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November 22, 2015

The Top 3 Performance Management Software review tools :

Comparison of Performance Management Softwares:

G2 Crowd Grid for Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software Reviews: Among  the leaders across PMS  vertical are Ultipro,Halogen and Talent . These 3 products are among the top 3 market leaders . These software’s most are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial scale, market share, and global support and service resources. The next in rung are the high performers which are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category.

High Performers products include: Workboard and ActivTrak

November 5, 2015

Marketing automation Software Reviewed : Ranking Grid

G2 Crowd Grid for Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation tools are your gateway to managing and building your digital marketing Campaign checklists.This marketshare mindmap shows which marketing automation products ranks the highest in terms of user ratings and ranking and which are yet to reach the scale and size of the leaders

the above marketing performance ranking grid published by  G2 crowd shows the  best Marketing Automation Software products that are  determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid:1)Leaders 2)High Performers 3)Contenders and 4)Niche

Among the top 5 marketing automation  products which are leaders include: HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Act-On, and Infusionsoft 

High Performers provide products that are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category.High Performers products include: OutMarket, LeadSquared, GreenRope, Autopilot, Salesfusion, Net-Results, ThriveHive, Hatchbuck, ActiveDEMAND, Right On Interactive, eTrigue, and SharpSpring

October 29, 2015

Lists of 36 US software start ups ,with a valuation of $1 billion and above

US Start ups based on cloud that are among the are the top 10 biggest software start ups with highest valuation

the complete list  of US based software start ups with equity and VC funding that are worth more a billion USD .Among the top 3 are PALANTIR and DROPBOX

As of October 2015:PALANTIR
Latest valuation:$20.0b (October 2015)
Total equity funding:$1.6b
Valuation-to-funding: 12.8 to 1


As of October 2015: DROPBOX
Latest valuation:$10.0b (January 2014)
Total equity funding:$607m
Valuation-to-funding: 16.5 to 1

August 26, 2015

top 10 most popular online buyer persona research software

The infographic shows a list of research software most popular Project management campaign tools that allows users to create online buyer personas ,allows companies and organizations to track and manage tasks, goals, and teams for projects. The below infographic shows the list of top 10 research and online buyer persona capturing trends.
"Project Management User Research   Infographic"  

July 15, 2015

comparing top 5 cloud computing platforms: amazon vs rackspace vs azure vs lunacloud

Cloud Computing Providers | SoftwareInsider

June 18, 2015

most popular 15 email marketing softwares : SME vs Enterprise

"Top 15 Email Marketing Software"
Contrary to what some may feel, Email marketing not dead. It is alive and kicking.1. Latest data showed there are nearly 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide, with that number expected to increase to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. (Source: The Radicati Group) <

rating the top 10 preventive maintenance software solutions : infographic

"rating  maintenance softwares"

facility dude, Manager plus and Corrigo among top 5 best maintenance softwares"

" the top 5 list of maintenance softwares "

Presenting the list of  the best  software for maintenance both routine and preventive  There is no one software that fits one and all organizations,  Lacking the  no one fit size approach, makes it all the more challenging for big  enterprises ” that are engaged across diverse processes.

 Softwares that are based on the cloud ( web based ) are much in demand   and preferred for obvious reasons.A powerful web-based  maintenance  software needs to have plenty of functional features based on the task intended to achieve.The ideal maintenance software solutions should  have   multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management and both routine, preventative and general  maintenance. The software should support most commonly used  platforms,scalability and seamless integration

Among the top 10 are 

  1. ManagerPlu
  2. FacilityDude
  3. emaint 
  4. Facliworks
  5. Corrigo
  6. Microman
  7. Maintenance pro
  8. Maintenance Connection
  9. Manager PLus
  10. Q Ware

June 30, 2014

How many Dollar does the worlds biggest company earns per second

How much revenue do you think the ” World Biggest Corporations” earn every minute, This interactive  chart from economist shows how    much  the  biggest  companies earn in  each  second.

In each second this is what the biggest companies earn
  1.  Walmart collects $15,054, 
  2. Google garners $1,897 and tiny
  3. Twitter ekes out $21. In the interactive chart below, companies race to reach $1m. (Partial spoiler alert: the winner clocks in at 1 minute 6 seconds.) 

It offers a fresh look at the relative commercial power of big companies. Professional investors are aware—hopefully—of these differences. But others may be surprised by some of the relationships. Coca-Cola earns more than PepsiCo despite fewer sales. Boeing and Airbus enjoy about equal revenue, but the American firm is much more profitable. For more, read the “charticle” in the latest issue,here.

August 26, 2013

The Truth of Steve Ballmer: Did he Get Fired ?

Microsoft CEO  for the last decade was never very popwas never a popular man at the company and with his departure  an era comes  to an end

 Employees who had worked with him in he past, ot those who have worked with himddoes not have a charitable view of their bosses.

So when Finally Steve Ballmer announced his retirement this week after a long 10 years, The internet was abuzz with news aross the web that inFact ” Ballmer was  shown the door’ and asked to eave and

Whatever the reason of Microsoft CEO  exit,This was not a big surprise to many industry watchers who had interacted with him a few  times , and there were questions  on  this temperament and ability to run a Core Technology Company

 Not that this is a huge surprise to industry-watchers. However Steve Ballmer is not the guy to go down without fighting: Who seriously believed he’d actually decided to retire?

 Here are some tributes to the man below

Joachim Kempin worked at Microsoft for about two decades, first joining the company in the 1980s, when it only had about 400 employees.  He hs authored a book about what those years were like:

” In addition to telling the story of Microsoft’s growth into a global powerhouse, Kempin’s book includes a strong opinion about what has gone wrong at Microsoft over the past 10 years. The problem is at the top, Kempin argues. CEO Steve Ballmer is the wrong guy for the job. Kempin believes that Microsoft should be led by a technologist, not a businessman.