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March 6, 2015

The 10 Markets Where Android is facing its toughest Battle with iOS

Kantar media  state of Smartphone OS Marketshare

The Kantar Media Mobile OS data  for last Quarter, Q4,2014 shows  how much  churn there has been across the most popular Mobile OS platforms across  Europe , Asia and North America and how Android is being threatened by iOS for the first time in  the history ..

The numbers  clearly show that the iphone 6 is having  a dent in  Android sales . Kantar media latest  12-week smartphone sales figures, for the three months to the end of November 2014, show Android losing share in the U.S. for the first time since September 2013. 

Evidently iOS is also taking share from smaller platform players in the U.S., such as Windows Phone (which dropped 1.6 percentage points) and others, likely BlackBerry . In UK Android sales have been hit as as it dropped a larger share than in the U.S., declining 6.7 percentage points year on year. Germany market saw Android  sales being hit by 2%Even Android nations have taken a hit,  Spain, with over 90% Android  shows a marginal 2% fall . Australia  it declined by 3% China’s Android share dropped by 5%  

This is not a huge surprise, given that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  are Apple’s largest ever iPhones — went on sale starting last September. Yet the Android platform has had larger form factor ‘phablet’ devices for years, so iOS buyers  seem to  now catching up on their size habbits

April 29, 2013

Mobile Video Usage in Germany Grow by 2015%

Growth of Video in Germany: PC and Mobile: “The video landscape in Germany is changing as   consumption on mobile devices has seen a dramatic growth of 215 percent over the year to 11.5 million mobile viewers in February 2013.

According to Comscore ,i
n comparison, 46.6 million Germans  watched an online video via their desktop PC or laptop during the month, but the number of online viewers has only grown by 1.5 percent throughout the year.

For more insights into the video landscape in Germany and the rest of Europe, download our presentation from Audiovisual Media Days in Munich, titled: ‘The Past, Present and Future of Online Video’.”

October 17, 2012

10 Nations with Smartphone penetration exceed 25%

The chart published at Asymco shows which countries “lead” adoption in terms of penetration. It shows that the US is quite high in the ranking and the most penetrated “large” country.

In the 2nd chart illustrates the penetration of smartphones vs. total subscriptions with bubble size representing population size.

October 4, 2012

Global Mobile Data vs Mobile App Marke: Comparison chart

The overall global subscriptions base is expected to exceed 5 billion by the end of 2012
(figure 1) with over 27% of them being data subscribers (messaging not included)
meaning that they are either actively downloading content and apps and/or actively
browsing the web.( source : Chetan Sharma Consulting)

Mobile devices have become more powerful with up to 1-2 GHz processors. Second the wireless networks are delivering consistently high bandwidths and better user experiences with 3G+ deployment. Finally, the creativity of developers has blossomed with access to native APIs, richness of the platforms, ease of development, and the favorable revenue sharing

The corresponding revenue figures for 2009 were over $4.1 billion growing 62% CAGR
to $17.5 billion by 2012 (figure 6). While Asia had the highest percentage of the
download share, North America had the highest share of the apps revenue accounting
for over 50% of the total revenue.