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April 28, 2015

Chart of the day : digital spending by region compared with overall media spends

online media spends as a part of total media spends  in North america, europe, asia and latin america

Chart depicting  Global digital ad spend as a part of overall total media spends across geographical regions 

The chart by emarketer shows  the patterns of  digital spending across  global marketplace  for the last 5 years  2011 to 2016 (projected). In 2015  with  28% share of digital media spending  Western Europe and North America both rank no 1  in the world. These regions are followed by Asia Pacific which ranks no 2 with approx 24% spends across the digital media  in 2015.Eastern Europe and  Latin America  with 21% and 13.4% spends across online  ranks 3rd and 4th respectively

June 2, 2014

Internet Penetration vs Social Media Penetration across Continents

According to the latest  report on  Wearesocial , compared  the global internet penetration   to  the social media penetration. 
Expectedly  North American ranks no 1 with 81%  followed by Western Europe and Ocenia with  78% and 63%  penetration

In terms of social web penetration  , the ranking is identical with North America ( US +Canada ) among the top 2 regions , followed by Oceania and South  Africa


source: wearesocial data