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June 30, 2014

The European App Economy to provide 794,000 Jobs across Europe


According to a recent research report from Vision Mobile on The European App Economy  reveals the ” impending Boom in the Mobile App Job Market Job Boom.

  1. Across  European Union, global revenues from the app economy reached $56B in 2012 with over a quarter of these revenues being generated in Europe.
  2.  With a 25% share  of the app economy,530,000 thousand jobs have been  directly related to the app economy in 2013
  3. By 2015 there will be 794,000 jobs across the whole economy  out of which 529,000 jobs will be  direct Mobile App Economy jobs
  4. Out of  529,000 jobs, 60%  will be for  developers and engineers
  5. Europe Mobile App  will churn out  Revenues of more than €10 billion per annum  EU28 by 2014
  6. By 2016  as the EU app economy matures and startups grow, the demand for functional verticals like  sales, marketing, customer relations, finance and HR  will grow by 35%