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November 3, 2015

4G Smartphones supporting wireless charging between 13 to 20 megapixel camera resolution

These following smartphones meet the critera’s of being a 4G, with wireless charging, with a camera resolution between 13 to 20 megapixels .

Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched July 2015

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android 5.1 Lollipop
Launched :August 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6
Android 5.0 Lollipop
launched :April 2015

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Launched :April 2015

May 13, 2015

Sony’s most profitable business segments

Statistic: Share of Sony's sales by segment in the 2014 fiscal year | Statista
via Statista

The top 3 most profitable business segment for Sony

Sony announced total revenue of 75.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2014, the highest the figure has been since 2008. Of this revenue in 2014, over 21 percent, equivalent to 15.83 billion U.S. dollars, was generated in mobile products and communicationsOther lucrative markets for Sony were the Home Entertainment & Sound and the Game sector, which were responsible for 15.3 percent and 12.82 percent respectively ./ The 3rd biggest product segment where sony is doing good is gaming.In 2014, Sony sold 17 million units of consumer entertainment systems (PS2, PS3, and PS4) worldwide, as well as 3.5 million units of portable entertainment systems (PS Vita and PSP)

March 31, 2015

Top 5 Waterproof Smartphones by Screen Size

Sony Xperia z ultra  has the biggest screen with 6.4 inches, while .Experia Zs with 5.4 inches are the two most highest selling waterproof phones within the 5 to 7 inches screen size
Experian Z , Galaxy s4 Active along with ,Xperia Z 1 have all 5 inches screen.The Experia Z1 compact has a 4.3 inches waterproof screen

Break up of Sony’s Consumer electronics Sales : Smartphones vs Digcams vs LCD


Decoding Sony’s consumer electronics break up

The chart shows the  breakdown of Sony Products by  consumer segment.Sony’s consumer electronics segment from 2012 to 2014, broken down by category has the smartphone vertical growing highest and making up most sales  since 2012 onwards to 2014. In 2013 Sony had shipped 38 million smartphones, as compared to 31 million smartphones in 2012

 Digital cameras which accounted  average 3.5 million sales  till 2013 now make up 2.5 million sales in 2014 a decline of 40% .

LCD Tv’s have surged big time ,as it recorded  4.7 million units of LCD sold in 2014 q3 compared to 3.3 million in  2013 q2 , increase of 42%. Video cameras have all but dissapeared from Sony’s product lines

FY 2015 to see Sony ship 38 million smartphones

smartphone  shipments by Sony this year to exceed 38million
Sony Mobile Communications aims to ship 38 million smartphones in fiscal 2015 (April 2015-March 2016), down slightly from 39.2 million units shipped in the previous fiscal year, according to sources at Taiwan’s handset supply chain. 

 The lower shipment target comes as the Japan-based vendor is still overhauling its handset business and has also shifted its focus to the mid-range to high-end segment, said the sources. Despite the absence of new orders from Sony Mobile since the fourth quarter of 2014, Taiwan’s ODMs have begun shipping some new models to the Japan-based vendor recently, including the Xperia E4 from Arima Communications, Xperia E4g from Compal Electronics and Xperia M4 Aqua from Foxconn/FIH Mobile.

September 8, 2014

Sony’s edges out Nintendo with 18.7million units ,Microsoft with 11.4million is number 3

Infographic: Sony Is King of the Videogame Mountain Again | Statista
view :Statista

After being narrowly edged out by Nintendo in 2013, Sony is king of the video game mountain once again.The corporation’s combined world-wide sales of consoles and hand-helds amounted to 18.7 million units year ending March 2014.

In comparison, Nintendo shipped 16.3 million units in total. Microsoft came in third with 11.5 million units shipped. Last year, the gap between Nintendo and Sony was much closer. Nintendo’s combined world-wide sales amounted to 23.7 million units with Sony very close behind, having shipped 23.5 million.

September 2, 2012

Sony Corp Products that Give the Most Revenue

Acording to  recent a data chart by Splatf Sony’s consumer electronics business — led by TVs, videogames, and computers — still generates about half of the company’s sales.

But Sony’s profits these days come from what may seem like an unexpected source: Its financial services business, which includes life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking. (At least before the rest of Sony wipes those profits out — overall, the company expects to lose more than $1 billion this fiscal year of 2012.)

During six of the past nine quarters, Sony’s financial services business has generated more operating income than any other segment. (Though last quarter wasn’t particularly good, because of poor investment performance at Sony Life. See earnings PDF for details.) Meanwhile, the consumer electronics business has been a money loser over that period.

August 31, 2012

The Sony Story of Declining Marketshare and Revenue

Image Courtesy:splatf

Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony, has conceded the consumer electronics company is being forced by limited resources to be “very selective” about the smartphones it offers in the US, as it faces “a big task” in challenging dominant rivals Apple and Samsung
Meanwhile in its country of origin Sony shares fell as much as 6.7% to 1,132 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchang during April 2012. Its TV business, one of its biggest growth drivers in the past, has been hit hard by increased competition and falling prices. The division has been making losses for eight years in a row.
The company has also lost ground to rivals in the gaming and mobile phone business
Sony has been making a loss for each of the past four years, has forecast that it will return to profit in the current financial year of 2012 Sony The firm, which has been making a loss for each of the past four years, has forecast that it will return to profit in the current financial year.

July 8, 2012

The Sony Story: Failing to Reinvent itself ,Sony inching towards Disaster

watch, gaming, technology,
ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch: Sony: 

But the biggest devastation has come in TVs. While Sony packed its spendy sets with features like Google TV, Samsung made a less expensive, more reliable product that still included the things (like Netflix and Pandora) that customers really wanted. Earlier this year, Sony admitted defeat, hacking its ambitious plan to produce 40 million TV sets per year by 50%”

Game publishing looks no better, with the once-mightySony Online Entertainment now best-known for being part of a 2011 hack that compromised millions of accounts.

Sony has posted losses for four consecutive years, and the company has lost its leadership position in just about every market it used to dominate. A recent post by Readwriteweb  under ” Deathwatch” which is a explains why Sony is headed downhill and  why is on its way” towards oblivion

 Sony’s Products Fail To Enthuse ‘: New Generation

The creator of the Walkman along with  The CD, The CD Walkman,along with the Trinitron TV, Blu-Ray discs, the PlayStation and dozens of other consumer electronics devices  Sony has churning out consumer electronics for  over for 50 years .However over the last few years, others have captured Sony’s traditional markets, while very little Sony innovation has made an impact. The result is a bloated workforce, unsold inventory and a stock that’s down more than 90% from its all-time high in 2000.

The Problems

Sony lacks focus. Consumer electronics used to be Sony’s cash cow, but now it’s more of an expensive hobby. Sony’s VAIO line of PCs no longer commands a premium. Improving phone cameras have eroded point-and-shoot camera sales, and Sony’s SLRs have barely dented the market.t.Improving phone cameras have eroded point-and-shoot camera segment 
Sony Loses its Smartphones Battles

Phones are still a growth business, but Sony is late to the game. Its newest Xperia Android smartphones are solid middle-of-the-pack contenders, while Samsung and HTC are worlds ahead in features and carrier relationships. Unless Sony can create meaningful tie-ins with its gaming or entertainment properties, purchasers will consider Sony handsets only when the price is right. 

February 4, 2011