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July 26, 2016

which countries are swallowing up the wearables market

The below chart shows how the wearable devices market is expected to grow in the next 5 years. 2015 compared to 2020 between 2015 and 2020


Asian pacific market will outgrow all other geographies  with 194 million shipments of wearable devices, which includes,Smartwatches, Fitness bands, Apparel trackers and eyewear among others.North America and Western Europe are the next biggest market with shipments of 188 million and 127 million wearble devices  respectively, followed by   Central and Eastern Europe  with 45 million shipments and Latin American with  26 million shipments 

However the  Wearables segment the biggest demand is expected tocome from smartwatches and fitness bands  The biggest market pull  in Wearables will come from Asia pacific regions with China, Singapore and Hong Kong leading the growth for smartwatch and fitness bands adoption which will have the hihest penetration the highest wearble penetration . Smartwatches and smart eyewear and ear tracking devices are likely to see huge growth in Japan and South Korea

June 20, 2016

10 wearable start ups with highest vc funding sitting on the biggest cash pile

The first quarter of 2016 saw $1.4 billion in venture capital funding and the most merger and acquisitions transactions in a single quarter to date. The biggest VC investment in 2016 , has been so far   on  Healthcare wearables and technology vertical .According to  Mercom capital   the first 6 months  in 2016  has seen  VC’s  landing up with war chests  of $260million  to lap up   the most promising investments across wearables technology

The growth of wearables  started gaining traction since 2009  as funding to wearables startups surpassed $2.2B across the past five years, accrued over 195 deals.

" top 10 biggest wearable brands with highest VC funding"

Jawbone, at $614M raised, is the most well-funded private wearables company. amongAmong i (Jawbone took on $300M in debt financing in April 2015).Andreessen Horowitz, Atomico Black Rock, Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments ,Firsthand Technology Value Fund   are among  those who have invested in jawbone

The most active VC   money that has been chasing the wearables sector   happens to  be  Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures.Among the biggest VC funding  across wearable technology  was  last years  $542M Series B raised by Magic Leap, Florida-based developer of head-mounted augmented reality displays. Magic Leap raised capital in that round from a wide range of investors including smart money VCs Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

VC interest in this sector  has been across 4 areas 
1)  Health and fitness bands:
2)Smart Watches and jewelry:
3)Smart apparel: OMsignal (smart workout apparel).
4)medical devices( mistfit wearables)

February 16, 2016

January 4, 2016

roundup of of wearables market: 3 trends for 2016

"the state of the wearable technology market in 2016"

When it comes to just wearable technology,Its the  smartwatches which rule .Apple leads the race with  the company selling more than 4 million smartwatches in the first 6 months of 2015,compared to Samsung’s 0.4million in the same duration.

Of the 74 percent of online American adults who are likely to purchase health and fitness technology in the next 12 months, one in three (35 percent) plan to buy a smartwatch, according to a report from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). An NPD survey is suggesting that the Apple Watch has pushed watch sales to the lowest point since 2008.

However OEMs  apart from Apple and Samsung are still not able to address this growing market. For example  LG canceled its latest smartwatch model after less than a week on sale, citing hardware problems. And an embattled HTC, still  struggling  and has delayed its release of a planned co-branded fitness band with Under Armour.

January 2, 2016

3 wearable technologies set to be launched in 2016

The new set to wearable technologies set to make a splash in 2016 include Moto 360 Sport. Microost Holo Lens and a smarts swimwear wearable technology called  Xmetrics

" the biggest wearable technology disruption in 2016"
The next wave of wearable technologies is already set to be launched in 2016. Among the game changers in 2016  are

1)Moto 360 Sport  Watch :is already on sale in Europe, but will be released in the US in January. It’s only the second Android Wear smartwatch to include built-in GPS

2)Microsoft HoloLen’ Among the latest trending wearable which has  garnered the highest attention is  “The HoloLens ‘augmented reality’  which is a headset caused quite a splash when it was first unveiled earlier this year. Despite not being on sale yet, it looks full of promise, and there’s set to be a developer version available during 2016 for a cool $3,000.

3)Xmetrics:This is the hottest  swimming wearable in what is otherwise  is a market without much innovation and  fairly tepid pool. Designed for pros and enthusiasts, it sits on the back of your head to minimise drag and measures a broader set of bio-mechanics including your heartbeat, pulse rate, calories and other features  than any other swimming wearable technology .

December 30, 2015

wearables devices growth trends : apple watch sport vs pebble steel

comparison of Pebble steel and Apple Sport

The wearable devices, specially smartwatches is set to see an exponential growth , according to a recent IDC data research report on worldwide Wearable Device Tracker.The IDC predicts  wearable device shipments will reach 76.1 million units in 2015, up 163.6% from the 28.9 million units shipped in 2014. By 2019, worldwide shipments will reach 173.4 million units, resulting in a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9%. Total shipments include both basic and smart wearables, which are two very different product categories in many aspects.

August 30, 2015

5c smartwatches having the best battery lives

July 15, 2015

3 smartwatches compared :Pebble vs vs Apple smartwatch vs Moto 360

Smartwatches | SpecOut

This data shows the state of  wearables industry and compares the 3 smartwatches with their features  which are 1) Pebble steel 2)Apple smartwatch and Motorola Moto 360



April 24, 2015

Apple on track to ship 20million iwatch ,analysts predicts higher sales than ipad

apple's iwatch goes on sales from today, expects 20million shipments
Morgan Stanley’s projection  expects iwatch to do more than  250million  shipments after  9 quarters. Each  apple product has sold faster than the product that came before it. Morgan Stanley thinks that the iWatch will sell faster than the iPad.
Apple’s first wearable gadget went on sale on Friday and for a change unlike any Apple product launch.. there was no  huge lines outside apple stores across Apple Europe and US. No cameras waiting to interview user who unboxed their first iwatch ..For Apple  this marks its entry its what is being seen as the biggest thing since the smartphone boom .. as  the  wearbles” aim to bridge the gap between   gadget and a human function

While Apple belives it would ship upwards of 20-26million iwatch this year.Apple’s own supply vendors indicate their production is set   to ship 2million and more iwatc in the current quarter  Firms in the supply chain estimate Apple will ship 2 million watches per month in the current quarter, said one of the sources

April 9, 2015

smartwatch dominates the wearables sector by 15 times its nearest product

Infographic: The Predicted Wearables Boom Is All About The Wrist | Statista


Your wrist is the latest medium of technology, where technology companies are starting to target.This chart by statista shows” wearables is all about your wrist ” and smartwatches dominate the sector like no one else.. Clothing, eyewear, apparels all pale into insignificance compared to the smartwatch

April 4, 2015

most popular latest “digital devices” to go online

most popular  digital devices by users " to go online "
via :globalwebindex

PC, Smartphones and Tablets are among  the top 3 devices consumers are using to go online and surf the web.. PC still rules, though smartphones are catching up, Tablets as devices form 47%  usage by consumers  for going online.

Among emerging devices that are likely to be used to go online  from this year inlcude, SMART TV,( connected ti web )SMART WATCHES( pebbles, sony smartwatch, samsung gear), SMART WRISTBAND(nike&addidas)

March 9, 2015

The Smart Watch War in US and 2015 Launch Dates

Features of Smart Watch Apple vs Competitors

Today March 9th,2015 is a big day for Apple fans and for the wearable devices market . never has been a time after the launch of iPhone .. that a consumer electronics product generated this much of anticipation and hype as the iWatch. Billed as the next biggest  technology revolution on your wrist.. Apple’s iWatch promises to change whatever we knew about watches and for  some of us having growing on a diet of gizmos and gadgets.a wrist watch  is still a fashion statement 
However after all that build up, as we  start showing you the details of the iwatch pricing, launch dates  and what the user experience will be like.  Here are the compilations of all other smart watches that is set to début or some have debuted already this year.