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January 20, 2016

Samsung take a beating in MENA region as local brands gain momentum

Middle east and North african ( MENA ) region continue to show brisk sales of overall mobile phones (smartphones + feature phones)  as the region ‘mobile sales grew 23% Yoy.  Smartphone sales across these regions have been  growing 3  times faster that global  smartphone growth

"mobile marketshare in MENA nations"


  • Samsung , Huawaei and Tecno were among the top 3 biggest players in this regions,
  •  Samsung’s share in 2015 declined to 41%, a 9% decline from 50% share it had in Q3,2014
  • Samsung loss was, was Tecno’s gain .The local brand Tecno saw its marketshare grow from 4.8% to 8.2% 
  •  Tecno became the 3rd largest mobile player, notching up 123% increase in mobile shipments in juts under a year 
  • Apple’ increased its marketshare in the MENA nations from 2.2% to 4%and broke into the top 5 largest players

January 16, 2016

5 most frequently used mobile handsets across europe and north america

 "5 most frequently used mobile  handsets across  europe and  north america"

 mobile handset usage by mobile talk time  across Europe and North America

Smartphones from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry are among the most frequently used  mobile handsets in Europe and north Africa. The above chart shows the ” mobile phone” usage  by time( hourly users ) across north America and  Europe.
Apple’s iPhone 5,iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 topped  total mobile hourly usage, followed by Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S4.

RIM’s Blackberry handset models led by BlackBerry 9900  ranked no 3 as the most frequently mobile handset OEM’s

January 15, 2016

xiaomi has just set the alarm bells in the mobile industry ringing

 Xiaomi numbers disappointed analysts as  the chinese mobile phone maker ” declared that it had missed its target of “80 to 100 million” mobile devices which it was projected to sell by the end of 2015.
According to a post on Sina Weibo (link in Chinese) from co-founder Lin Bin, the hardware company sold 70 million devices last year of falling markets
This comes amidst the slowdown in china as economies around the world, specially the stock markets took a heavy battering as chinese  debt levels  increased sharply, which has resulted in 2 consecutive weeks of bloodbath in global stock markets
That marks an annual increase of about 16%—a sharp slowdown in growth compared to the year before, when it saw sales jump 226%.

January 12, 2016

mobile apps with more than 100% user growth

"category of mobile apps with fastest growth"
Latest data from Flurry’s reveal that among all mobile apps , apps that provide “personalization”  functionality  has been growing the fastest.
Personalization apps (such as Android lock-screens and Emoji keyboards) were by far the fastest-growing, with sessions up 332% year-over-year. The news and magazines category, which had seen below-average growth in 2014, rebounded with a strong 135% gain last year.
No 3 fastest growing mobile apps were utilities and productivity apps maintained solid growth, up 125% year-over-year after a 121% increase in 2014.

December 14, 2015

The hottest 5 consumer technology devices this year

All around the world, consumers are increasingly using internet to share and make things faster and easier apart from sharing one culture. In an latest Ericsson ConsumerLab survey of 23 countries, it found that  more than three-quarters of consumers browse the internet and half use social media every day

The popularity of  digital streaming overtake broadcast TV among those aged 16-45, with 80 percent in this age group watching streamed video several times a week or more. 77 percent of the total sample population watched broadcast content, compared to 75 percent who favored streaming services, but this is set to change during 2015. The year will be historic, as more people will watch streamed on-demand content than broadcast TV.

March 24, 2015

Mobile ad Campaigns across Financial vertical :Top 3 call to action by users

Top 3 advertisers goals  post mobile ad campaigns
Brand Awareness & Engagement (37%) was the most frequent goal of Finance campaigns and call to action  on  the millennial media  platform, followed by driving Registrations (30%) and Increased Foot Traffic (17%, Chart H). Finance advertisers ran Brand Awareness & Engagement campaigns at a slightly higher rate than all advertisers, and ran Registration campaigns at more than 2x the rate

November 29, 2014

Nations with highest Mobile App downloads: US leads in terms of Numbers, Asian nations for 80% of downloads

Global mobile app downloads
Which nations lead on terms of leading mobil Apps While USA continues to lead the world of mobile app downloads, 80%  or four of the top 5 app downloading destinations are in Asia. Not only do they account for a substantial share of downloads, they are also some of the fastest growing nations.

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June 12, 2014

Mobile Internet in UK to overtake broadband revenues ,led by 90% users moving to mobile web

According to the latest  PwC report on UK Media and Entertainment market Outlook predicts that by 2018,. 50% of the UK population will own a tablet, 73% will own a smartphone and 15.5billion apps per year will be downloaded

Additionally by  2016 mobile Internet revenues will overtake fixed broadband revenues led by the ” UK consumers moving over to the mobile web. Mobile Internet subscribers will account for 88.9% of the UK population by 2018
By 2018, 50% of UK will be owing a tablet, with 73% smartphone penetration . This would lead to 15.5billion mobile apps being downloaded.

50% UK to own a tablet. 73% to own smartphone
Global Entertainment & Media Outlook predicts that by 2018,. 50% of the UK population will own a tablet, 73% will own a smartphone and 15.5billion apps per year will be downloaded.

May 5, 2013

The State of Paid Search Across Devices : PC vs Smartphones

‘search marketing’ | “The Search Agency has released an analysis of paid search trends in the US in Q1 2013 across devices and verticals. 

paid search across the  B2B vertical, grew by 27.2% year-over-year, while clicks stayed flat

On a quarter-over-quarter basis, impressions were up 35.5% and clicks up 15.6%. The data also reveals that while click-through rates grew by 16% year-over-year on average for all industries (to 3.15%), B2B companies saw a 21.6% drop (to 2.07%). And as click rates dropped, costs trended upwards, with average cost-per-click (CPC) for B2B advertisers up 43.4% (to $2.20), compared with a more moderate 8.6% rise among all advertisers (to $0.76).”

  • Google spending grew by 17%, though that trailed Bing’s increase of 42%.
  • 21.6% of search budgets went to smartphones (11.6%) and tablets (10%), up 59% year-over-year, a trend consistent with every other report on paid search. Overall, spending on smartphones grew by 68%, and on tablets by 135%.
  • Smartphone impressions rose by 96% year-over-year, and tablet impressions by 74%. Smartphone clicks were up 86% and tablet clicks 98%.

April 16, 2013

How The Smartphone Revolution has changed TV Viewing

The way consumers watch content has changed dramatically in recent times. Print, Audio, Video and Internet today has become integrated… and the era of Multi Screen Consumer has made TV viewing part of a multi-screen experience, that means that ; todays users use either a connected device or a gadget ( smartphones or tablets) simultaneously

 According to new survey results from iAcquire and SurveyMonkey, 40% of mobile searches are conducted while users are watching TV. While the study doesn’t delve into whether or not TV prompts those searches, research released last year suggests that TV can be a significant catalyst for mobile search. 

The iAcquire study also reveals that one-third of mobile device users tweeted about TV last year, a figure that seems to make sense given Nielsen’s recent finding of acorrelation between Twitter buzz and TV ratings. New survey results from Deloitte indicate that 81% of Americans almost always or always engage in another activity while watching their home TV, with that figure rising to a high of 88% among 24-29-year-olds.

March 30, 2013

Multi Screen Consumption Patterns: How This Impact Brand Marketers


Media consumption is now 90 percent screen-based, whether that’s watching Netflix on your Galaxy Note II, reading an e-book on a Kindle, or flipping through a magazine on your iPad. But the TV is still fighting for viewers’ attention, and most of us give in – with gadgets in tow.

According to a new infographic from Uberflip, 97 percent of American homes still have a TV, while 81 percent have a PC. But 44.8 million people now have a tablet, while 112.4 million have a smartphone, and 70 percent of homes have a game console. It might not be an either/or proposition, however. A majority of people multitask while consuming content – 81 percent watch TV and use a smartphone at the same time. Another 66 percent combine their smartphone and laptop/PC use, while 66 percent watch TV and use their laptop at the same 

February 27, 2013

BRIC Countries Mobile Device Ownership : Feature Phone vs Smartphone


According to new research from Nielsen, China is the only country among the high-growth BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) markets where smartphones are predominant, owned by two-thirds of Chinese mobile subscribers as of the first half of 2012.
In three of the high-growth BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) markets, using multiple mobile devices is becoming the new norm. In India, however, the overwhelming majority (89%) of mobile owners still only carry one device, much like in the U.S., where only 17 percent of mobile subscribers own more than one phone.

Comparison of Marketing Spends across Devices :Mobile vs Desktop :