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January 12, 2016

list of most popular 10 pubic webcams

These are the list of most popular public webcams which can be viewed by all. The list shows publicly available feeds on the webcams which  have been most viewed

1. Abbey Road – Watch tourists  crossing  the famous Abbey Road.
2. International Space Station – Watch live feeds  from International Space station.
3. iPet Companion – Play with shelter pets over the Internet.
4. Giant Panda Cam – Cam that shows the giant pandas in their pen.
5. Otter Cam – Watch sea otters at the Vancouver aquarium.
6. Africam – Choose from a number of  African jungle safari with live feeds
7. Decorah Eagles – Live feeds from a peek into an eagle’s nest.
8.Willard Ghost – Spot a ghost via the live cam at Victorian mansion.
9. Kitten Cam – Watch furry little kittens play.
10.Times Square -One of the most popular destinations in US, live feed from New York

list of 10 most fascinating websites for new discoveries

1. – Find something random to watch on Netflix.
2. – discover the best places to drink a pint in the sun.
3. – The most useful and educational links on the web,
4. – Warning: NSFW language. Daily links to enlighten and educate you.
5. – Download all the free best software you want at the same time.
6. – Speed read the web one word at a time.
7. – Find out which applications you should remove from your computer.
 8. -Guide to public places with the least crowd
 9. – Practice your touch typing. – Get old versions of software.
11. – Find out if search engines and human can read your text
12. –  send a email after your dead
13. – save money by spending less
14. – Plan your route with the best lodging and attractions.
15. – This search engine does not track you  and neither it is cookie enabled

December 7, 2015

DBS, Singapore airlines and Wilmar among Singapore’s most powerful brands

December 6, 2015

brands that changed the world: top 100 global brands

Which are the biggest and the most powerful brands that changed the world : Heres a look at the genesis of brands and how they are different
brands that changed the world: top 100 global brands

December 4, 2015

50 American private companies with largest employment

"the   top   50  US companies
WALMART, Mcdonald’s  and Yum Brands are among the biggest private companies   having a workforce that are among the biggest in our country .With the biggest work force in the united states . Combined these top 3  icons together provide   jobs for more than   thirty four hundred thousand
 UPS , IBM,KROGERS  are the next biggest in  size with an average employees of 3,79,000
The top 50 list shows the  biggest US corporations  in terms of manpower

December 2, 2015

top 10 most powerful soft drink and beverage brands

The biggest and most powerful soft drink brands

The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico remain the top 2 most powerful brands and they form the giants of the soft drinks industry; brands from their portfolios make up 8 of the top 10.  Coca-Cola remains the most valuable soft drinks brand, up 6% to US$35.8billion.Meanwhilethe number 3 most powerful soft drink brand is Red Bull, which continues to do well .The brand’s unique marketing strategy and its dominance in extreme sports has enabled it to stay relevant and exciting. Its brand value has risen 19% to US$7.4bn and it has become the 3rd most powerful brand across all sectors. Nestle and Sprite takes up the 4th and 5th position in the beverage market. ;
data Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent brand valuation and strategy

December 1, 2015

the top 10 global power brands of 2015 by brand value

Apple remains the world’s most valuable brands, followed by Samsung and Google

"apple, samsung and goole among the most powerful power brands"

Apple’s brand  value (and those of rival tech firms such as Google and Microsoft) remains stronger than ever.. Among the top 5 Brands after Apple, Samsung is 2nd, Google 3rd, Microsoft 4th and Verizon 5th. All these brands have  registered reasonable brand value growth rates of between 4 and 12%. Walmart is the only brand whose primary application is not in tech or telecoms. Though it has grown 4% this year, what was once the world’s most valuable brand has slipped down the rankings again; now at 10th it looks set to drop out of the top ten next year

The above chart from BrandFinance shows the brand value change ( positive/ negative )

November 29, 2015

global companies with biggest staff worldwide

The below list shows the top 5 global companies with the biggest staff worldwide.Along with having global operations  they also have with multiple locations and diverse workforce Some of the biggest companies in the world also sport the biggest payrolls

Among the top 5 biggest employers  list are 1)Walmart 2) Hon Hai Precision( Foxcon’s subsidiary) 3)GS4 which is biggest security services in the world having presense in over 125 companies .4)Volkswagen and  oil and gas major 5)PetroChina .

These data is based on “Fortune’s compilation on its first-ever list of the world’s 10 biggest employers among publicly listed companies, based on latest fiscal-year-end figures from FactSet Research Systems, annual reports, and other publicly available information. : Each of these top 10 companies are listed according to the size of their staff, the business vertical,country of origin, sales figures, revenues per employee

No 1:WALMART :Retail

 Employees: 2.2 million Counttry:
country of origin :United States Industry:
Retail Sales: $476.3 billion
Market value: $245.8 billion
 Revenue per employee: $216,500

No 2 HON HAI  : Electronic Manufacturing ( part of Foxcon Corporation )
Employees: 1.1 million
Country: Taiwan
Sales :$133.2billion
Market value: $47.3 billion
Revenue per employee: $120,000

 HON HAI is a part of Foxcon which is well knows as a electronic manufacturer component supplier who assembles everything from smartphones to display panels for customers such as Apple,Cisco, Dell, and Sony . Apple is among Foxcon’s biggest client and contributes about 40 % of the company’s

No 3 :GS 4:  security company
Employees: 618,000
Country: United Kingdom
Sales: $11.6 billion
 Market value: $6.3 billion
Revenue per employee: $18,800

No 4 : VOLKSWAGEN : Car Manufacuring
 Employees: 572,800
Country: Germany
 Motor Vehicles Sales: $261.5 billion
 Market value: $101.3 billion
Revenue per employee: $456,600

No 5 :PETROCHINA: Oil and Gas
 Employees: 544,083
Country: China :
Sales :$351.0 billion
Market value: $225.6
billion Revenue per employee: $645,000

UK’s largest public sector employers:British army and RAF among top 10

" UK biggest public sector employers"
This list of the top 10 UK public sector employees as and the number of employers which they  employ according  to the office of  national statistics:The NH England and Scotland are the biggest public sector employers, followed by  Revenue and Customs, UK. The British Army established in1660 is the no 3 biggest employer in United Kingdom having 125,430 employers .
The UK Royal Air Force  has 37,200 in its rolls. The Ministry of Justice and ministry of defence has  around  68,000 and 65,000 employers

, UK Statistics are available on an ad hoc basis from public company annual reports.Currently Royal Mail, G4S, Tesco and Compass Group are the largest plc employers.

walmart,volkswagen and yum brands among 10 largest employers

Walmart  is america’s  biggest employer with 2.2million americans employed by the global retail chain.  Walmart   employs almost  four times the size of runner-up Volkswagen  which  is ranked no 2 with about  583,423 employees working for the German auto company   in the United States

  Meanwhile Yum Brands, which operates  the licensed brands Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet worldwide ranks 3 with 537,000 Americans employed with the company.Meanwhile, McDonald’s ranks seventh with 420,000 employees. Petrochina ranks no 4 with 534,652 Americans in its rolls .

November 12, 2015

November 9, 2015

This years most powerful 25 global brands

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the CoreBrand® Index, a rich data set covering 1,000 companiesEach year, Tenet Partners analyzes the data in the CoreBrand Index (CBI) to determine the US economy’s Top 100 Most Powerful Brands based on high awareness and positive brand perceptions. 2015 marks the eighth year of the report. The report is unique because it is based on a single, data-driven score that assesses each brand’s familiarity and relevance in terms of Brand Power

November 2, 2015

10 best free photo editing software for windows and Mac

Photo and Image Editing Tools

Pixlr – Fully functional alternative to Adobe Photoshop. (Web, Windows, Mac)
GIMP – Another Photoshop alternative. (Linux, Mac) – GIMP for Windows (Windows)
Seashore – Basic image editing with layers, textures, gradients and more. (Mac)

Phixr :Lots of filters and effects, easy to use, connects to Facebook, Twitter,
InkScape – Professional vector graphics editor, replaces Adobe Illustrator (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Pinta – Another great Illustrator alternative. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Canva –makes design easy templates for infographics, banners, newsletters.
Fotor : free online designer and editing tool for amateur and pros
Pixlr-o-Matic –Photo  app with filters and lots of effects   (Android, iOS Mac, Chrome)
Photoscape – Fun and easy photo editing software. (Windows, Mac)

October 4, 2015

top 10 facts you did not know about Fedex”

  • FedEx Revenue 2015 $47.45 billion 
  •  Number of packages shipped annually by FedEx 1.25 billion
  • Total miles traveled each day by FedEx couriers (equivalent to 100 trips around earth) 2.5 million
  • Number of countries and territories FedEx delivers to 220 
  • Number of full time FedEx employees 300,000 
  • Percent of shipped packages lost by FedEx 0.55 % 
  • Historic high Fedex stock price at wall street was on  Feb 17, 2007 when it reached :$120.97 
  • Lowest Historic Stock Price May 6, 1980 when it reached  $2.50 
  • Number of delivery vans in the FedEx fleet 43,000 
  • Number of airplanes in the FedEx fleet: 654 
  • Number of  air fleet  Fedex lifts daily :30 million pound
  •  Total daily miles traveled by the FedEx air fleet 500,000 
  • Amount FedEx paid to aquire Kinko’s $2.4 billion in cash 
  • Highest FedEx employee salary – IT Manager $123,000
  •  Lowest FedEx employee – Customer Service Representative $10.42 / hour 

  • July 27, 2015

    10 interesting statistics on howTumblr is set to end Facebook domination

    10 interesting and mind boggling statistics on how  Tumblr is giving Facebook the jitters

    "Tumblr Overtakes Instagram As Fastest-Growing Social Platform,"

    According to a recent brand measuring research company Tumblr was the only network to occupy nearly as much of its users’ time as Facebook (respectively, 50.6 vs. 51 minutes daily) for individuals between the ages of 18 and 29.

    "The rising of Tumblr: the next facebook"

    lesser known facts on Tumble :Tumblr Statistics Data ( This data is updated till July 1st,2015

    Very few of us know that  Tumblr's , founder and CEO  David Karp who is worth more than $300m have not completed his high school. Karp left Bronx Science high school when he was 19..
    1. Tumblr  was bough over by Yahoo for $1.1billion in May,2013
    2. Total Blogs hosted by Tumblr :243.3
    3. Total number of Tumblr users  :425,000,000
    4. Total number of Tumblr blogs  :219,000,000 
    5. Annual Tumblr Revenue           :$85,000,000 
    6. New Sign ups in Tumblr  daily  :120,000 
    7. Total number of Tumblr posts until now : 101,000,000,000
    8.  Number of average monthly Tumblr visitors       :199,100,000
    9. Tumblr’s active user base in the last six months( jan 2015 to july ) grew by 120 percent Facebook in contrast grew by 1%( source 🙂
    10. Tumblr's growth in mobile apps downloads  during jan-july,2015 : 22%
    11. Teens using  Tumblr on their mobile device    : 28 %
    12. Average length of a Tumblr  user  :            14 minutes 
    13. 35% users who visit Tumblr regularly has an annual  income of  atleast $35,00 
    14. In 2011  content sharing from Tumblr to other sites  increased by 1299%:
    15.  Tumblr visitors under who is between 21-35 : 66% 
    research data : techrunch/guardian/wiki

    Follow the brand : 10 things about craiglist you would never have know

    5 Craigslist Statistics you never  would have known"

    15 Craigslist Statistics you never  would have known

    1. Number of countries that have a local Craigslist site 70
    2. Number of Craigslist daily queries worldwide 50,000,000
    3. Number of Classifieds ads posted at Craiglist : 80 million
    4. Total percentage of all Craigslist revenue that comes from adult service ads 33 %
    5. Number of new classified ads that are published on Craiglist every month 40 million
    6. Number of used car ads viewed on Craigslist 9.2 million
    7. Number of page views Craigslist gets every month 20 billion
    8. Number of Americans who use Craigslist each year 50 million
    9. Monthly user postings at Craiglist  discussion forums: 200 million
    10. Number of job listings posted to Craigslist each month 1 million
    11. Percent of Craigslist owned by Ebay 25 %
    12. Americans that visit craiglist every month :60million
    13. Number of language supported by Craiglist : 13
    14. The number of job ads out of 100million classifieds : 2million
    source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Craigslist Research Date: July 1st, 2015

    July 26, 2015

    Follow the brand : The lesser known 10 facts about ebay

    " 10 facts about eBay"

    The above Chart shows top 10 detailed statistics about Ebay 

     eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, Originally, the site belonged to Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar's consulting firm.When had tried to register the domain name, he found it already taken by the Echo Bay Mines, a gold mining company so he shortened it to his second choice,

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    July 12, 2015

    5 most visited online presentation sharing websites ranked by country share

    These are the  top 5  online presentation sharing  websites ranked by the  alexa traffic along with their country market share according to Alexa

    Slideshare which is now a part of Linkedin is clearly the most popular presentation and document platform  which ranks no 1 with  alexa rank of  144. Slideshare is very popular in India with 22% market share  followed by US  and Brazil with 9 and 5% use slideshare as a presentation document platform

    Doctoc ranks no 2  as the most visited presentation platform with with alexa rank of     366. The site is extremely popular in India with 44% share, followed by US, Indonesia and Pakistan where it commands 16%, 4% and 2% market share.

    Scribd is ranked no 3 with alexa rank of 432 and is ranked 3rd after doctoc with a alexa rank within 500.The site has its most users from India and US with 15% an 13 respectively.Scribd is quite popular with Indonesian users  with 11% market share ranks no 4 with alexa rank of  534. Issuu's  20% traffic comes from  users in India . US users too use this site often with 15%  share .Brazil and Spain ranks 3rd and 4th with 5% and 4% respectively

    Prezi  is ranked no 5 with an alexa rank of 1126 and the site is  quite popular in United States with a share of 22% using the presentation platform of Prezi. Mexico and India ranks no 2 and 3 respectively with 8% and 5% respectively

    Calameo is ranked no 6 with an alexa of 3880. The site is quite frequently used in France where 26% users are based. Indians use this website  actively as well wit 16% market share . Algeria and Venezuela ranks no 3 and 4 with 6% and 5% share respectively 

    June 20, 2015

    real estate construction solution : most rated 10 software solutions

    most popular 10 Construction Management Softwares rated by users

    The list shows the  most populal real estate construction softwares solutions . The rates has been done across 4 areas 1) the number of customers the software has been installed 2) The size of the client installations  3) social media following 4) Pure satisfaction rating and reviews by users
    Newforma ,Viewpoint  and RIBMC2 ranks among the first 3 real estate construction software solutions  

    June 18, 2015

    rating the top 10 preventive maintenance software solutions : infographic

    "rating  maintenance softwares"

    facility dude, Manager plus and Corrigo among top 5 best maintenance softwares"

    " the top 5 list of maintenance softwares "

    Presenting the list of  the best  software for maintenance both routine and preventive  There is no one software that fits one and all organizations,  Lacking the  no one fit size approach, makes it all the more challenging for big  enterprises " that are engaged across diverse processes.

     Softwares that are based on the cloud ( web based ) are much in demand   and preferred for obvious reasons.A powerful web-based  maintenance  software needs to have plenty of functional features based on the task intended to achieve.The ideal maintenance software solutions should  have   multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management and both routine, preventative and general  maintenance. The software should support most commonly used  platforms,scalability and seamless integration

    Among the top 10 are 

    1. ManagerPlu
    2. FacilityDude
    3. emaint 
    4. Facliworks
    5. Corrigo
    6. Microman
    7. Maintenance pro
    8. Maintenance Connection
    9. Manager PLus
    10. Q Ware