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August 30, 2015

5c smartwatches having the best battery lives

US funding Raising activity for 2016 US Presidential elections :Who has raised how much


HOW THE BIG 3 IS STACKED AGAINTS EACH OTHER WHEN IT COMES TO FUNDING RAISING Donations To 2016 Presidential Candidates, By Size Percent of candidates’ committee and superPAC donations from different donor groups. Charts are ordered by amount of money raised (largest to smallest — that is, Jeb Bush to Lincoln Chafee).

Fund Rausing Campaigns in US : Who Has Raised how much and how

The 2016 US presidential elections candidates have already raised more than $350 million combined. In comparison, the two political parties in the U.K. raised less than $13 million over their entire 2015 election. The staggering U.S. campaign fundraising totals come from three primary sources: campaign committees, super PACs, and other committees (including nonprofits like 527 groups).

the best cities to work for for marketing and sales professionals

California, Pennsylvania and New York are the top 3 states which pays the highest salaried to sales and marketing professionals.
Highest Paying Locations for Marketing Managers | StartClass

The above chart shows the best locations for sales and marketing employees” who are most likely to get more than average compensation” as compared to other cities in US source :