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January 22, 2016

countries having the highest number of wifi hotspots

"countries having the  highest number of wifi hotspots"
"the biggest hot spots across the world"

The nations with highest and lowest wifi public hot spots mapped 

Presently there are  currently over 47 million WiFi hotspots available worldwide, which is expected to balloon to over 340 million in just the next four years

December 13, 2015

10 Nations that are most active on Twitter

The growth for Twitter is heavily  led by emerging nations including India and Indonesia , which will see the most consistent growth patterns  till 2018, and is slated to increase by well above 50% in 205-2016 
he US will remain the single largest country in terms of the number of individual Twitter users throughout our forecast, but currently, it still represents just over 20% of all Twitter users worldwide. – See more at:

"10 Nations that are most active on Twitter"
According to emarketer projectons, after indonesia and India, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil will see much higher growrh rates as compared to developed nations However if you consider the top 10 Twitter countries, per capita use – Kuwait, Netherlands, Brunei, UK, USA, Chile, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Puerto Rico ranks among the top 10 list

internet speeds across the world: 50 nations compared

The global average connection speed saw a 3.5% increase in the second quarter of 2015, to 5.1 Mbps. According to Akamai state of the internet 2015 report.The below chart compared 50 nations and their internet connection speeds.Globally web speeds increased across the board for the top 10 countries/regions, with the exception of South Korea, which saw a 2.1% decrease from the first quarter. Japan saw the largest quarterly gain at 7.8%, while the remaining eight countries saw modest gains ranging from 1.5% in Hong Kong to 4.6% in Switzerland.

On a global basis, 107 of the 143 qualifying countries/regions saw average peak connection speeds increase from the first quarter, with growth ranging from 0.1% in Trinidad and Tobago (to 34.9 Mbps) to 100% in Egypt (to 23.4 Mbps). Other than Egypt, four countries—Uzbekistan, Mauritius, Ghana, and Tunisia—saw quarterly increases of over 50%.

May 23, 2015

5 nations where mobile commerce exceeded ecommerce

"5 nations where mobile commerce  exceeded   eCommerce"
mobile shopping exceeds ecommerce in these nations"

Globally MCommerce is now 34% of all eCommerce 

Latest data  from criteo  shows that mobile shopping has gone mainstream. For the first time shoppers are moving away from their desktops to mobile..Asian Nations are leading this mobile  shopping transformation , while in US   mobile shopping  share is slightly lower  than the global average, with 29% of eCommerce transactions coming from mobile devices. 

For the first time ever more than 50% of  Japan and South Korea users had shopped via mobile devices and had  exceeded the volume of  eCommerce transactions  in Q1 2015. 
 In UK   Mobile shoppers constituted 45% compared to Spain’s 28%  

May 14, 2015

mobile user base in russia to number 122million by 2017

"mobile user base in russia grow 16%"
Mobile usage in Russia set to exceed 122 million fom 105 million in 2011

Latest data from  emarketer shows mobile user base in Russia is set to grow 16.2%  in 2017 up from 105 million in 2011. Its mobile usage is set to number 116.8million by 2015 up from 114 in 2014

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May 11, 2015

The fastest growing smartphone markets by penetration rates

These nations  are the fastest growing smartphone markets 

Brazil India, China,Vietnam, Indonesia are among the fastest growing markets in terms of smartphone penetration

As chinese mobile usage exceeds 1.25billion, not to be outdone  Indian mobile penetration has increased a manifold since 2013. A ccording to Forbes ,Mobile advertising volume in India grew the fastest in the world, climbing a record 260% since July 2013. Another report by research firm IDC pegs  Indian smartphone growth rate at over 82% and  says that India continues to be the fastest growing smartphone market in the Asia Pacific. Indonesia is another powerhouse which will surpass 100million active smartphone users by 2018 according to techniasia

April 8, 2015

BRIC nations Media spending by category: China spends 3 times its nearest competitor

BRIC Countries Overall media spends vs digital spends

 Chinese total media spends surpass any other BRIC nations  media spends by more than 3 times , that its nearest competitor Brazil according to emarketer
  1. Chinese total media spends  in 2014 was $63billion  vs  $24billion in digital ad spends which forms 38% of total media spends
  2. Next Brazil ranks 2nd with $18.8billion total media spends vs $2.6billion on digital ( 14% ) 
  3. Russia comes 3rd with $8.3billion total media spends compared to $1.96billion in digital(23% ) 
  4. India comes last with $6.11 billion  total media spends in comparison to spending just $740million on digital( 12%)

June 11, 2014

India and Nigeria records fastest growth in INTERNET usage,with 14% and 16% one year growth

According to the latest Internet usage across the world data from internetlive( source). The world will see billion online users by end of 2014

Around 40% of the world population has an Internet connection today (view all on a page ). In 1995, it was less than 1%.

internet to exceed 3billion users

The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion will be reached by the end of 2014. The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.

Among the top 10 nations which highest number of  online users . India and Nigeria has recorded the biggest growth in  the last one year with 14% and 16% respectively.

 In terms of web penetration , among the top 10 list, UK,US, ranks 1st  and 2nd, while  Japan and Germany shared the  3rd spot   with 86% penetration 

August 22, 2012

India among the Fastest Growing Online Markets,with 41% growth

Research Data by Comscore on the State of Global Online Markets

1.)India is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 months, as   India’s explosive online growth continue to explode  as most online categories show below average penetration compared to global averages

2.) Russia and China have added over 10 million users in the last 12 months and
continue to grow
3.)Worldwide online audience has grown by 7% in the last 12 months

4.)Asia Pac markets have added over 40 million users and continues to grow

5.)Latin America and MEA have grown faster with over 11% Y-o-Y growth