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February 5, 2015

52% Display Ads in US is through RTB ( Real time bidding)

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 Display advertising in US by type : RTB vs non RTB

  • In 2013 , 28%  online display ad spends was  via RTB   Real Time Bidding. 
  • That number  is projected to reach 52% by 2017,  
  • Real Time Bidding advertising  is projected to reach 41% in 2014 , and 47% by 2016..
  • This means that RTB  will  witness  a  400% jump in the last 5 years .  13% to 52% ( 2011 to 2016)

November 25, 2013

Mobile Advertises see Increases of RTB by advertisers this Holiday season

 source : via Rubicon Project by Jay Stevens

Mobile RTB is set to become mainstream this holiday season as Advertisers experiment with new ad formats including Real Time Bidding ( RTB). 

The use of real time bidding is likely to  show a healthy growth this Holiday season . Increased Mobile usage for shopping and ecommerce during the shopping season  is set to provide a major impetus to Mobile RTB providers , as they  are seeing increased demand from advertisers who want to supplement their traditional ad buys with targeted, location-based mobile RTB buys.

Data from Adfonic backs this up, as the company reported an important shift in the RTB space in October 2012: more mobile RTB requests than non-RTB requests. In September, 46% of requests on the Adfonic platform were for mobile RTB, rising to 60% in October.

Additionally that CTRs and eCPMs were much higher for RTB, compared to non-RTB metrics: 48% and 64% higher, respectively
Meanwhile Latin American ad network StartMeApp has launched its mobile RTB exchange, enabling advertisers, agencies and DSPs to buy and sell inventory in real-time auctions. StartMeApp is already working in 120 countries, dealing with advertisers including Coca Cola, Audi and Samsung, along with publishers like Rovio, Reuters and ESPN Mobile Aggregators like MoPub’s real-time bidding (RTB) exchange  is a marketplace for  for mobile ads which  gives app publishers the complete control to tweak their ads based on RTB .
According to the GSMA, just 20 per cent of the population of Latin America currently has a smartphone, so much of StartMeApp’s inventory is from carrier’s on-portal audiences and WAP sites, as well as mobile web and app traffic.

September 11, 2013

Twitter Acquires Mobile Start Up MoPub, set to enter the RTB ( Real Time Budding ) Marketplace


Twitter is moving deeper into mobile advertising as it prepares to have a  solid business model before its IPO which is expected round 2014  with the purchase of MoPub, a startup focusing on mobile ad exchanges.

The acquisition announced late Monday was estimated to be worth some $350 million, according to the technology news site TechCrunch.

“MoPub’s technology lets mobile application publishers manage their inventory and optimize multiple sources of advertising direct ads, house ads, ad network, and real-time bidding through the MoPub Marketplace,” Twitter’s Kevin Weil said in a blog post.

witter says it plans to use MoPub’s technology to build real-time bidding into its advertising platform. The process lets advertisers buy online ads in real time, which will  make it easier for its advertisers to automate their ad buying process

November 16, 2012

Real-time bidding Ad Spends grow 30% in 2012,

Real-time bidding soars, expected to be $7bn market by 2016 | Econsultancy: According to a report published this week by sell-side platform Index Platform, the number of RTB impressions sold via its platform jumped nearly 30% in the first and second quarters of the year. What’s more: growth was driven by both major advertisers, which accounted for 57% of all spend in Q2, and local advertisers, which increased their spend by nearly 50% quarter-over-quarter.

Data from the  Index Platform ,saw advertisers in 80% of sectors increasing the number impressions bought via RTB, suggesting that, despite real-time bidding’s imperfections, adoption will continue to grow.

The big questions: just how much will it grow, and how rapidly? According to eMarketer, RTB spend in the United States will reach $7.1bn by 2016 — nearly a third of the display ad market — up from $1.9bn this year. Much of the growth will come in the next year, with the RTB train slowing in 2014 and beyond as it becomes an ubiquitous part of the landscape.