site in New Zealand  with a reach of 95% of the audience .

The Social media site with the highest visitors were

1) Facebook was no 1 with 1.95 million unique visitor

2) LinkedIn  was no 2 with an audience of 798,000 unique visitors, with a 53% growth over last year

3)Blogging  among the Kiwi Population continues to grow with no 3

New Zealand Internet Usage and penetration




% Pop.

Usage Source




22.2 %





51.2 %





74.9 %





86.0 %


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January 27, 2014

Linkedin’s Revenue by Product and geographical Markets

Statistic: LinkedIn's revenue from 1st quarter 2009 to 3rd quarter 2013, by segment (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista

This statistic shows LinkedIn’s revenue as of third quarter 2013, broken down by segment. In the second quarter of 2013, LinkedIn’s subscription revenue amounted to 73 million US dollars and grew to 79.8 million US dollars in the following quarter.

LinkedIn’s Revenue by geography : US  vs MENA vs APAC vs rest of world

Linkedin Revenues based on Product Solutions:

November 17, 2013

The Job Market in US : Top 5 Recruitment Trends

US Recruiting Trends 2013 from LinkedIn Talent Solutions

The above insights show the  How the Recruiting Trends is panning out in 2013 . Presented by  LinkedIn : US Top 5 Recruiting Trends Infographic with some of the top findings:
 : LinkedIn Talent Solutions ” which conducted a global survey across 19 countries and over 3,300 talent acquisition professions to answer these questions

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Acquisitions that helped to Power “LinkedIn “Success Story

Acquisition date 
August 4, 2010
Adaptive personalization of content
*  USA 
$0.6 Million[34] 
LinkedIn Recommendations
September 23, 2010
Social B2B Reviews
*  USA 
$3.9 Million   
rate and review B2B service providers
January 26, 2011
Social Contacts
*  USA 
$1.7 Million 
Scan and import business cards
October 5, 2011
Social CRM
*  USA 
LinkedIn Premium
October 11, 2011
Social search
*  USA 
LinkedIn Search
February 22, 2012
Social Contacts
*  USA 
$15 Million
May 3, 2012
Social Content
*  USA 
$119 Million
give LinkedIn members a way to discover people through content
April 11, 2013
Web / Mobile newsreader
*  USA 
$90 Million
Definitive professional publishing platform

LinkedIn’s Business model is unique and is hard to replicate .LinkedIn has slowly built its competency across the user its digital ecosystem and user spectrum by buying out the companies that complement the LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn stands out as one of the best Internet business models because it has slowly built its  presence around the “ecosystem across the digital” Life Cycle “of the entire user journey Spectrum, and has invested money into acquisitions that “ complement the Linkedin Platform 

LinkedIn users can create presentations,share and bookmark them thereby building a huge user driven content, thereby ensuring high users and importantly higher engagement as both its back end and front end is owned by them ( Slide share, Digg,Index Tank, Social CRM )

LinkedIn’s  best 3 Acquisitions 

The latest among the 8th of Acquisitions has been the acquisition of “Pulse”in April 2013.
LinkedIn announced its acquisition of Pulse for $90M, Pulse is a mobile application that enables users to create personalized news feeds, and currently has 30M members in 190 countries and 750 content publishers
In May 2013 , LinkedIn purchased SlideShare for $119M. SlideShare is “ user generated social pdf aggregator” that helps users make presentations, share it among their friends and create “ collective Intelligence including corporate slides for the enterprise and as well as small business , and a great fit for “ Corporate “users , powered by the LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn also purchased 15 patents from Digg that included the ability to promote a story. As one of the leaders in social bookmarks, Digg has a huge number of users, who could help propel the LinkedIn Content Platform,via the Digg social bookmarks helping LinkedIn to have their presence across the : digital users Life cycle :

In July 2012, LinkedIn acquired 15 key Digg patents for $4 million including “click a button to vote up a story” patent

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