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May 27, 2015

mobile app review for your car : Ulysse Speedometer

"mobile app  review  for your car  :  Ulysse Speedometer"

 Ulysse Speedometer is compatible wit Blackberry and Android 

 This app is  a brilliant  multitasker  which has GPS  assisted speedometer which is more accurate than your factory fitted car speedometer, which   is prone to having variations  nd errors. The app notifies you every time you cross the speed limit in that particular region ( you have to set up the limits manually)

 It records the current, yesterday and weekly journey length speeds, can trace your journey  and export the data in SD card  or email this as  Google Earth KML format ★

Ulysse Speedometer  Multiple shift setting and latest version   has the ability to access the phone dialer and contacts within the app providing quicker access while you may be be  behind the  wheel

 The HUD mode projects the car speed at the windscreen, but  mostly this is readable once the suin goes down . The pro mode will remove the ad which is quite an irritation