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March 4, 2014

Pinterest Referrals Jump 66%, now drives 300% more traffic than Twitter

In the social media pecking order who do you think drives the maximum  referral traffic  across the publisher networks ? Is it  Facebook ? LinkedIn or Twitter ? or Pinterest ?

According to latest Shareholic report” The Social Media Giants  led by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest  collectively drives around 15.22% of overall traffic to third party . While Facebook accounted for more than 10% of overall traffic to publishers .   

Pinterest drove 3.68% of traffic to publishers in September last year ,the second highest of the social networks on the list


Pinterest Growth vis a vis other Social Media
Compared to last year Facebook  share of driving traffic  grew 58.81%, Pinterest by 66.52% and Twitter 54.12%. Pinterest’s growth is especially interesting now that the company is flirting with paid advertising.

Pinterest, Facebook driving highest referal data

Pinterest drove 300% more traffic referrals to publishers as compared to Twitter as its overall increase in referrals by over 66% showed the kind of ” traffic the website is experiencing With this Pinterest now drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.