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November 18, 2015

November 17, 2015

the biggest players across the beauty industry by marketshare

The beauty Industry biggest global brands by marketshare .The top 10 list across the globe . The L’Oreal group with 20% marketshare has the biggest marketshare and  ranks no 1 in the beauty industry.The second spot goes to Estee Lauder with a 9% global marketshare. Procter and Gamble is ranked 3rd with 5% marketshare. Avon, Coty, Revlon Shiseido ,LVMH, Chanel and Kao are among the other 7 brands which tops the 10 biggest players across the beauty industry worldwide

July 13, 2015

10 years of smartphone sales : Apple, Android and Nokia

how  nokia countered android and apple

This chart compares Nokia  against  the booming android growth and the growth of Apple smartphones since 2007 . However Nokia was  already faltering as samsung came out with its mind blowing products..and the declining share of RIM and adoption of Android  OS standard all but killed the brand

April 20, 2015

burger king and tim horton deal creates the worlds 3rd largest fast food company

Infographic: Tim Hortons Makes Almost Three Times As Much Money As Burger King | Statista

The $12billion deal between Burger King and Tim Horton completed last year will become the third-largest fast-food chain  across the globe and will will operate some 18,000 locations with plans to open many more.The result of this transaction is this new global company, with sales of more than $23 billion annually, which will now be based in Canada
The Canadian basedTim Horton made $3.26 billion in revenue in 2013, almost 3 times that of Burger King. It managed that with just under 5,000 units worldwide, compared to Burger King’s 13,600.Industry watchers expect “Burger King’s owners, Brazil-based 3G Capital, to implement deep cost cuts among other efforts to squeeze bigger profits out of the chain.

October 4, 2014

How Android finished the iOS mojo in 5 years

The story of mobile OS from 2009 to 2013

The Mobile OS marketshare compared by year from 2009 to 2013. Observe the growth of Android. From a 4% marketshare to  78% market share in 4 years.Android has been growing exponentially from 4% to 27% to 46% to 66% and in 2013 at 78%  from 2009 onwards. iOS is number 2 and has seen its market share  almost flat ..during the last 5 years

September 8, 2014

Who tops US White Goods Market Hair, Whirlpool and Electrolux rank top 3

The US White Goods Home Appliances market is dominated  by the top 3  consumer good giants  HAIR, WHIRLPOOL and ELECTROLUX”

This is based in the top home furnishings and equipment companies in 2011 and 2012, ordered by the total net sales made each year by the companies. At last count Haier was the leading home appliance manufacturer with net sales of more than 25.9 billion in 2012.

January 30, 2013

Apple’s 4th-generation,128GB iPad debuts in India Rs. 49,900

Apple has introduced a 128GB variant of the 4th generation iPad with Retina Display. The tablet has been priced at Rs. in India  costing 49,900 for the Wi-Fi only variant and Rs. 56,900 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular options. According to Apple, the new option will be available starting Tuesday, February 5, in black or white.

According to a global survey, India ranks number two in tablet penetration after China ( source : CIO ) (India has the second-highest penetration of tablet PCs globally, with 10 percent of respondents owning one. Future growth for tablet PCs in India also looks strong with 10 percent of Indian respondents planning to purchase a tablet PC this year

Apple is on its way to launching spree as it tries to innovate and make  incremental changes in its iPad  series. Among several Improvements which are happening compared to the predecessors, included a beefed-up processor, improved LTE support and inclusion of the new Lightning connector that first shipped with the iPhone 5.

Apple’s iPad has been available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants since launch, and the  128GB variant marks the first departure from the norm.

Apple sold over 22.9 million iPads in Q1 2013, though it did not reveal the breakdown of sales between 3rd/ 4th-generation iPads and iPad minis. The launch comes at a difficult time for Apple, with the company’s stock caught in a downward spiral for quite some time. It recently lost the crown of the most valuable company to ExonnMobil. While the launch itself is unlikely to arrest that slide, it will be interesting to see Apple’s moves in the markets from here on.

June 28, 2012

The Making of the Tablet Economy: How Big is the Market

With the Launch of Google’s official Tablet , Nexus ,the question that is doing the round across the tech industry is   “ does the Tablet market big enough “ for everyone  to have some share of the pie ..  or this is another consumer electronics bubble in making .

Google tablet market foray  has no doubt raised the stakes for everyone.. and  as its just a matter of time before Tablets replace PC as the computing device of choice .However the truth is that Not everyone is making money by selling tablets .It’s not lost on Google that Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire was the only slate to grab a sizeable chunk of the market beyond Apple’s iPad last year.

But the price at which Amazon kindle’s were sold barely covered the cost of manufacturing.. and the situation is unlikely to change soon

With Apple winning the high-end tablet wars, Google and Amazon and now Microsoft  are left to fight over the low end of the market.

When a Google-branded tablet finally launches — likely in the third quarter — it will have to be heavily subsidized to carry a $150 price tag, analysts said.“It will cost more to build than it will sell for, which means Google will pay a heavy subsidy for its tablet,” said analyst Tony Berkman of ITG Research. “There is no choice but to do that, if Google wants to compete.”

Yesterday, reports out of China suggested Amazon also was working on next-generation  Kindle Fire tablets and will continue to undersell the iPad at $200.

May 7, 2012

The Kindle Story Falters, marketshare falls 4% from 16%

 IDC reports that Kindle Fire sales have slowed dramatically, down to just about 750,000 units in the first quarter of 2012. Market share for Amazon’s tablet has dropped precipitously; it is down from 16.8 percent to just over 4 percent.

The latest report from  research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) claimed that “a steep drop in shipments of Android-based tablets offset a strong quarter from Apple and caused the media tablet market to miss projections for the first quarter of 2012”.

The firm said total worldwide media tablet shipments for the quarter reached 17.4 million units in 1Q12, 1.2 million units below IDC’s projection for the quarter. This was a quarter-on-quarter decline of 38.4 per cent, which was even steeper than the projected 34 per cent.

The sharpest decline, however, was the Kindle Fire: it fell from 16.8 per cent to “just over 4 percent” global market share. This puts Amazon in third place, behind Samsung, while Apple continues to dominate tablet sales.

IDC reports that Apple sold 15.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2011, for a market share of almost 55 percent. As the Kindle Fire faded in the face of the iPad3 earlier this year, Apple’s market share climbed back to 68 percent.
Kindle during its debut in the last quarter of 2011, had sold 4.8 million units and  had a marketshare of 16.8 percent of the tablet market last year. Amazon took some sales from the iPad and even more from other Android tablets—it accounted for more than 50 percent of Android-based tablet sales.

Source: via Sumit on Pinterest

January 3, 2012

Middle East Mobile Users To Cross 250 million

source : International Telecom Union

The number of mobile subscriptions in the Middle East  will cross the 250-million mark during 2012, reaching 271.27 million at end-2012 and rising to 352 million at 2016 end, according to forecasts by Informa Telecoms & Media.
Additionally, the average mobile penetration rate for the Middle East will cross the 100% mark in 2012: It will rise from 97.72% at end-2011 to 107.09% at end-2012, exceeding the mobile penetration rate in North America (US/Canada) for the first time. (The mobile penetration rate in North America at end-2012 will be 102.77%.)
Iran will continue to be the biggest mobile market in the Middle East by subscriptions with 82.91 million subscriptions forecast for end-2011, rising to 122.13 million at end-2016. Saudi Arabia has the next biggest mobile market in the region by subscriptions, with a 50.8 million active mobile subscriptions forecast for end-2011, rising to 71.32 million at end-2016.