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February 9, 2016

the richest german football clubs in German bundesliga league : 2011 to 2015

"the richest german football  clubs in German bundesliga league"

Bayen Munich is the riches club in German Bundesliga team for the last 5 years. The number 2 and 3 ranked richest German football clubs happen to be Borrusia Dortmand and FC Schalke 04 football. FC Bayern München had a brand value of 786 million U.S. dollars in 2012 which rose to 933 US dollars in 2015. 
The FC Bayern All Stars team was founded on 7 July 2006 . Bayern Munich is Germany’s most successful team in German’s history.They have won 23 leagues, 15 cups, and are also one of the few clubs to have won all of the European Cup, Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup

December 14, 2015

real madrid, dallas cowboys and Yankees among top 3 richest sports teams

The most valuable t s-0w6eam for the third year in a row is Real Madrid CF, which first overtook Manchester United on the list in 2013. However, the amount of time that Los Blancos will top the rankings could be limited. American franchises have been shooting up the list lately, with the iconic Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees franchises both passing the $3 billion mark for the first time to tie for second place at $3.2 billion

: global ranking by spots
50 most valuable teams are worth $1.75 billion each, which is up 31% from 2014. Why are sports teams more valuable these days? Forbes notes that leagues and teams are signing more lucrative television deals, with live sports being an important draw in the world of PVRs and streaming. The NFL, for example, split a massive $7.24 billion in revenue with all 32 teams last season. Each team received a hefty $226.4 million, mostly from television deals. The composition of this year’s most valuable team list includes 20 NFL teams, 12 MLB teams, 10 NBA teams, 7 soccer teams, 1 NHL team, and 1 racing team (Formula One).