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September 16, 2012

Microsoft Surface to cost lower than iPad 3

The Microsoft Surface tablet will go on sale on October 26 in the US and the UK, the same day that  Windows 8 is released into the wild.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer who will face the iPhone 5  heat when it launches its Surface  today indicated that surface tablet is   likely to cost anything between $300 and $800.

The most expensive iPad from Apple (64GB with Wi-Fi and Celluar) costs $829 (£649), so even if the Surface ranges up to $800 it would still sit slightly below the iPad. The Surface is scheduled to be released October 26, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Windows 8 release. 

This price range puts The Surface in line with Apple’s iPad and other popular tablets. The iPad ranges from $399, for the iPad 2, all the way up to $829, for the most expensive new iPad.

Windows 8 is a crucial product for Microsoft financially, and it has also committed to larger touchscreen displays too – buying big-screen multitouch tech firm PerceptivePixel.

June 29, 2012

Why Google Jumped into the Tablet Bandwagon

The tablet versions of Windows begin shipping in Q4 2012 with 7% of total Windows shipped.    The ratio reaches 20% by end of 2013.   iPad growth  is expected to  flatten for ’12 and ’13 at 100%, similar to iPhone’s historic performance.


The iPhone turns five this week. One of the most impressive things about the iPhone’s five year run is that the average selling price of the phone has remained just about the same around $600, notes Horace Dediu of Asymco. Meanwhile, Apple’s rivals pull in less than $400 per device.

Google unveiled its first tablet yesterday, the Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus. While tablet shipments have exploded in the past few years, Android tablets haven’t fared so well.

Google needed to wade into the market to give Android tablets a jump start. At the least, it hopes to give other Android manufacturers’ efforts a boost, but if the Nexus 7 becomes a hit on its own then all the better

Apple defined the modern smartphone market with the iPhone. It then faced an onslaught of competition from Google, Microsoft, Palm, and Research In Motion. Despite their various efforts to dethrone the iPhone, Apple has managed to stay on top. This is evident by the fact that since 2008 Apple has never had to slash its prices. 

June 28, 2012

The Making of the Tablet Economy: How Big is the Market

With the Launch of Google’s official Tablet , Nexus ,the question that is doing the round across the tech industry is   “ does the Tablet market big enough “ for everyone  to have some share of the pie ..  or this is another consumer electronics bubble in making .

Google tablet market foray  has no doubt raised the stakes for everyone.. and  as its just a matter of time before Tablets replace PC as the computing device of choice .However the truth is that Not everyone is making money by selling tablets .It’s not lost on Google that Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire was the only slate to grab a sizeable chunk of the market beyond Apple’s iPad last year.

But the price at which Amazon kindle’s were sold barely covered the cost of manufacturing.. and the situation is unlikely to change soon

With Apple winning the high-end tablet wars, Google and Amazon and now Microsoft  are left to fight over the low end of the market.

When a Google-branded tablet finally launches — likely in the third quarter — it will have to be heavily subsidized to carry a $150 price tag, analysts said.“It will cost more to build than it will sell for, which means Google will pay a heavy subsidy for its tablet,” said analyst Tony Berkman of ITG Research. “There is no choice but to do that, if Google wants to compete.”

Yesterday, reports out of China suggested Amazon also was working on next-generation  Kindle Fire tablets and will continue to undersell the iPad at $200.