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August 5, 2014

The Science of Buying an Auto Online : Insights from a mobile auto searcher

Auto buying on  the mobile web : Tracking consumer path to purchase

How do consumers search for autos ,when they are shown auto ads ? how many of them  search for information on auto brands, visit their  site or use mobile apps to engage with the brand ?

The above  infographic  tracks the path of  a  mobile consumers path to purchasing an auto . How many respondents look for ‘ a brand,  the size  or the features.? WAs a sedan  was most preferred or a hatchback. How many users intended to buy a SUV in the next 6 months ? The below graph shows how  users  are engaging with the ” display or text banners on their mobile ”   when they are targeted advertising for auto ads…. 
and more importantly where they turn to for a product research  information.?

Not surprisingly its the  Comparison sites, Car and Auto Review sites that   are among the  most visited 

The following are the percentage of users that use mobile to  search and shop for their speific cars based  on size, features or both 
  1. 38% respondents across Inmobi network are looking to buy Small car
  2. 21% were searching for SUV
  3. 17% searched for sedan
  4. 18% searched for a Luxuty car
  5. 14% searching for an electric car
  6. 15% looking for a bike or a Motorcycle