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December 13, 2015

internet speeds across the world: 50 nations compared

The global average connection speed saw a 3.5% increase in the second quarter of 2015, to 5.1 Mbps. According to Akamai state of the internet 2015 report.The below chart compared 50 nations and their internet connection speeds.Globally web speeds increased across the board for the top 10 countries/regions, with the exception of South Korea, which saw a 2.1% decrease from the first quarter. Japan saw the largest quarterly gain at 7.8%, while the remaining eight countries saw modest gains ranging from 1.5% in Hong Kong to 4.6% in Switzerland.

On a global basis, 107 of the 143 qualifying countries/regions saw average peak connection speeds increase from the first quarter, with growth ranging from 0.1% in Trinidad and Tobago (to 34.9 Mbps) to 100% in Egypt (to 23.4 Mbps). Other than Egypt, four countries—Uzbekistan, Mauritius, Ghana, and Tunisia—saw quarterly increases of over 50%.

May 28, 2015

asia pacific digital indicators: 35% penetration rate with 93% mobile connections

" state of mobile and social media access across  asia pacific"


In Asia pacific out of a total population of 4.1 billion around 1.4billion have an active internet connection a penetration of  35%. Users having an active social media connection  number  1billion  with a 26% penetration .
Meanwhile moving over to mobile, 3.7 billion or 93% of population has a mobile. The number of users  accessing social web via mobile is  879 million

June 18, 2012

Thailand Tops in Having highest percentage of women in Senior Management


Global average: 20% of Women in Senior Management 

Research from the 2011 Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that women currently hold 20% of senior management positions globally, down from 24% in 2009, and up just 1% from 2004. In its quarterly survey of privately held businesses (PHBs) Grant Thornton also found that the percentage of PHBs that have no women in their senior management has risen to 38% compared to 35% in 2009.

Across the world, Thailand boasts the greatest percentage of women in senior management (45%), followed by Georgia (40%), Russia (36%), Hong Kong and the Philippines (both 35%). The countries with the lowest percentages are India, the United Arab Emirates and Japan where fewer than 10% of senior management positions are held by women.

April 11, 2012

Web Giants in Thailand Face Local Challengers

First Look at Internet Usage in Thailand Finds Google, Microsoft and Facebook Leading the Market: “comScore released its inaugural report on Internet usage in Thailand with February 2012 data. The study found that Google Sites, which includes Google Search and other Google-owned entities such as, led as the top Internet property in Thailand with 9.3 million visitors in February, representing 95.7 percent of the total online population. Microsoft Sites followed with 9.0 million visitors (92.6 percent reach), followed by with 8.6 million visitors (88.4 percent reach).”

However Local Thai sites

Web Usage in Thailand by Total Unique Visitors (000)
February 2012 
Total Thailand – Visitors Age 6+ Home/Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Total Unique Visitors (000)% Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience9,755100.0%
Google Sites9,33495.7%
Microsoft Sites9,03792.6%
MIH Limited4,92050.4%
Internet Marketing Co., Ltd4,39945.1%
Bundit Center Co. Ltd.4,16142.7%
TRUE Corporation Public Co. Ltd.3,89639.9%
Wikimedia Foundation Sites3,62537.2%
Mono Group3,50035.9%
Yahoo! Sites3,35134.4%
Dek-D Interactive3,20632.9%
Nation Multimedia Group3,09731.7%
Federated Media Publishing2,63627.0%
Apple Inc.2,28423.4%

*Excludes visits from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or tablets
Social Networking Accounts for 30 Percent of Time Spent Online in Thailand

Investment group MIH Limited, which acquired local site in 2010, was the fourth most-visited property in the country with 4.9 million visitors, while Internet Marketing Co. Ltd., which includes and among other sites, secured the #5 position with 4.4 million visitors. accounted for all of the traffic for #6 ranked Bundit Center Co. Ltd., which reached nearly 4.2 million visitors in February.

January 19, 2012

Powering The Digital Revolution in South East Asia: Top 5 Trends

SEA Digital Consumer Whitepaper_FINAL