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optimizing your site for 5 things that search engine cannot see

How do you identify problems with your site which search engines fail to see and leads to search spiders missing indexing your site. Prob…

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June 2, 2016

optimizing your site for 5 things that search engine cannot see

How do you identify problems with your site which search engines fail to see and leads to search spiders missing indexing your site.
Problem 1 For example here is a simple scenario “ your webmaster is working on a site on a staging server”as  you don’t want the search engine to see this page which as they are duplicate versions of your page  which you normally keep on a staging server which is keept as “NoIndex” This is something that search engines cannot see
Normally when you move the site from the staging server to the live server you should remove the NoIndex tags. However in case you forget removing the Noindex , you will see phenomenal drop in traffic .

Problem 2 : Some webmasters implement robot.txt that prohibits crawling of your site in the staging server. If this site gets copied over when the site is switched to live server , the consequences will be just as bad as the NoIndex example

Problem3 : A key difference between a person using a browser and a search engine spider is that the person can manually type a URL into the browser window and retrieve the page the URL points to. Search engine crawlers lack this capability.Instead, they’re forced to rely on links they find on Web pages to find other pages. This is one of the reason why inbound links are so very crucial 

Problem:4 Another technical problems which happens is when ” search crawlers ” encounters an object or file type that’s not a simple text document.” Search engines are designed to index text and are highly optimized to perform search and retrieval operations on text. But they don’t do very well with nontextual data

Problem :5 The best way of understanding this and detecting this and taking appropriate action is to use an analytics software to find pages in your site that gets page views but no referring site traffic. Though this itself is not conclusive enough but it does provide a clue on what is going wrong in your site. The reverse of this situation is also true. If you see content on your site that is getting search referrals even though you don’t want it or expect it, you may want to hide that content
Auditing what you have missed in search optimisation:Another data point which you can use to find if search engines are not able to see you content is check if your content is being picked up by search engines. For example if you have a site with 1000 pages with good inbound links and after 3 months you see only 20 pages are indexed thats enough clue that there is a problem

March 24, 2016

how google hummingbird was the precursor to semantic search revolution


September 16th, 2013  was a  a watershed day in the history of search marketing, as Google dropped its Google Hummingbird Bombshell on  its knowledge graph as it announced that Google hummingbird was live and its search algorithm  undergone a dramatic makeover.
When hummingbird flew in, the old way of just matching up strings of characters in a search query  just went out of window. With its Hummingbird update Google changed  its core prowess from strings  to things and in the process it changed google from a search engine to a knowledge engine

The Need For Semantic Search:All  search engines compete among themselves to keep their search keywords more relevant  and in tune with users  actual intent. While a users input device might increase 10 times or 20 times, their intent does not change.. For any search engine its true test starts and begins with user intent  as it tries to understand the query itself and not only just the keywords and in the query. Once a semantic search  engine understands the context  and will throw up the same results and meanings of their words as humans do

For example a search query “what is the height of Barrack Obama”,  a conventional search engines will try to bring up pages which may have ” stories on Obama, height of something, which might or might  not have any connection to Obama, news on American Presidents”. This 
is a typical machine to machine learning in progress

However by  bringing on the human element ..where one user asks the other .. whats the height of Barrack Obama..Its being made amply clear  that we are interested  to know the height of the American President. This conversation is now aided by semantics

In terms of semantic search, The Hummingbird update takes the small but a significant step towards bridging the gap between machine led learning to human  based  learning. The best example of how Hummingbird update finally manages to bridge the semantic gap is this example shown below

A search for “pizza hut calories per slice” used to list an answer like this, Google said, but not one from Pizza Hut. However Now,  after the Google Hummingbird update it lists this answer directly from Pizza Hut itself, Google says

Google Hummingbird has been the precursor  to  start the  first Semantic search revolution. Semantic search technology seeks to extract entities from its databases as answers and displays personalised results based on the individuals personal  browsing habits

Hummingbird and Voice Search: Hummingbird paved the way for voice search by ability to search by speaking your query into search engine using a smartphone . The ability of the the search engine to understand spoken search queries by users intent and contextual meaning which are today used  in spoken conversation is an perfect application of using semantic technology across  search engines . 

Imagine being able to talk  to your computer the same way  you talk to your friend. 
Hey I saw this awesome Oscar nominated bridge of Why dont you watch it too? do you want me to find out wheres it playing at NJ “?
Semantic search is revolutionizing how people search because they can not merely  interact  by keywords but in conversational line . With mobile penetration burning up all records.. Voice based search is set to grow in numbers that will defy all expectations 

February 20, 2016

5 facts about rel=no follow attribute to keep in mind before optimizing your search

In 2005 all 3 search engines,Yahoo, Bing an google agreed to support an initiative to reduce the effectiveness of automated spam
Unlike the meta robots version of NoFollow, a new directive was employed as an attribute with within an or link tag to indicte the fact that the linking site ” does not vouch for the quality of the linked page.

With In short the rel=nofollow tag was intended for search spiders not to pass on the link juice to the third party link which the website is linking to originally this enabled to ” stop automated links appearing o blogs as comments, forums and other user generated content siteswhere links were liberally splashed around, to fool the search engine to crawl and pass on the usual benefits of the search benefits

 In due course of time” it was seen” most website owners used content from other sites, but used the tag rel=no follow” to stop the link juice flowing to the linked page. However google guidelines say that ” only paid links” or links attained through dubious methods should be used as rel=noFollow tag. Google also says that ” when linking a site ” which is editorially good” you should not be using the ” rel=no follow tag.

Please note that although the rel=noFollow tag is used to indicate search crawlers from passing on the linking benefits, it does not stop indexing the link( despite the lack of semantic logic)
You can implement the no Follow link as follows a <a href=”” rel=”NoFollow”>

In  2009, Matt Cutts wrote a post which suggests that” link juice ” associated with NoFollowed link is discarded rather than reallocated , In theory you can still use rel=NoFollow  many times you want, however using it on internal links does not bring the type of benefit webmasters and seo preference which it once used to

One word of caution, is  using it many times across external links too many times,can be flagged as a site being overoptimized. the thumb rule here is out of 10 posts use no follow for 7 of them , while for posts which  you use from third parties” no do use rel=no Follow for sites which are editorially seen as very strong

February 7, 2016

10 duplicate content checker tools to prevent seo penalty

Here are some of the tools which will help you to filter out duplicate content issues and prevent SEO to crawl your site which it sees as duplicate and penalise the, . This list contains both paid and free tools

1. Duplichecker :Duplichecker free plagiarism checker search This free plagiarism checker tool allows you to conduct text searches, docx or Text file, and URL searches.

 2. Siteliner: Free Duplicate Content Checker  from Siteliner For checking entire websites for duplicate content.Simply paste your site’s URL in the box and it will scan for duplicate content, the SiteLiner premium service is very affordable (each page scanned only costs 1c),

 3. PlagSpotter :Free Plagiarism Checker Recommendation From Thrive .You can sign up for their no-cost 7 day trial to enjoy a plethora of useful features, including plagiarism monitoring, unlimited searches, batch searches, full site scans, and much more. PlagSpotter’s paid version is extremely affordable.

 4)Moz Tool : quite handy  paid tool to understand,which content keywords or phrase is duplicated.

5) CopyScape : One of the most well known duplicate content checker for free from copyscape.CopyScape offers a free URL search, with duplicate content results coming in in just a few seconds.

6) Wordtracker Tool : This filters the duplicate  phrases and lets you import into a pdf file. It also helps you match a url that is stealing content from you site

7) Webconf : This tool will tell you the number of pages and the urls  which are duplicate content and the site results which has copied content from your site .Once your type the url in the content box, it allows you to determine the percentage of duplication similarity between two pages.)

 Free Tools 
 1. Duplichecker
2. Plagiarisma
3. Plagium

January 26, 2016

obamacare at crossroads as insurance co-ops set to be abandoned


A new breed of health insurers created under the Obama Affordable Care Act — was intended to create non-profit insurers is  on its last legs now ,with several of the ventures forced to close down around the  country. President Obama’s much vaunted Obamacare — is on shaky financial ground in many of the 23 states where the plans began.

The nonprofit health plans were envisioned as a consumer-friendly counterweight to for-profit insurers, a way to provide more competition, greater consumer choice and better coverage in markets typically dominated by big commercial carriers. The government allocated billions of dollars in loans for them, Insurance co ops under health law received $1.17billion  in federal loans , which the government said its  working on recouping the funds

January 12, 2016

10 most productive websites for online marketing professionals

List o 10 websites that will increase your web marketing productivity and increase traffic to your website by 40% in  30 days

1. – Create insanely simple invoices.
2. – Transfer up to 2 GB of data.
3. – Get insights for any website or app.
4. – Ambient sounds to boost creativity.
5. – A tool for testing website accessibility, SEO, and social media.
6. – Get Twitter engagement, interest and activity analytics in real time
8. – Find out the best times to post on
9. – Find out what websites are built with. . – Create surveys, get answers. – Instant screen sharing for meetings. – Make a beautiful website for free. – Clean up your inbox. Save time on email. – Photo editing made easy. – Find a name for your idea. – Optimize and compress your images online.

December 16, 2015

why retail is an indicator of economic prosperity: retail jobs vs other industry

The UNITED STATES   have 3,793,621 retail establishments across the entire country.The below data from NRF showed on the form of a chart, shows where retail stands as compared to other industry in job creation in US

" retail power and how it affect jobs"
 retail industry and job creation in US"


"why retail is an indicator of economic prosperity:  retail jobs vs other industry"

Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs

It’s not just about the jobs directly in retail. The industry supports nearly 5 million logistics jobs; 4 million management and administration jobs,. 2 million health care and service jobs; 2 million finance, insurance and real estate jobs; and 800,000 technology jobs.According to NRF economic prosperity and retail have a linear relationship 

December 14, 2015

The hottest 5 consumer technology devices this year

All around the world, consumers are increasingly using internet to share and make things faster and easier apart from sharing one culture. In an latest Ericsson ConsumerLab survey of 23 countries, it found that  more than three-quarters of consumers browse the internet and half use social media every day

The popularity of  digital streaming overtake broadcast TV among those aged 16-45, with 80 percent in this age group watching streamed video several times a week or more. 77 percent of the total sample population watched broadcast content, compared to 75 percent who favored streaming services, but this is set to change during 2015. The year will be historic, as more people will watch streamed on-demand content than broadcast TV.

October 30, 2015

What are the worlds biggest internet companies across each nation

Google is USA, and the worlds biggest  internet company valued at $410billion

Tencent  is China’s biggest  internet company valued at $154billion

 Mxit  is South Africa’s biggest  internet company valued at $48billion

Naver is South Korea’s biggest Internet Company with a valuation of $27billion

 Yandex is Russia’s biggest  internet company valued at $14billion

The Biggest Internet Company in Britain  is Asos valued at 13billion USD

The Biggest Internet Company in Israel  Checkpoint, valued at 13billion USD

The Biggest Internet Company in Germany  is Rocket Internet ,valued at 6.8billion USD

The Biggest Internet Company in Argentina is Mercadolibre which is valued at $6.3billion

The above chart  published by economist magazine shows the top  consumer Internet companies across each nations .The data  depicts the  valuations of internet companies across the top 10 nations reflect the valuation  across the top 10 nations. 

Of the 50 countries they examined, 30 have at least one internet company worth more than $1 billion. The internet firms  outside America and China are still relatively small: Google’s market capitalization, for instance, is bigger than the value of the top internet firms in all other 48 countries combined. And worryingly for Europe, of the top five countries with firms with the highest valuations, none is European—but three are Asian.

August 16, 2015

July 1, 2015

Apple reaches 100billion app downloads in its appstore:

'apple reached 100billion app downloads "
Apple reached 100billion of  app dowloads   last month/

 Apple achieved a big  landmark last month as it reached 100 billion of app downloads since 2008. The  chart shows  cumulative app downloads from Apple’s App Store from July 2008 to June 2015. 

The most popular  Apple App Store category is gaming with  20% while business apps and education apps make up the top 2 and 3 respectively

June 18, 2015

rating the top 10 preventive maintenance software solutions : infographic

"rating  maintenance softwares"

facility dude, Manager plus and Corrigo among top 5 best maintenance softwares"

" the top 5 list of maintenance softwares "

Presenting the list of  the best  software for maintenance both routine and preventive  There is no one software that fits one and all organizations,  Lacking the  no one fit size approach, makes it all the more challenging for big  enterprises ” that are engaged across diverse processes.

 Softwares that are based on the cloud ( web based ) are much in demand   and preferred for obvious reasons.A powerful web-based  maintenance  software needs to have plenty of functional features based on the task intended to achieve.The ideal maintenance software solutions should  have   multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management and both routine, preventative and general  maintenance. The software should support most commonly used  platforms,scalability and seamless integration

Among the top 10 are 

  1. ManagerPlu
  2. FacilityDude
  3. emaint 
  4. Facliworks
  5. Corrigo
  6. Microman
  7. Maintenance pro
  8. Maintenance Connection
  9. Manager PLus
  10. Q Ware

June 17, 2015

UK online sales touch £100 billion barrier

"Uk mobile sales vs ecommerce sales compared"

According to IMRG Capgemini  UK  -Retail Sales Index report,  UK  users  splurged more than   100billion  Pounds  in online shopping last year.A total of  £104bn was spent online in 2014, the first time annual spending in UK  has exceeded the £100bn barrier.

 Summary of  IMRG Report on UK Ecommerce spends
  • Online Retail in UK  now accounts for an estimated 24% of total retail market
  • 14% growth for the online retail market in 2014; £104bn spent online nduring Christmas period saw 13% growth on 2013 e
  • £8bn was spent via mobiles this Christmas, compared to £5.1bn last year – 55% increase 37% of online sales are made on a mobile device – an estimated 8.9% of total retail sales Forecast for 2015: 12% market growth and £116bn to be spent online
The UK in this year 2015 will this year become the first country in the world where half of all advertising spend goes on digital media according to emarketer data..

instagram vs snapchat vs facebook : US Teens and SM preferences

"top 5 social networks ranjed by  US teens 14 and above"

"video game and gender split"
"social media ranking by teenager"

US teens ranks facebok as their most used social media, amongst the other 4  platforms   including snapchat Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Twitter . Teenagers across the gender divide opts for facebook with a huge margin, followed by Instagram and  Snapchat
Teenage girls use social media sites and platforms — particularly visually-oriented ones — for sharing more than their male counterparts do. For their part, boys are more likely than girls to own gaming consoles and play video game

June 12, 2015

desktop search now smaller than mobile search

" US mobile search grows over desktop"
Mobile advertising  by types : mobile ads, mobile app,  and app instals 

mobile spends on app installs  growing ,as advertisers hope to see themselves embedded across devices

This year, US spending on search and display ads will be higher on mobile devices than on the deskto

This year, US spending on search and display ads will be higher on mobile devices than on the desktop.However these ads are not just being  splashed across mobile sites , but also across mobile apps
  •  In total, US advertisers spend more on advertising in apps than on mobile websites  
  • 72% of mobile ad dollars will be spent to advertise in apps in 2015 
  • Around 10.5%of this ad budget would be  spent on in app installs,

June 3, 2015

May 21, 2015

6 percent of UK global traffic comes through paid search

"most visible brands in UK paid search"

" UK search engine market share"
Paid search only accounts for 6% of total clicks from search engines versus natural search at 94% of clicks, according to research from GroupM UK carried out with Nielsen.Also the report suggest that  in terms of gender divide ,women are more prone to click on ” paid search as compared to men

February 2, 2015

Multi Screen Usage and Online Ad Responsiveness in Europe

The Millward Brown Ad Reaction study

The presentation by Millard Brow provides  insights on consumer perceptions of advertising, particularly digital formats. It tries to answer questions on how has #multi screen devices affected consumer receptiveness to internet ads and how it has  impacted by different devices including smartphones, Tablets,Internet TV  including CTR ( click thro rates ). Reaction 2014 explores multiscreen advertising and and consumer behavior