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January 21, 2016

cost per mobile app installs across south american nations

Brazil Costa Rica and Chile are among the nations with highest mobile app downloads, with 81%,9% and 3% receptively .Online gaming and sports  have seen the highest mobile app downloads across Latin America. The highest cost per installs aross iOS devices in Chile is highest  ( 10X) followed by Argentina,(5x) Costa rica and Brazil.. Brazil is the cheapest market in terms of getting mobile app downloads across mobile devices as compared to Argentina ( data : inmobi)

cost per installs across iOS device lowest across north america

"mobile app downloads across north america"

 Mobile app downloads across North America

US and Canada  mobile users  lead in gaming app downloads , while cost per installs across iOS device is lowest in United states

January 12, 2016

mobile apps with more than 100% user growth

"category of mobile apps with fastest growth"
Latest data from Flurry’s reveal that among all mobile apps , apps that provide “personalization”  functionality  has been growing the fastest.
Personalization apps (such as Android lock-screens and Emoji keyboards) were by far the fastest-growing, with sessions up 332% year-over-year. The news and magazines category, which had seen below-average growth in 2014, rebounded with a strong 135% gain last year.
No 3 fastest growing mobile apps were utilities and productivity apps maintained solid growth, up 125% year-over-year after a 121% increase in 2014.

December 9, 2015

The T top 10 biggest mobile app brands

FACEBOOK, YUTUBE AND  GOOGLE  are among the biggest 3 mobile app brands. According to comscore , some of the largest digital media brands; specifically, Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. These six brands account for 9 of the top 10 most used apps, 16 of the top 25, and 24 of the top 50.

"The biggest mobile app brands"

November 3, 2015

4G Smartphones supporting wireless charging between 13 to 20 megapixel camera resolution

These following smartphones meet the critera’s of being a 4G, with wireless charging, with a camera resolution between 13 to 20 megapixels .

Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched July 2015

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched :August 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6
Android 5.0 Lollipop
launched :April 2015

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Launched :April 2015

November 2, 2015

top 5 most reviewed smartphones on the web

Among the smartphone brand with most reviews  is the Samsung  Galaxy S6 Active . With a  advertised talk time of 23 hours, (longer than 9 hours which the average of phones released in the past year claims). This phone can hold 3,500 mAh, a massive battery capacity for a smartphone released in 2015
.LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung galaxy S 6 has had a unique distinction of having been been reviewed the most  online , across the smartphones category. Not to be outdone Samsung other products Samsung Galaxy s 6 edge continues to dominate in the top 10 global smartphone most rated and reviewed brands. 

In fact out of the 10 most reviewed smartphone companies, Samsung brands   occupies 7 slot ,while  leaving the other 3 for LG and iPhone . In fact so complete has been Samsung’s smartphone dominance that Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S + is relegated at the 5th and 6th position in terms of online ratings and reviews across forums, blogs and social web sites 

October 27, 2015

10 biggest technology start ups in terms of valuation

The biggest start ups by valuation

For a start up, being a unicorn ( over  $1 billion valuation )was considered a massive success for tech startups. But in recent years that one billion seems to be a history, as billion-dollar valuations are almost starting to feel routine rather a norm in tech industry.The start up darling continues to be the cab aggregator site UBER which in the last few months, once more raise its equity funding to $7.4 billion. UBER is now  worth over $50billion, and is valued currently with  $51 billion, according to statista

That is double the worth of Airbnb, which is third in the ranking of the world’s top 10 startups with a valuation of  $25 billion 

Xiaomi which has over the last one year notched up impressive marketshare is now valued at $46 billion 

Snapchat ranks 5th in the list with $16billion valuation meanwhile Indian eCommerce  marketplace Flipkart is valued at $15billion, out of  total funding  of $billion it received 

July 1, 2015

Apple reaches 100billion app downloads in its appstore:

'apple reached 100billion app downloads "
Apple reached 100billion of  app dowloads   last month/

 Apple achieved a big  landmark last month as it reached 100 billion of app downloads since 2008. The  chart shows  cumulative app downloads from Apple’s App Store from July 2008 to June 2015. 

The most popular  Apple App Store category is gaming with  20% while business apps and education apps make up the top 2 and 3 respectively

June 29, 2015

App Store under siege as developers churn out 40,000 apps per month

This chart shows the timeline of  new  mobile app  submission across the Appstore  by developers

Data from  Pocket  shows that  developers are currently submitting more than 1,000 apps per day. In May, a record number of 39,992 apps were submitted for approval by Apple, indicating that developers aren’t running out of ideas of how to make our devices even smarter.

Uk mobile app users by demographics : 2013 to 2016

: mobile app users forecast in UK"
The data shows and forecasts the number of mobile  app users  in the United Kingdom (UK) from  2013 to of 2016, by age. By 2016 Q2, it is forecast there will be 43.2 million mobile app users in the UK.

June 9, 2015

mobile gaming apps preference : North American vs Europe vs Asia Pacific

to 5 gaming apps by  regions

"mobile gaming apps  preference : North American vs Europe vs Asia Pacific"

North American and  Europeans demonstrate similar gaming preferences with over 60% of games downloaded being short session games. More than 40% of all games downloaded in these markets had Pattern Matching concepts. While Europe preferred resource mgmt themed games to Blood & Gore themed games, the pattern was reversed in the case of American gamer 
Games in APAC show a clear inclination towards Blood & Gore and Fantasy themed games, with Resource Management rounding up the Top Five.

June 2, 2015

The State of the Mobile Apps Stores: Google Play vs iOS vs Amazon vs Windows

" comparison index of  google play, ios, windows and amazon"
This statistic contains data on the number of apps available for download in leading app stores as of May 2015. As of that month, Android users were able to choose between 1.5 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.4 million available apps..

May 28, 2015

the mobile evolution in search : from WAP to responsive design

the mobile search  evolution : wap to responsive design

 The infographic shows how the mobile web has evolved over the last  5 years. From WAP to mobile web .: A timeline. Since 2004 to 2012 desktop search enjoyed uninterrupted attention and reputation. However  things began to  change at a rapid rate from 2012 onwards. The mobile app economy  heralded and changed the ” ecosystem” as  smartphones led by  low prices and  availability  began to explode,
 The adoption of mobile  by enterprise  along with apps ..  gave way to rapid scaling up  of  the mobile ecosystem. In 2015 Google mobile algorithm” finally made it clear that a sites mobile friendliness is a ranking signal. 

May 27, 2015

mobile app review for your car : Ulysse Speedometer

"mobile app  review  for your car  :  Ulysse Speedometer"

 Ulysse Speedometer is compatible wit Blackberry and Android 

 This app is  a brilliant  multitasker  which has GPS  assisted speedometer which is more accurate than your factory fitted car speedometer, which   is prone to having variations  nd errors. The app notifies you every time you cross the speed limit in that particular region ( you have to set up the limits manually)

 It records the current, yesterday and weekly journey length speeds, can trace your journey  and export the data in SD card  or email this as  Google Earth KML format ★

Ulysse Speedometer  Multiple shift setting and latest version   has the ability to access the phone dialer and contacts within the app providing quicker access while you may be be  behind the  wheel

 The HUD mode projects the car speed at the windscreen, but  mostly this is readable once the suin goes down . The pro mode will remove the ad which is quite an irritation

App Review of HUDWAY : augmented reality for save driving

" HUDWAY is an augmented reality iphone app for car"

HUDWAY is an augmented reality app for iphones  meant to assist you during

HUDWAY is an  app  which doubles up as a navigational tool as well as a voice support assistant   With Google map or apple map, HUDWAY  offers you navigation and can also be the heads up display in your car. The basic idea behind the app is to offer the convenience of GPS navigation besides adding to the safety feature when the visibility is low

The app also functions like a  virtual traffic assistant by showing you speed display and the distance measurement till the next turn . If the road has a sharp turn .. the display becomes red The best part of this app is that once you build the route map in advance it does not need web connectivity to work.
Once you set the route and place your iphone on the dashboard.. the projection shows up in the instantly on windscreen..

Needless to mention, apps are not meant to substitute humans at the car.. Use is as your assistant specially during low light conditions. According to WHO a more than 330 people die everyday due to poor light conditions  across the world

May 19, 2015

apple app store most popular categories in 2015

Statistic: Most popular Apple App Store categories in March 2015, by share of available apps | Statista

Gaming with over 20% share  along with business and education with   almost 10% share each form 40% share  of global app  category at appstore. Lifestyle , entertainment and utilities form the   next 3 most app store categories

May 11, 2015

5 Japanese start ups which has seen biggest ever venture capital investment

"japansese 5  start ups with  the  biggest vc funding are ) Metaps 2) Raksul 3)Smartnews 4)Spiber 5)Mercari 6) Start festival"

"Japanese start ups with the biggest vc deals in 2015"

"japansese 5  start ups with  the  biggest vc funding are ) Metaps 2) Raksul 3)Smartnews 4)Spiber 5)Mercari 6) Start festival"

These 6  japanese start ups are among  the most valued start ups in japan  backed up with  2015 highest vc funding

Japanese start ups maintained their big bang success in 2014  when vc fund houses  with nearly half a billion dollars  started pounding  japan.  2015 is seeing that same sentiment  as Japanese start ups  have seen 23 deals mature into investment, which is worth U$152 million by Q1,2015 . According to techinasia , the 15 most-funded start ups in Japan are sitting on roughly US$450 million in venture capital this year

Among the top 5  start ups who have already secured biggest vc funding are ) Metaps 2) Raksul 3)Smartnews 4)Spiber 5)Mercari 6) Start festival .Among the  verticals that has aggregated US$52.2 million across four funding rounds are  mobile apps, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) , Fintech, and ecommerce 

March 13, 2015

How Many Mobile App Downloads happen every year : Projections for 2009 to 2017

Mobile App downloads since 2009  onwards

A garter study on the number of mobile app downloads  since 2009  shows how  the industry has  growth over the years.  Since 2009 mobile app downloads has almost grown by geometric progression .

In 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 2.52 billion and are expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017

March 5, 2015

67% Mobile Advertising across APAC region happens via mobile App

The   data from inmobi shows  how the mobile ad impressions across the region are dominated by Mobile Apps . While 33% of mobile advertising  happens across mobile websites, a majority 67% happens vimobile app  installed across a  smartphone or  a tablet

February 27, 2015

Among 160 billion apps downloaded, gaming accounts 64% app downloads

According to Juniper Research’s report, “Future App Store:Analysis 2013-2018,” gaming will  be one of the biggest category of Apps that is set for a exploding growth and fuel a sharp hike in app downloads with experts predicting that, in 2017, over 160 billion apps will be downloaded globally onto consumer handsets and tablets. Data from Inmobi  network shows  the  gaming formed 64% mobile app downloads last year