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April 9, 2015

start up vc funding per deal dry up : has the tech3.0 bubble begun ?

Infographic: Startup Funding Shows Signs of New Tech Bubble | Statista

The  tech companies are  burning through too much cash and that the overall amount of risk currently taken on in Silicon Valley is excessive.A recent  Thomson Reuter data published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, businessinsider and CNBC have  predicted that the tech bubble might be reality by 2016.

  1. Though  VC  funding has increased.However in terms of the investments per deal, the number is abysmally low 
  2. The tech-heavy index is up nearly 5% on the year as it climbs to levels not seen since the Internet bubble burst 15 years ago. 
  3. Tech companies,  are bemoaning the scarcity in the tech sector  and admits hitting dead end “and are lobbying Congress to relax immigration rules.. 
  4. The wages in tech sector wages are rising too fast and too soon .Twitter svp/technology Chris Fry got a $10 million pay packet in his second year