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December 12, 2011

With 8,868 Tweets per second ,MTV VMA Tops 2011

1.The record for the highest number of Tweets per second goes to  MTV Video Music Awards, where Beyonce announced her pregnancy. 8868 tweets per second, on August 28.

2. The execution of Troy Davis, convicted of the fatal shooting of a police officer despite no weapon, DNA or footage linking him to the crime. 7671 tweets per second, on September 20.

3. The FIFA Women’s World Cup during the final between the US and Japan. 7196 tweets per second on July 17

4. Brazil getting eliminated from the Copa America in the game against Paraguay. 7166 tweets per second, also on July 17
5. Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigns, due to his health at that point very few people knew hedoes not live beyond a few weeks. This event saw 7064 tweets per second on August 25

6.New Year’s Day  in Japan. see 6939 tweets per second on January 1.

7. The UEFA Champions League,  Barcelona  beat Manchester United in the final 3-1. This event sees 6303 tweets per second on on May 28.
8. Steve Jobs’ death,  and  online users taking the online  world to write about his demise as users  pay tributes to the  original tech guru on consumer gadgets .iMac ,Pod ,iPhone and iPad  would not have seen the light of the day without Steve Jobs .  This day sees 6,049 tweets per second on October 6.

  source : twitter in 2011