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January 24, 2016

2016 to see 4.7% increase in global advertising spends,share of online jumps 26%

"global ad spends by region "


The latest Carat report on ” global advertising spends”is based on the  data received from 59 markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA,

Carat’s latest global advertising expenditure forecasts that global advertising spend will grow by +4.0% in 2015 to US $529billion, while  ad spends in  2016 is predicted to grow by +4.7%, accounting for an additional US$25billion in spending

Marketers will increase their Mobile and Online Video advertising spends especially across social media, with +51.2% and +22% year-on-year growth expected this year.Programmatic buying is also experiencing rapid growth at a rate of +20% each year.

"global top 10  advertising markets by ad spends"

Western Europe remains stable with consistent year-on-year growth at +2.6% in 2015 and +2.9% in 2016 driven by positive momentum in the UK and Spain.

The online & digital  media,  share of  2015 advertising spends was 24.3% which will increase to 26.5% in 2016..Digital continues to be the only channel which is seeing double digital growth, predicted at +15.7% in 2015 and +14.3% in 2016
  • Across 10 of the markets analysed, including the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia, Digital is now the principle media used based on spend, with the US market predicted to join this list in 2018 when digital advertising spend is forecast to overtake TV advertising by more than US $4billion.
  • The positive momentum of advertising spends  is expected to continue across the world at the 
  1. Western Europe at +2.6%, 
  2. North America +4.2%
  3. Asia Pacific  at +4,1%
  4. Latin America +12.7%

January 23, 2016

the most active venture capital firms by start up funding : north america vs europe

5 biggest VC investment in north america

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) was the most active investor in North America in Q4’15, topping the most active investors for the third straight quarter. 

General Catalyst Partners ranked second, while Andreessen Horowitz rounded out the top three followed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield &Bayers and Greycroft Partners as the  most active North American VC firms.
Meanwhile Accel Partners, Foundry group,Google Ventures,Greycroft  Partners,first Round capital and Sequoia  Capital  rounded up the top 10 most active venture funds across the region

"most active top 5 venture capital investors by region

High Tech Gruendferfonds, Mercia Fund Management group were the top  most active venture fun investors across Europe.

They were followed by Earlybird  venture capital , NorthWest Fund for Biomedical  and Northzone Venture Capital  to form the top  5 most active venture fund investment group in Europe.

Meanwhile others which  made up the top 10 list were Index Ventures,Octopus Ventures, Point Nine Capital,Draper Espirit, 500 start ups and Wellington Partners

January 21, 2016

cost per installs across iOS device lowest across north america

"mobile app downloads across north america"

 Mobile app downloads across North America

US and Canada  mobile users  lead in gaming app downloads , while cost per installs across iOS device is lowest in United states

May 6, 2015

Mapping the online video growth in Europe vs North America

" growth of video  advertising across top 7 nations"
"the state of online video advertising"
In the past year, the share of impressions from video ad formats has increased over 5X, from 2.5% of all impressions in Q1 2014 to now just over 12.8% of impressions. According to data from mediaworks revenue from video has grown to become over 55% of revenue delivered to publishers.

April 29, 2015

chart of the day :global sim connections by region

region wise sim connection

content here
global  sim connections penetration ( is measured as connections divided by total population)  is and indicator of  increasing economic activity which seem to be rising rapidly in all regions and by 2017 is expected to be well in excess of 100% in all major regions except Africa (which will reach 97%). In fact in Europe SIM penetration will be over 200%, with North American and CIS greater than 185% and Latin America, Middle East and Asia Pacific greater than 115%.

Apple’s impressive Q1,2015 sees 38% profit growth, with 70% of its revenue coming from iphones

iphone  contributes to 70% apple revenue
Apple’s latest earning report for Q1,2015 shows “iPhone sales  have been growing at a ridiculous  high  rate , and iphones now accounts for around 70% or two-thirds of Apple’s revenue. Macs continue to grow at a respectable rate. However apple’s hold on iPads continue to weaken and take another sharp year-over-year tumble. Meanwhile apple grew its profit by over 38% and revenue by over 29% in Q1,2015  amidst notching up another impressive quarterly result.Apple broke quarterly records  in 2015, Q1 with $18 billion in profit and $74.6 billion in revenue, compared to $13.1 billion in profit and $57.6 billion in revenue in Q1 of 2014

April 28, 2015

Chart of the day : digital spending by region compared with overall media spends

online media spends as a part of total media spends  in North america, europe, asia and latin america

Chart depicting  Global digital ad spend as a part of overall total media spends across geographical regions 

The chart by emarketer shows  the patterns of  digital spending across  global marketplace  for the last 5 years  2011 to 2016 (projected). In 2015  with  28% share of digital media spending  Western Europe and North America both rank no 1  in the world. These regions are followed by Asia Pacific which ranks no 2 with approx 24% spends across the digital media  in 2015.Eastern Europe and  Latin America  with 21% and 13.4% spends across online  ranks 3rd and 4th respectively

April 23, 2015

how yahoo is starting to become increasingly irrelevant

"Yahoo is on the verge of biggest decline"

 The worlds first portal  Yahoo which  had the biggest user base  in the hey days of the internet  is in dire straits And  Marissa Mayer  has not been able to  even pause its rapid decline,although has managed to make Wall street happy .Marissa Mayer  has not shown her midas touch   which she was expected  to bring at Yahoo.
One of the  most important indicators of a websites relevance is the ratio of online users spend on the web versus the time it spends on your site. Although this is a relative metric as both the constants changes. However if you see the above chart. you will know why ” today’s internet users are slowly moving away from Yahoo,

April 22, 2015

which US cities have the highest number of HNI’s ( super richest): the story in charts

Statistic: Ultra-High-Net-Worth population in the U.S. in 2013, by city | Statista


New York is  truly home to the best and the brightest . The biggest movers and shakers across technology companies, manufacturing and services. No other states powers the US economy better than New York. Its not surprising at all to see NY having the highest super rich ( High Net Worth Individuals ) exceeding  8000..

The no 2 US state  having the highest (HNI ) is  shared by  Los Angeles and San Francisco   which are the cradle of the tech industry  with 4945 and 4840 HNI’s respectively .LA  has 105 more HNI’s compared to SF
The number 3 is  Washington with 2675 HNI’s followed by Chicago with 2665 super rich 
 Houston and Dallas with 2490 and 2240  rounds off the 4th and 5th position respectively

Atlanta, Seattle and Boston takes the  6th, 7th and 8th position  who has the highest number of  HNI’s in US 

, the cradle of the tech  industry wit 4,945 superich .

how world cities rank of eal estate prices in 2015

Infographic: The Cities With The Highest Luxury Property Prices | Statista


A Recent report by Knight Frank, compares global  apartment prices and ranks cites based on apartment prices in 2015. According to this ranking 1) Monaco ranks number  having the most  expensive property prices. Hong Kong and London ranks 2nd and 3rd as being among  the most expensive property prices. Buying a real estate upwards  for a million US dollars is likely to fetch you a mere 17 meters of real estate in Monaco, 20 square meters of space in London.. and 34 sq metres of space in New york. ranked 4th, 5th and  6th are  NY, Singapore and  Switzerland.
The bottom of the list where you can set up an office quite cheap as compared to  the others are 1) LA, Miami and Beijing..  Remember these data are all comparative and exists at the time of publication

April 21, 2015

the best technology companies to work for : top 10 list

Infographic: Google Ranked As Top U.S. Employer In The Tech Sector | Statista

This data was based on Forbes and Statista  survey which asked over 20,000 workers at large U.S. companies, nonprofit institutions, government agencies, and U.S. divisions of multinationals the following question: how likely would they be to recommend their employer to someone else on a scale of 0-10? Their answers helped formulate America’s Best Employers 2015

2015 best US employers  are 1) Google 2) Facebok 3)Intuit 4) SsaS 5) Oesri 6)Citrix 7)LexisNexis  8)Vmware 9) Sap 10) Epic

April 9, 2015

April 8, 2015

US accounts 33% of global ad spends and 45% worldwide mobile spends

US accounts 33% of global ad spends and 45% worldwide mobile spends


 US  overall media ad spends in 2014  including digital and mobile comes to $178billion as against  Canada’s $15.5 billion. Compared to global  media spends of $546 billion. The US  accounts  for  33% of overall  spends on advertising globallu

 US   digital marketing spends in 2014 was  $50.7 billion, out of global ad spends of  $145billion The US accounted for 34% global  digital marketing spends. Meanwhile   Canada  online ad spends reached $3.61billion

US mobile ad spends  in 2014 was approx $19billion, in comparison to Canada’s $854million. Globally US accounted for 45% of total mobile  pends worldwide 

April 5, 2015

Europe vs N.America vs Asia Pacific : Share of digital spends vs mobile spends

 global spending on mobile vs digital

mobil share spends by regions


This chart from emarketer shows how much are countries and regions spending  on mobile and digital spends  out of their overall marketing and ad budgets ?In 2015  around 37% of ad spends in North America  would be spent on the digital media as compared to 56% in Mobile.. In Europe  24% ad spends would be across digital advertising, whereas 22% share of spends would  be across mobile media  

April 4, 2015

This year to see $540 billion of advertising spending :regional comparison chart



Marketers are expected to spend $540 billion globally on advertising this year, a 4.6% increase over 2014, according to a report by   Adage quoting a report from media-agency Carat.

Regional ad spending  will be led by Asia Pacific with 5.2% increase from last year, North American ad spends is likely to increase 4.5%, while Western Europe ad spending is set to grow the least with 2.8%

March 31, 2015

Revenues from e-book sales in US to reach 8.69billion USD,growing over 50%

ebook revenues in US since 2010 to 2018

Revenue from e-book sales in the United States from 2008 to 2018 

Revenue from ebooks in US is set to grow to  almost 9billion USD by 2018 ,, a projected growth of  52%  as compared to 2014 ebook revenue of 5.69billion USD. Ebook Revenue in Unites States in 2015 is expected to total 6.74billion USD a growth of  18%.. ebook sales revenue in US has grown 8 times since 2010 onwards

The Top 10 Brands in US Facebook by followers

Facebook brands in USA: top 10
Facebook brands in USA: top 10


 Walmart ,Subway and Samsung Mobile  are the biggest brands on Facebook in terms of total fans,  According to socialbakers the fastest growing brands   include Falken Tires, Meetville , Hills Pet and Corning

March 29, 2015

Search vs Display vs Video : Mobile spending by Category


Mobile display dollars will continue to increase, outpacing mobile search Mobile display is expected to reach $14.67 billion in 2015 as compared to $9.65 billion in 2014, a growth of over 50%. This number is set to increase to $33.9 billion by 2019
Search advertising  is set to total $12.85 billion from $8.72, a growth of 47% in 2015 as compared to 2014 . Search is further expected to grow to $17.87 billion in 2016 . Meanwhile video advertising is set to grow to $2.62 in 2015  from $1.54 billion a growth of 70% in 2015