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December 1, 2015

the top 10 global power brands of 2015 by brand value

Apple remains the world’s most valuable brands, followed by Samsung and Google

"apple, samsung and goole among the most powerful power brands"

Apple’s brand  value (and those of rival tech firms such as Google and Microsoft) remains stronger than ever.. Among the top 5 Brands after Apple, Samsung is 2nd, Google 3rd, Microsoft 4th and Verizon 5th. All these brands have  registered reasonable brand value growth rates of between 4 and 12%. Walmart is the only brand whose primary application is not in tech or telecoms. Though it has grown 4% this year, what was once the world’s most valuable brand has slipped down the rankings again; now at 10th it looks set to drop out of the top ten next year

The above chart from BrandFinance shows the brand value change ( positive/ negative )

November 30, 2015

technology industry’s top 5 biggest mergers and acqusitions

Dell’s $67 billion purchase of EMC is the biggest pure tech acquisition ever. (AOL’s $162 billion buy of Time Warner in 2000 was larger, but Time Warner was a media company, not a tech company.) This chart from Statista shows some of the largest tech acquisitions of the past decade, measured in 2015 dollars.
" technology industry's biggest  acquisitions"
The Dell : EM2 merger remains the biggest till date a $67 billion deal , followed by HP and Compaq’s $33.6billion. Facebook’s buyout of whatsapp for $19billion was another milestone along with Google and Motorola deal in 2011 for $13.2billion

November 2, 2015

which tech company pay the highest salaries to H1B visa holders

H1B VISA Average Median Salary :Which Technology major pays the highest

Among the 5 major tech giants Facebook pays the highest salary to the H1B visa foreign workers.With $130,000 median annual salary, the worlds biggest social network ranks 1st, followed by Apple who pays $123,000 and ranks second as the second biggest paymaster to H1V visa holders.

Google pays  a median salary of $120,000 annually. Microsoft and Amazon takes the 4th and 5th rank the bottom among the top 5 Tech Companies with 118,000 and 109,000 respectively
Amazon ranks right at the bottom of the pile having increased their pay to H1B visa holders by mere 6% since 2013

While Google has cut its average salary by 5% from what it used to pay in 2014, Apple and Microsoft  both has increased their pay to H1B holders by 3%.
Facebook and Amazon has kept their compensation to H1B foreign workers unchanged. Microsoft meanwhile  has raised it by 3% .

October 26, 2015

CEO compensation face off : Microsoft vs Oracle

Compensation levels compared between the 2 tech giants : Microsoft’s satya Nadella vs  Oracle’s Lawrence Elison


Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO at Oracle
Total Annual Compensation: $67,261,251
Reported Accumulated Compensation: $622,002,138


director and CEO of Micrososft
Age: 47 ETotal Annual Compensation: $84,308,755
 Reported Accumulated Compensation: $91,977,707

July 31, 2015

comparing windows pc sales vs Mac sales

"windows sales vs mac sales"

 The above chart compares windows bs Mac sales

The data clearly shows Apple sold more iPhones, Macs, iPads and iPod Touch devices than the total number of computers sold by the entire Windows PC industry 

In fact the pattern of Mac growth exceeding Windows PC growth (and overall PC growth which includes the Mac has been observed for at least 40 of the last 42 quarters.When comparing iOS shipments (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) to Windows we can see that combined iOS shipments exceed all Windows PC shipments for all three previous quarters.

July 14, 2015

which products of microsoft is giving its biggest revenues :

which products of microsoft is giving its biggest revenues :"

which products of microsoft are selling the most"

The above chart  compares Microsoft’s revenues from its 13 segments against  its product sales  from Lumia phones , Non Lumia phones and Xbox consoles .The 1st chart clearly shows how ” windows “sales  were  its main source of revenue till 2012, after which  devices and consumer licensing along with gaming and entertainment contributed significantly to its revenues. The second chart compares Microsoft’s product sales from Lumia  and non Lumia phones including Xbox

July 12, 2015

Microsoft and Nokia Deal Buzz :Timeline

" what is google looking  to do with nokia,
Less than  18 months  after Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone division for $9.4 billion, the company announced a new plan to restructure its phone hardware business. The plan that involves a massive $7.6 billion write-down and the layoff of up to 7,800 employees is all but a failure so it seems .
as Microsoft still hasn’t managed to gain traction in the smartphone industry. 
Looking at today’s chart, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that buying Nokia turned out to be flop. The former market leader was already in steep decline, when Microsoft decided to shell out $9.4 bil

July 10, 2015

Microsoft to layoff 7,800 as a result of restructuring its mobile business

" microsoft to layoff 7800 employees at its mobile division"
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Microsoft is on a layoff path once again as it tries to restructure and refocus on its mobile business that will lead to “up to” 7,800 job cuts, “primarily in the phone business,” and plans to “restructure the company’s phone hardware business to focus and align resources.”Microsoft meanwhile is set to launch its latest OS by July end, and it knows that ” as a company it need react quickly if it needs to ” compete against the runaway success of Android Microsoft recently merged its software and hardware divisions, a move designed to create a greater synergy between its hardware and software (Windows).

May 2, 2015

microsoft windows 10 improvements set to be gamechanger

" how microsoft that destroy competition after windows 10 release

Infographic via Perception System

Windows 10 would be all about  touch, speech, mouse and keyboard rolled into one

Microsoft  is set to  make the  Desktop OS market  by storm with its impending  windows 10   upgrade Windows 10  made everyone stand up and notice  when it made public of how engaging and all-encompassing Windows 10  will be. Giving everyone a taste of the power this latest Microsoft OS
 via build 10074. This time, this Windows iteration may likely succeed where Windows 8 and 8.1 failed miserably -by integrating  every device from PC’s to tablets to handheld devices into one dependable OS.

In a break from the past when Windows platform  is no longer built in a walled garden  but set to  blow the windows  environment  open .Windows 10 will allow apps written specifically for the iOS and Android platforms to  be ported directly into Windows 10 environment

And the best part is that once released officially, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for everyone – available for older versions and even for pirated ones. With this development, of windows 10,Microsoft could  be a  serious challenge  and in a one clean  sweep come very close to its biggest rivals, Apple and Google, cortana OS  is expected to be l be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages

March 25, 2015

Companies with the biggest spends on Research and Development: Top 10

RD spends by Top 10 companies

Companies that spends the highest on R&D(research and development)

Volkswagen, Samsung and  Intel leads in the RD ( research and development spends). Volkswage spends $13.5billion,with Samsung almost spending the same amount with $13.4, followed by Intel with$10.6billion. Microsoft spends  $10.4 on RD,while pharma giant Roche spends  $10billion

February 13, 2015

Israel’s Digital Pen and Chip maker brought over by Microsoft

Microsoft  is buying N-trig, an Israeli provider of digital pens and chips for touch screens, for at least $200 million, the Calcalist financial news website said on Thursday. Most of N-trig’s 190 workers will be integrated into Microsoft Israel and will be part of a new research and development center, Calcalist said, without citing sources. Officials at N-trig and Microsoft in Israel could not be reached for comment. N-trig was valued at $75 million when it raised money privately last February. N-trig had revenue of $36.7 million in 2013, up 38 percent from 2012. Revenue totaled $20.6 million in the first half of 2014, when it sold 1.3 million digital pens, more than three times the amount it sold in the same period of 2013..”

October 4, 2014

Whats Driving Microsoft Productivity Software Market

MICROSOFT PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE MARKET SHARE :The value of a company is the sum of the values of its divisions, plus cash, minus debt.Microsoft has traditionally been a leader in the productivity software market, thanks to its ubiquitous Office suite. Its market share was 94.4% in 2008, but declined marginally to 93.6% in 2012.

GLOBAL PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE MARKET :Microsoft faces still competition from from hosted suites, especially Google Docs The software as a service model has the potential to disrupt the productivity software market over the long run, given the prospect of enhanced cost savings for the enterprises.Microsoft is moving into cloud-based software.There are very few success stories with this model.t $ 6 user/month, Office 365 enjoys price leadership. Although, Google Apps, at $5 user/month, is an cheaper alternative but it lacks many features of Office 365 


The global productivity software market was worth an estimated $19.6 billion in 2008. It declined marginally in 2009, but has since expanded to around $24 billion in 2012. This is expected to show a steady growth in the coming years

Key drivers of office productivity market.

 This is expected to increases as the world’s working age population will increase over the forecast period?Led by the increasing growth of the BRIC nations along with booming economies of India, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America will see rapid increase in adoption of productivity software market

Operating Marging.Microsoft Office Operating Margin has traditionally been around 64%. It was around 66.2% in 2012.according to Tefris, this is set to decline  at a moderate level

April 21, 2014

How Much the Big 3 Tech Titans Spends on Lobbying: Google Spends 2 times more than Microsoft and Facebook Together

Infographic: Google Heavily Outspends Tech Rivals on Lobbying | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

Google’ ideology has become passe..these days  They dont really wish to  be called ” Dont be Evil ” nor it professes to be an internet company..  Their vision was to  let users manage information  and make it  simpler to use.. However not always.. as Google is not the same company has it  was  in 2001. That is clearly reflected in how much it faces in America’s necessarily evil.. Spending on ” Lobbying”.

Take a look at this chart .In 2013 Google’s $16 million spend was greater than what Facebook and Microsoft Spent together combined..or almost the same..This is 5 times higher than what Google spent in 2003

Microsoft’s budget  on Spending remains  roughly the same with $10.5 million  spent on Lobbying in 2013, which is 60% lower than Google’s $million

Facebook  the first time it  has spent on Lobbying with $16million. Amazon and Apple  with $3.5million.

April 10, 2014

Windows XP Passes into History as Microsoft ends Support

After almost 13 years, Microsoft has ended support for its popular Windows XP operating system 

 The first Windows XP version hit the market in 2001 Post April 8th PCs using the 13 year old XP will not besupported by windows .After today ..that is April 8th, computers using the 13-year-old operating system will continue to work just fine, but all technical support for XP—whether paid or otherwise—will cease. However very few are determined to stick to it. According to NetMarketShare, a web-analytics consultancy, Windows XP runs on 28% of the world’s PCs, making it even today the second most popular operating system (surpassed only by Windows 7, with 49%). Over 400m machines will therefore be left exposed. Included in that number are 95% of all the cashpoints (ATMs) in the world. Windows XP and Embedded XP also power a lot of cash registers.

February 7, 2014

With 10% Growth in 16 Months ,is Windows 8 heading the Blackberry’s way ?

Infographic: Windows 8 Performance Remains Weak | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

Windows 8 Performance Remains Weak

For all the Hype and Media spends “ Microsoft’s Windows 8 Failed to impress.Since the  introduction of Windows 8 in October 2012, Microsoft’s latest operating system has failed to keep up with its predecessors. In December 2013, the combined market share of Windows 8 and 8.1 reached  10% share of the market in 15 months after the operating system was released.  Meanwhile Windows 7 had a much better run than the windows 8 version . where the , Windows 7 OS reached the same level at 10% after a mere six months. So what was different in windows 7 , Window 8 was touted a much advanced and friendly in terms of UI and user interaction ?

while one can argue that ” during the initial period of its product cycle , due to early adopters ..the chart may show an upward growth…but with Android and Apple  releasing updates at a much  faster rate ,coupled with he initial reviews and Android’s word of mouth  was far beyond what Microsoft could handle 

February 6, 2014

Satya Nadella in The Hot Seat :Microsoft’s Hour of Reckoning

 Satya Nadella in the Hot seat at Microsoft

satya Nadella is microsofts new CEO

Microsoft finally announced its much anticipated CEO. A Microsoft Insider Satya Nadella  who has spent his last 22 years with the company “was heralded as the news CEO. This comes  in somewhat difficult times for the IT Giant as  the windows revolution that catapulted ” personal computing power to masses is on the verge of extinction with Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Web and Connected Devices taking over the ” computing space” and Apple and Google breathing down on Microsoft’s neck

Indian born American Satya Nadella, 46, replaces Steve Ballmer effective immediately after a five-month search, Microsoft said in a statement on Tuesday. Bill Gates, the company’s first CEO, will step aside as chairman and devote more time to product development while remaining on the board and running his philanthropic foundation. John Thompson, the director who led the CEO search, becomes chairman. 

While Nadella brings an enormous expertise on the  cloud and enterprise  platform he will need to boost Microsoft’s presence in consumer markets, where rivals have seized the lead. The first question on the minds of critics is whether the Microsoft veteran of 22 years can deliver the same fresh thinking as an outsider

Nadella  Professional and Academic Credentials

  1.  Worked at Sun Microsystems as a member of its technology staff, and joined Microsoft in 1992
  2. worked as the senior vice president of research and development (R&D) for the Online Services Division
  3. Took over as president of Microsoft’s $19 billion Server and Tools Business
  4. Was instrumental in transforming   technology culture from client services to cloud infrastructure
  5. Satya Nadella  led the Microsoft’s databaseWindows Server and developer tools to its Azure cloud.
  6. He  had by then become a regular name in the Microsoft corridor of Senior management  when he grew the revenues from Cloud Services  from $16billion to  $20billion in 2nd Quarter of 2013 .
  7. In 2 years he grew the business by over 20%
  8. (March 2007 – February 2011 )  “Corporate Vice President of Business Solutions and Search
  9. (February 9, 2011 – February 2014  (Before being named the CEO ) Nadella was the President of the Server & Tools division
  10. Satya holds a  Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Mangalore University
  11. Earned his Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee , and followed it up with MBA from the University of Chicago. 

January 23, 2014

When Steve Jobs Finally Made Peace with Microsoft

This is the Video of the 1997 Macworld Expo (August 5-8) in Boston where  Apple and Microsoft  long standing dispute was finally settled.This was a  Huge Turnaround on the part of Apple, and more with Steve Jobs, as he did not have kind words for Bill Gates, and had made no secret of the fact that “Microsoft created legacy systems which put the brakes on Innovation and development

Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be entering into partnership with Microsoft. Included in this was a five-year commitment from Microsoft to release Microsoft Office for Macintosh as well a US$150 million investment in Apple.

As part of the deal Apple and Microsoft agreed to settle a long-standing dispute over whether Microsoft’s Windows operating system infringed on any of Apple’s patents. It was also announced that Internet Explorer would be shipped as the default browser on the Macintosh, with the user being able to have a preference

Apple, Steve Jobs, Personal Computing,Microsoft,IBM

January 22, 2014

Why Every Government Needs to Learn from “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill gates tweets on how ” The Bill and Melinda Foundation is changing and touching more lives than ever before

 @melindagates and I released our Annual Letter. Read how life is improving around the world:

To understand the rich and poor divide ( digital and virtual ) Merely one statistics is enough to show ” How Large is this divide getting larger day by day .

Picture this

The richest 85 individuals on Earth now have wealth equivalent to the poorest 3.5 billion people. 

Bill gates  on the annual Letter which is sent out to various NGO’s of the world on how the Bill and Melinda Foundation is making a difference in peoples lives

 The Presentation above shows how The  Foundation is working with the Poorest of Poor to alleviate suffering and poverty i the world

November 23, 2013

1 million New XBox One Sold in 24 Hours,Microsoft’s best selling Gaming Console

Video Gaming Console Market  Size Via Economist

Microsoft has sold over 1 million Xbox One units in the next-gen console’s first 24 hours according to the company.  “We are humbled and grateful for the excitement of Xbox fans around the world,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Xbox. “Seeing thousands of excited fans lined up to get their Xbox One and their love for gaming was truly a special moment for everyone on the Xbox team. 

The company says that surpasses first-day sales of the Xbox 360, the previous-generation model that went on sale eight years ago.  The software giant said Friday that it sold had out at most retailers and that it is working to replenish stocks. It added that in the first day of game play, fans killed over 60 million zombies in “Dead Rising 3” and drove more than 3.6 million miles on “Forza Motorsport 5.”

The Xbox One was released at retail in 13 different markets on Friday, November 22nd. Sony’s PlayStation 4 sold over 1 million units in the same time-frame last week in just three markets, though both consoles launched in the United States on day one, the most important market from a commercial standpoint.

November 14, 2013

Microsoft Acquisitions vs Global Revenue: 2002 to 2012

This  above chart shows thje list of acuisitions from Microsoft  from 2002 to 2012 and  the cost of acquisition, that is the price Microsoft had paid to acquire these companies 

This statistic shows Microsoft’s global revenue figures from 2002 to 2013 (according to the company’s own financial year). In 2002, Microsoft generated approximately 28.4 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. In 2013, Microsoft reported a new record of 77.85 billion U.S. dollars revenue. 

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