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March 19, 2013

Smartphone User Base in Europe Jump by 57% in 3 Years

Smartphone Install Base in Europe Dec 2010( comscore )

The Mobile Base in Europe in Dec 2011(comscore )

Mobile Base in Europe  as on Dec 2012( comscore )

The number of smartphone users in the EU5 countries (Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the UK) grew by 30 percent over the year, reaching 136.2 million in the three month average ending December 2012. This was the first month that all European countries crossed the 50 percent smartphone penetration mark.

The above 3 charts show how the Smartphone penetration in Europe grew by 80%. In 2010 Dec the number of Subscribers in UK  and when you compare them with the Mobile ( smartphone user base ) in 2011, it shows a jump of 20%, In the year 2012 December, The Smartphone Revolution  has truly arrived in Europe with a average  smartphone penetration of 57%

Spain leads the rankings with 66 percent of mobile users owning a smartphone in December 2012, followed by the UK with 64 percent – both countries were above the European average of 57 percent. In France and Italy, smartphone ownership was at 53 percent amongst the mobile population, with Germany concluding the rankings at 51 percent during the three month average ending in December 2012.