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July 15, 2015

comparing top 5 cloud computing platforms: amazon vs rackspace vs azure vs lunacloud

Cloud Computing Providers | SoftwareInsider

June 7, 2015

Cloud War Faceoff : G Drive vs Box vs Dropbox

Cloud Storage Providers – How the Top 3 Stack up Side by Side

Based on three factors of security, device agnostic, storage space, this  infographic  tries to compares Google drive, Box and Dropbox with each of their features and functionality .
According to IDC, 36% of global data would be stored on cloud by 2016 

Cloud application services or Software as a Service (SaaS), represent the largest cloud market and are still growing quickly. SaaS uses the web to deliver applications that are managed by a third-party vendor and whose interface is accessed on the clients’ side.
Most SaaS applications can be run directly from a web browser without any downloads or installations required, although some require plugins.

June 2, 2015

SaaS based digital Campaign automation solutions: top 10 list

This fantastic infographic from Capterra shows the top 10 marketing automation companies ranked by actual users and customers along with their following across social media based on Facebook fans, Tweets and Linkedin followers

These top 10 SaaS based marketing automation software has been ranked by capterra based on their customer base, social media influence and by the size of their customer base ( SMB or Enterprise). 1)Infusionsoft 2)Hubspot 3)Vocus 4)Eloqua 5) Terradata 6)Marketo 7)Integrate 8)Simplecast 9)Acton and Ontraport

June 1, 2015

The state of cloud computing stack: SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS

"The state of cloud computing stack: SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS"

Cloud Computing is often described as a stack, as a response to the broad range of services built on top of one another under the moniker “Cloud”.These  cloud stacks are 1) SaaS : Software as Service 2)  Platform as a service ( PaaS) and 3) Ifrastructure as a sevice ( IaaS)

 Software as a Service (SaaS), represent the largest cloud market.Cloud platform services, or Platform as a Service (PaaS), are used for applications, and other development, while providing cloud components to software .Cloud infrastructure services, known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), are self-service models for accessing, monitoring, and managing remote datacenter infrastructures, such as compute (virtualized or bare mental), storage, networking, and networking services (e.g. firewalls).

The Database face off : SQL vs No SQL

" working with SQL or non SQL database"
The  basic difference between  these two data is the way it is stored Either we can put it  in a  relational or  non-relational databases. For the past few years however, our industry has seen an increasing trend towards the usage of NoSQL databases, where data just isn’t stored like in relational databases.SQL has the impressive track record, the large installed base, but  non SQL is making impressive gains and has many proponents in its favor.However SQL or non SQL whichever you use , it has its own logic.  There is no wrong and no right. It depends