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November 7, 2015

Number of Tablets released since the last 5 years

The number of tablets released every year has been started to growing   by  insane numbers . From only 10 tablets  released during the whole of  2010, it zoomed up to 50  tablets next year in 2011
 In 2012 around 200 tablets were launched., This number went up to 250 in 2013, Finally as the market and consumer preferences starts  settling down , the last  2 years 2013  and 2014  has seen a reasonable launch of  about 100 to 150 tablets annually

November 3, 2015

4G Smartphones supporting wireless charging between 13 to 20 megapixel camera resolution

These following smartphones meet the critera’s of being a 4G, with wireless charging, with a camera resolution between 13 to 20 megapixels .

Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched July 2015

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched :August 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6
Android 5.0 Lollipop
launched :April 2015

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Launched :April 2015

November 2, 2015

This years most recommended vs least recommended tech brands

The Best Tech Brands : Highly recommended vs least recommended

 These product rankings were determined by an recommendation engine  algorithm  which extracted ratings and reviews from social  reviews,online forums, technology blogs, company blogs.
Each brand  was assigned a score by specout factoring  in expert scores from (CNET, Laptop Mag, PC Magazine, PC World, WIRED), over a dozen tech specs (battery life, video resolution, pixel density, etc.) and a variety of performance benchmarks (Geekbench, Basemark OS II, CamSpeed, DxO Mark, GFXBench, Broswermark)

.A total of 22 product categories were covered The  recommendation engine from  Specout  assigned each produc Smart Rating, based on

  1. Expert reviews
  2. Independent tests, 
  3. benchmark performance
  4. Specifications and features. 

To know more about the research methodology, head over at  Biggest tech brands; Fac vs Fiction

October 27, 2015

The US Government is one of Apple’s biggest Customers :Billing from Govt contracts

Apple does a huge chunk of work for the US  Government  and  it has been working with the US Defence, Security and Exchange Board, Federal divisions, and NASA

"apple's list of govt contracts"
Since 2000 Apple has signed on a record 1299 contracts with the US Government with 75 being signed only in 2014 , with a guaranteed amount of $30.3million(source)

May 2, 2015

Australian media consumption by media: TV tops with 109 mins mobile no 2

"mobile usage and consumption in australia"
TV and Mobile leads Australian media Consumption with 109 and 100 mins followed by online with 93 mins

Mobile activities  in Australia : social media and mobile gaming leads mobile activities followed by entertainment, emails and shopping

March 31, 2015

Top 5 Waterproof Smartphones by Screen Size

Sony Xperia z ultra  has the biggest screen with 6.4 inches, while .Experia Zs with 5.4 inches are the two most highest selling waterproof phones within the 5 to 7 inches screen size
Experian Z , Galaxy s4 Active along with ,Xperia Z 1 have all 5 inches screen.The Experia Z1 compact has a 4.3 inches waterproof screen

December 4, 2013

Samsung Tops as No 1 in Consumer Electronics Share of Online Choice: The Samsung

the making of samsung2.0

samsung ranked first in " Online Share of Voice"

Samsung Drives Market Share by Dominating Share of Choice : Visible Measures: Samsung has been one of the companies that  has ” seen its Smartphone grow exponentially in the last 3 years ..and for a brand that  has been a also ran till 2009 .. to an overnight star in  the highly competitive Consumer Electronics no mean achievement

Consider this, :Last year Samsung launched nearly 40 campaigns and garnered a True Reach of more than 280 million views. The consumer electronics brand that came closest to equaling that view count in 2012 was Google with 250 million views and then Apple with 92 million views.The brand started to show its viral prowess in 2011. That year, Samsung launched more than 20 different branded video campaigns and generated a True Reach® of more than 50.5 million viewers.

To date, in 2013, Samsung has already generated more than 288 million views, as of September. In 2012, when the brand’s Share of Choice peaked, its brand value also increased by 40% to reach $33 billion

Samsung’s Share of Choice trajectory over 2011 to 2013 – it grew and peaked at north of 70% through most of 2012. And even though it has come down since then, Samsung is still the Share of Choice leader among consumer electronics brands.”

May 24, 2012

Samsung Global Marketshare Across Consumer Electronics


Market share

global market share
CompetitorsMarket shareYearSource
DRAM40.4%SK Hynix19.8%Q3 2010wiki
NAND flash40.4%Toshiba33.1%Q2 2010
Large-size LCD panels
26.0%LG Display25.9%Q3 2010
Active-matrix OLEDs97%LG Display, AUO1~3%2010
Lithium-ion batteries18.7%Sanyo19.4%Q1 2010
LCD monitors18.0%Dell12.8%2009
Hard-disk drives9%Western Digital31.3%Q1 2010
17.2%LG Electronics14.8%Q3 2009
Mobile phones21.0%Apple, Nokia23.4%Q3 2010
Digital cameras11.8%Sony17.4%2010
Application processors67%Texas Instruments17%Q3,4 2011

August 23, 2011

The Making of iPhone 5 : Evolution and Timeline Of iPhones

This Infographic is courtesy Dusan Belic from IntoMobile and you can see the full infographic below this story.  This data shows the iPhone evolution from the first iPhone back in January 2007 and Beyond. Starting then with the original iPhone,iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the as yet unreleased iPhone 5.

The infographic shows various categories for all the iPhone models including the processor, display, connectivity, camera, apps and more and it shows how far Apple has progressed with the iPhone in a relatively short space of time. For example the processor of the first iPhone was a 412MHz ARM 11 and by the iPhone 4 that had evolved to a 1GHz A4 processor. The iPhone 5 expected processor is shown as a 1GHz A5 dual-core processor.

The camera  has moved up, from a 2-megapixel fixed-focus shooter on the original iPhone, moving to an auto-focus 3.2-megapixel on the iPhone 3GS and what is predicted to be an 8-megapixel auto-focus for the iPhone 5. When the initial iPhone was first announced back in 2007 there were no apps However,  post the iPhone 3GS in 2009 there were 50,000 apps available and by October 2011, when we expect to see the iPhone 5 launched, there will be a staggering 500,000+ apps available. 

August 12, 2011

State of Mobile Malware: 5 Ways To Deal with it

Malware specific to Android devices in particular has been making headlines as of late. In March, Google removed 21 apps from the Android Market after the blog Android Police alerted the company that the apps contained malware and were being used to collect user data. Google also invoked a kill switch, which automatically deleted the malicious apps from users’ phones, without any action necessary from the users.

  Source Bullguard 
 According to InformationWeek  A new Trojan horse app has emerged to target Android devices, and this one’s particularly creepy. The app records a user’s phone calls and then uploads them to a remote server. The app was revealed on the Security Advisor Research Blog, published by CA Technologies, now known as Total Defense.

Android users are now 2 1/2 times more likely to encounter malware than a mere six months ago and that Web-based threats affect 30% of them each year. Furthermore, the survey shows the number of malware-infected apps increasing fivefold, to 400, in the first half of this year.

Some of the of the social engineering and obfuscation techniques used to distribute mobile malware is even more sobering. Since iOS has a strictly curated distribution model, i.e. unless you jailbreak the device you can’t install an app on the iPhone or iPad without going through the App Store, Apple devices aren’t susceptible to malware-infected apps (although, as the JailbreakMe exploit proved, hackers can still do a lot via the Safari browser). Thus, the scary stuff is happening in the Android ecosystem, where the freewheeling, community-policed Android Market is easily booby trapped.

Notable mobile viruses
  • Cabir: Infects mobile phones running on Symbian OS. When a phone is infected, the message ‘Caribe’ is displayed on the phone’s display and is displayed every time the phone is turned on. The worm then attempts to spread to other phones in the area using wireless Bluetooth signals.

  • Duts: A parasitic file infector virus and is the first known virus for the PocketPC platform. It attempts to infect all EXE files in the current directory (infects files that are bigger than 4096 bytes).

  • Skulls: A trojan horse piece of code. Once downloaded, the virus, called Skulls, replaces all phone desktop icons with images of a skull. It also will render all phone applications, including SMSes and MMSes useless.

  • Commwarrior: First worm to use MMS messages in order to spread to other devices. Can spread through Bluetooth as well. It infects devices running under OS Symbian Series 60. The executable worm file, once launched, hunts for accessible Bluetooth devices and sends the infected files under a random name to various devices.