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January 18, 2016

money transfers and point of sales start up eccostem

Featured above are the key start up players across  POS ( Point of sale and money transfer services )

Online payment services: Startups including Stripe and WePay that help businesses move their payments-processing online and make it more available, secure, and inexpensive.

Billing automation and streamlining: Zuora and Paymentus, among others which help automate financial processes and billing.

Point-of-sale payments: iZettle, Revel Systems and others offer point-of-sale products and services, including card readers, stands, and digital storefronts.

 Among the pubic companies Square has put more of an emphasis on small business lending and financial services

 Personal payment services: Start ups  like  like MobiKwik and Affirm focus on providing consumers with more convenient payment platforms. niches.

Bitcoin payments: Companies like Coinbase and BitPay that use digital currency to make payments faster and more secure