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June 5, 2015

mapping the valuation vs maturity chart across internet industry

"mapping the  valuation vs maturity chart  across  internet industry"

 How does  the internet industry and the particular company’s  valuation  compare to industry age (or maturity)? The graph above shows  the valuation vs maturity chart  across each  industry..  like search, gaming, eCommerce  and communication   

The web Search industry  have seen sinc 1996 ( 15-200 years) and   this makes the industry mature enough to expect higher valuations.At the same time, Communication and Ecommerce companies on average been around about 10-15 year, while gaming ( online/mobile ) are comparatively newer  and hence valuations lower 

SaaS and B2b has been termed as the ” way to get rich fast”which means.. get high valuations within a short time and they probably sell it off at a premium or  go the IPO way