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April 3, 2015

March 5, 2015

Calculating the Cost of Mobile App Installs By Geographies

model for measuring mobile app installs

mobile  app download across devices

Cost of Mobile App Installs across Nations 

What does it costs an advertiser to get an mobile app installed by a user on his or her device.?All mobile  Ad networks  have something known as CPI  index . Cost per Installs index is a number based on numerous indicators across both its demand and supply parameters 

This cost per install would depend on multiple CPI Index which might range from factors like The mobile ad networks own reach and inventories and minimum bidding price, The OS Platform Android or iOS,  the product category and CTR

For example The CPI( cost per installs ) on some  categories across Google Play might be lower as compared to that of an iOS or vice versa

In this presentation The Cost per install showed in this data comes from Inmobi Network. As with all category of Consumption  CPI  is as always based on the  economic laws of supply and demand .. for an  gaming app the  cost per install is among the mist competitive ( think google adwords for kw ” gaming ) 

US, China, India and Indonesia  has higher users and therefore are  the more dominant mobile app nations with higher  mobile  App  installs   and exceeds the mid point ..   above 10% in this chart .. compared  to  nations below 10% like Russia , France and  Philippines