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July 13, 2015

10 years of smartphone sales : Apple, Android and Nokia

how  nokia countered android and apple

This chart compares Nokia  against  the booming android growth and the growth of Apple smartphones since 2007 . However Nokia was  already faltering as samsung came out with its mind blowing products..and the declining share of RIM and adoption of Android  OS standard all but killed the brand

July 10, 2015

Microsoft to layoff 7,800 as a result of restructuring its mobile business

" microsoft to layoff 7800 employees at its mobile division"
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Microsoft is on a layoff path once again as it tries to restructure and refocus on its mobile business that will lead to “up to” 7,800 job cuts, “primarily in the phone business,” and plans to “restructure the company’s phone hardware business to focus and align resources.”Microsoft meanwhile is set to launch its latest OS by July end, and it knows that ” as a company it need react quickly if it needs to ” compete against the runaway success of Android Microsoft recently merged its software and hardware divisions, a move designed to create a greater synergy between its hardware and software (Windows).

June 16, 2015

Nokia 920 : 5 things you dint know about this phone

5 things you dint know about the Nokia 920 Phone

1)The cameras of Nokia 920  front and side buttons are made from an incredibly hard substance called zirconium. Both are scratch and dirt resistant.

2)The Lumia 920 uses floating lens technology, which means less camera shake and eventually the better quality of the picture it takes’

3)The Lumia 920  is a  Dual-LED flash, means the light on the subject illuminates better, and its evenly distributed all round. Consider a surround sound system.. which essential ensures that the sound gets distributed through out.

4)Nokia Lumia directly enables all images to save  across Microsoft photo app SkyDrive , thereby  you can show them now on any web enabled tablet, laptop or PC. Additionally it offers you based on your choice when you can upload these pics, during charging the device or during wi fi.This can save your bandwidth and battery as well.

5)The Lumia 920 also makes it easier to save info from the web, by giving you the option to take screenshots. Simultaneously press the power key and Windows key and your Lumia will take a screenshot of your display and save it in the gallery.

March 11, 2015

Comparison of Nokia Feature Phone Handsets

Nokia basic mobile phones

All Nokia feature Phones   feature phone has been compared along with their specifications  Along with the models, that might be hard to find now..  the  presence of FM/MP3 player,  Weight, Screen colors,  VGA cameras  along with the  upgrading the memory .slot ( expandable memory) are compared


December 25, 2014

With Net sales of 43billion euros Nokia manage 14% global share

Statistic: Global market share held by Nokia in the mobile device market from 2010 to 2013 | Statista
via Statista

Global market share held by Nokia in the mobile device market 13.9%

Nokia Net Sales  from 2009 to 2013:42.45 billion euros.

Number of Nokia smartphones shipped worldwide : 8.8million

Nokia’s expenditure on research and development 2.62billion

October 18, 2014

Is Micromax India’s next Huawei ?! Commands 35% market share across feature and smart handsets

Micromax rules 35% indian feature and smartphones, Nokia do well in feature phone segment

  • Indian Mobile Handset Market Share :Big gains for Indian local assemblers   Micromax and Karbon as  Feature Phones Users shifs to Smartphones 

  • Total Handset Shipments Indian local Mobile Manufacturers are doing well in trying to replicate the Chinese Mobile Handset manufacturing Story in their country. Local mobile assemblers ,lead by Micromax, at number one along with Karbonn  Lava and others have managed to capture a market share of around 35% of the total handset shipments in that nation . Total handset shipments Includes both feature as well as smartphones
Global Giants Samsung and Nokia managed to hold 25% total handset shipments with 14.4% owned by Samsung,( 10.0% by Nokia )
  1. The Feature phone segment led by Micromax and Nokia with approx 14% each, followed by Karbonn with 11%.Not Surprisingly  as Samsung does not cater to this non smartphone segment, its share was 8% 
  2. In Smartphones : Samsung outplayed everyone else in the market with 25.3% marketshare while Micromax stunned and surprised  many analysts and industry with its best ever and first ever performance garnering an  impressive 19.1% marketshare  in one of the most competitive industry. Karbonn and Motorola garnered around 5% each and Nokia’s smartphone marketshare in a country which it virtually ruled a decade ago  tumbled to an all time low with just 4% 

May 26, 2014

May 21, 2014

Out of 42.8 Mn Mobile Phones Sold Online In China ,40% market share is held by Xiaomi and Samsung

42.8 Mn Mobile Phones Sold Online In China In 2013 — China Internet Watch: “The ranking of online mobile phone sales volume in main B2C platforms (Xiaomi official website excluded) in 2013 showed that Samsung led the online market with 20% share, if Xiaomi official website included, Xiaomi ranked the top with 23.9%, Samsung dropped to the second with 16%.”

Mobile sales in china in charts

January 30, 2014

Why Google Re Sold Motorola at a $7billion Loss to Lenevo

By selling Motorola, Google is shifting to what it does best  and  is an acknowledgment that Google is better off focusing on its core competencies — making software and selling ads — particularly as the profit margins for phones are shrinking all across the world

Its the end of the  Google’s Tryst with  Motorola Mobility”.Motorola has just been jettisoned and dumped  by Google, which  the Search Giant acquired 2  years ago for a record  $12.6 billion .

Motorola’s  new parent will be Lenevo ,who paid $ 2.9 billion   to Google  for  buying off the earstwhile Mobile Giant . So  does  that mean  that   Google  failed to  integrate  Motorala’s patents and its hardware Legacy  ecosystem? Does this also signal the  end of ” Google’s Mobile  Web Initiatives to take over the ” Mobile OS/.HS  specially the hardware ( operating system  and Hardware)

However Industry experts  remain baffled about Google selling Motorola phone business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion –  “Google is selling Motorola’s smartphone business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, a price that makes Google’s biggest acquisition look like its most expensive mistake  according to  a tech journal

The sell off allows ” Google ” clear the financial mess  headache that has plagued the internet company since buying Motorola Mobility for $12.4 billion in 2012.However Google is also keeping most of the patents that came with the Motorola purchase.

In the “Meantime “Motorola has lost nearly $2 billion since Google took over, while trimming its workforce from 20,000 to 3,800. Google had previously sold company’s set-top operations last year to Arris Group Inc. for $2.35 billion. Google is also keeping most of the patents that came with the Motorola purchase.

August 11, 2013

Chart of The Day: How 3 Years Changed the Nokia Story

You will find more statistics at Statista

This statistic shows the number of Nokia mobile devices sold worldwide each year from 2005 to 2012. In 2008, Nokia sold 468.4 million mobile devices worldwide. By 2012, this number was down to 335.6 million.