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December 16, 2015

why retail is an indicator of economic prosperity: retail jobs vs other industry

The UNITED STATES   have 3,793,621 retail establishments across the entire country.The below data from NRF showed on the form of a chart, shows where retail stands as compared to other industry in job creation in US

" retail power and how it affect jobs"
 retail industry and job creation in US"


"why retail is an indicator of economic prosperity:  retail jobs vs other industry"

Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs

It’s not just about the jobs directly in retail. The industry supports nearly 5 million logistics jobs; 4 million management and administration jobs,. 2 million health care and service jobs; 2 million finance, insurance and real estate jobs; and 800,000 technology jobs.According to NRF economic prosperity and retail have a linear relationship 

WPP reveals the 10 fastest growing brands this year; Alibaba &Facebook; tops

This years Millward brown brand report has some surprises and a few expected brand rankings 2015 number one global brand has been Apple.The Brand Value of the Top 10 brands almost tripled, to $1.1 trillion, one-third of the total value of the Global Top 100.Whereas the top 100 brand value now stands at $3.3 trillion, a 14% increase on 2014 and a 126% growth over 2006 .Apple, with its relentless focus on the consumer experience, and the ability to wow its consumers demonstrated this yet again with the iPhone 6, returns to the top spot with a 67 percent increase in brand value.

"WPP reveals the 10 fastest growing brands this year; "
WPP  and Millward brown’s  BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, in 2015, .
The biggest riser is Facebook with an increase in value of 99% The  fastest growing brand this yeat ( new entry) is the online retailer Alibaba which debuted in the retail ranking at $66.4 billion, helping to grow the retail category ranking by 24% and overtaking both Amazon and Walmart This years Fastest rising brand report shows that “Five of the 10 Top Riser brands come from technology or telecom providers categories. Other fastest growing brands were Domino’s Pizza which won on brand strength and communication.Amazon grew faster with its consistent and  awesome customer care. Other fastest growing brands were  Skoll ,Verizon, Google and Zara were

March 31, 2013

Load Times of Online Retail Websites grow 22% Longer.

The findings , which come from a report by Radware, are bad news for ecommerce sites considering the importance of site speed for traffic and conversions.  

Retail Website Load Times Get 22% Longer in One Year: Between December 2011 and 2012, the median load time for home pages of top North American retail sites (the Alexa Retail 2000) slowed 22% from 5.94 to 7.25 seconds,
The median or most common load time for retailers’ home pages was 7.25 seconds, which is up from 5.94 seconds in the previous year’s study. Those slow speed can cost retailers up to 9 percent of their traffic and as much as 13 percent of sales, says Radware. And the top 100 e-tailers’s web pages loaded in an even slower 8.23 seconds.

 The top 100 sites fared even worse, with load times slowing from 6.4 seconds to 8.23 seconds in that time span, a 28% difference. The researchers attribute the slowdown to increasing page size and complexity, also pointing out that many of the Alexa 2000 sites are not employing best practices for core performance.

The overall slowdown in page load times come despite expectations that faster browsers, networks, and devices enable a speedier online experience, with research showing that a majority of PC and tablet owners expect a site to load in 3 seconds or less (though smartphone owners are a little more flexible)

Load times among America’s top retail sites have increased by 22% in just one year from an average 5.94 seconds in December 2011 to 7.25 seconds in December 2012.
A previous survey from Tagman found that a one second delay in page-loadcan cause 7% loss in customer conversions, while a separate survey from Akamai revealed that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

April 11, 2012

Most Pinned Top 10 Interests On Pinterest: Infographic

Why Pinterest’s Addictive Power Is Good For Your Business [Infographic] | Saleschase Blog:

Mashable recently published   a report on Most Pinned Items ccording to business intelligence firm RJ Metrics, 17.2% of all pinboards are categorized under Home, followed by Arts and Crafts (12.4%), Style/Fashion (11.7%), Food (10.5%) and Inspiration/Education (9.0%). Of those, food is the fastest-growing category. It’s also the category that gets the most repins, generating on average more than 50% repins than the second most reshared category, Style and Fashion.
The results were drawn across a sample of approximately 1 million pins across 9,200 different users.
The study also identified the most popular board names on Pinterest. More than 3% of all boards are titled “For the Home,” followed by “My Style,” (1.97%), “Products I Love” (1.86%), “Books Worth Reading” (1.68%) and “Food” (1.23%). (UPDATE: One of our commenters pointed out that the first three of these are default boards Pinterest gives users when they sign up.) Interestingly, pinboards about products tend to generate the most “likes” from users.

Top 10 Categories on Pinterest

1. Home (17.2%)
2. Arts and Crafts (12.4%)
3. Style/Fashion (11.7%)
4. Food (10.5%)
5. Inspiration/Education (9.0%)
6. Holidays/Seasonal (3.9%)
7. Humor (2.1%)
8. Products (2.1%)
9. Travel (1.9%)
10. Kids (1.8%)

10 Most Popular Board Names on Pinterest

1. For the Home (3.15%)
2. My Style (1.97%)
3. Products I Love (1.86%)
4. Books Worth Reading (1.68%)
5. Food (1.23%)
6. Favorite Places & Spaces (1.00%)
7. Recipes (0.75%)
8. Craft Ideas (0.74%)
9. Christmas (0.72%)
10. Crafts (0.65%)
Among the other findings, some of which were published last month:
  • More than 80% of all pins are repins.

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February 12, 2012

Online Retail sites reaches 81% Europe’s web users

In Europe, retail Sites attracted nearly 310 million unique visitors and reached 81.2 percent of the European online audience. Users spent a combined total of 19.3 million minutes on sites like Amazon and in December 2011. Since December 2010, visitors increased by 14.0 percent and engagement saw an even stronger growth rate of 26.3 percent during the past year.
In December 2011, the largest European online retail sites were Amazon Sites with 117.8 million users, with 53.2 million, and German retailer Otto Gruppe (33.0 million).

October 25, 2011

2011 Holiday Retail Sales to Grow 2.8% To $465.6 Billion

Chart: Small holiday 2011 spend per person

Small holiday 2011 spend per person
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According to the National Retail Federation’s 2011 Holiday Consumer Intentions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, holiday shoppers say they plan to shell out an average of $704.18 on holiday gifts and seasonal merchandise, down slightly from last year’s $718.98.* NRF is still forecasting overall holiday retail sales to grow 2.8 percent during the months of November and December to $465.6 billion.

Additionally, nearly six in 10 holiday shoppers (59.9%) say they plan to take advantage of retailers’ sales and discounts to make additional non-gift purchases for themselves and their families during the holiday season. The average person will spend approximately $130.43 during the holiday season to take advantage of sales and discounts on apparel, electronics, home goods and other items for themselves or a family member, up from $112.20 last year.

According to the survey, the largest portion of a consumer’s holiday budget will go toward gifts for family members, with the average person expected to shell out $403.26 on kids, parents and other family members. Friends, co-workers and even the family pet can expect something nice this year as well; holiday celebrants will spend an average of $68.23 on friends, $21.06 on co-workers, and $23.39 on other gifts. Consumers will also spend on decorations ($46.73), greeting cards ($26.52), candy and food ($96.75), and flowers ($18.23.)


September 5, 2011

The Loss Due to Retail Thefts in The US

Facts about Shoplifting…
  • There are nearly 300 million shoplifting incidents per year.
    – 2010 Jack Hayes International, Inc.
  • Shoplifting is estimated to account for between 30-40% of retailer’s lost profit
    – 2010, Univ. of Florida & Jack Hayes International, Inc.
  • In 2009, retailers lost an estimated $12.58 billion per year to shoplifting
    – 2010, Jack Hayes International, Inc.
  • In 2009, 1,014,817 shoplifters were apprehended from 24 large retail companies, up 16.8% from 2008.
    – 2010, Jack Hayes International, Inc.
  • For every $1.00 recovered from retail theft, $31.74 is lost; only 3.15% is recovered total.
    – 2010, Jack Hayes International, Inc.
Facts about Employee Theft…
  •  60% of inventory losses are caused by employees?
    – National Retail Federation – 2010
  • U.S. retailers and small businesses lost $33 billion in revenue last year due to theft
    – National Retail Federation – 2010
  • Employee theft is on the rise according to national statistics and company surveys
    – National Retail Federation – 2010
  • Businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft!
    – American Society of Employers
  • In 2009, one in every 28.4 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer
    – 2010 Jack Hayes International, Inc. survey
  • 75% of employees steal from work and most do so repeatedly
    – US Chamber of Commerce
  • In 2009, 70,409 employees were apprehended from 22 large retail companies, down 9.35% from 2008
    – 2010 Jack Hayes International, Inc. survey
  • In 2009, The average case value of employee theft was $728.90, about six times the average value of a shoplifting case. – 2010 Jack Hayes International, Inc. survey
  • 30% of corporate bankruptcies result from employee theft
    – US Chamber of Commerce
  • The FBI calls employee theft the fastest growing crime in America
  • 55% of perpetrators of employee theft are managers
    – American Society of Employers
  • The Boston Globe and Denver Post report that “time theft” and loafing cost U.S.companies over $400 Billion a year in lost productivity

    source : Shulman Centre

February 16, 2011