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July 9, 2015

The runaway growth of reddit :subreddits growing at 8m hourly page views

Infographic: The Tremendous Growth of Reddit Communities | Statista
source :Statista

 Reddit is much in the news these days due to the controversy of its AMA staff Victoria Taylor who is said to have been unceremoniously removed. However the way reddit has been able to grow its traffic should be a lesson to social sites ( mainly Digg) which showed  a lot of promise earlier but they became a victim to their ” own rigidity” . Reddit  page views in 2012 was  37billion, which reached  71billion in 2014

Reddit was acquired  by Condé Nast Publications in October 2006, however Reddit became a direct subsidiary of Condé Nast’s parent company, Advance Publications, in September 2011.

Reddit has recently seen a $50 million  funding round led by Sam Altman and including investors Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Ron Conway, Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto in 2014Their investment saw the company valued at $500 million.

February 27, 2015

US Most Visited Top 10 Multi Platform Social networks : Google + inches ahead of Twitter

chart of the day
The above chart  shows data on the top 10 most visited social networks in US  across cross platform devices including browser-based visits across personal computers, tablets and mobile phones
Facebook forms 55.2% of all visits to social media websites in US,followed by Youtube with 20.7% Americans logging in via their smartphones, Tablets or PC/Desktops 

Suprisingly Twitter  is loosing out to Google Plus in terms of online visits as  Google + 4% share  to twitters 2.52% visits. QA Community site Yahoo Answers is visited more than Linkedin( 1.45% vs 1.38%), followed by Pinterest 1.12%


January 6, 2012

With 2 Billion Users,Reddit is no 1, as Digg bites the dust

Social Aggregators  sites “ who were online media ‘s most happening  Stars” in 2004” have suddenly woken up to  some  impressive numbers  last December,2011
Reddit finished 2011 with some monster numbers. According to a post on the site’s blog, internal analytics show Reddit had more than two billion pageviews in the month of December 2011

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Digg vs Reddit Market Share
Worldwide Data : 2010 to 2012

 Here are the making of how Reddit numbers shaped up
  •  2,065,237,338 pageviews
  • 34,879,881 unique visitors
  • 12.97 pages / visit
  • 16 minutes average time on site
  • Over 100 million monthly pageviews per employee
  • 100,000+ subreddits
  • 8,400+ subreddits with over 100 subscribers
 Reddit, a unit of Advance Publications (also the owner of Conde Nast) has been growing fast since 2010, Reddit appears to have eclipsed Digg in traffic in April 2011, but now Reddit’s traffic is more than twice that of Digg’s.

Users at Reditt  spends a average of 16mins on  the site .These numbers averages to 100 million monthly pageviews. Reddit broke the 1 billion pageview barrier last February.,2011

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Digg vs Reddit Market Share  
United States Data : 2010 to 2012
Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Digg vs Reddit Market Share