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February 9, 2016

looking for websites to list your startups : dont miss these 25 sites

  1. GetApp – Basic listing is free. But you can upgrade for a paid listing for more leads.
  2. App Storm: lets you list by address and vertical
  3. AlternativeTo – Get yourself listed as an alternative to your competitor
  4. Listly – Find a relevant list and submit your startup.
  5. AppVita – mail to [email protected] to be included.
  6. TechCrunch – Massive exposure if you get published
  7. CrunchBase: one of the best..a must have
  8. Mashable – Another site to get massive exposure
  9. Capterra – Great marketplace where you can find customers
  10. AngelList – Exposure, Fundraising and Recruitment
  11. The Startup Pitch – High quality startups get published.
  12. Entrepreneurs Community – A Google+ community with 40,000+ members
  13. The Startup Project – Easy submission plus good interviews.
  14. Crozdesk – Directory for web apps and start-up tools.
  15. On The App – Web applications only.
  16. Killer Startups – Free submission has around 5% chance of getting published.
  17. App Coral – App and tools discovery tool
  18. Startup Videos – Another site to upload your start-up videos
  19. Web Dev 2.0 – Web based apps only.
  20. Feed My App – Web and mobile apps only.
  21. Next Big What: list your start up for free
  22. Addictive Tips: admin review
  23. Startup Bird: Post by category
  24. Startup Tabs – good concept if you’re into start-ups..
  25. Hacker News -great exposure if your post is allowed once submitted 

September 1, 2015

foreign born richest self made women in the US: top 15 list

every  3 out of 10 women in US who has made  it big in Business are immigrants. in US Nearly a third out of america’s top 50  riches self made  woman  were born abroad. However they made there fortune moving out of their country and in the United states Year in which it was  Founded 

"foreign born  richest self made women in the US: top 15 list"


  1. NAME  :                   NET WORTH                  HOME COUNTRY
  2. Jin Sook Chang           $3.03b                             South Korea
  3. Peggy Cherng              $1.05b                              Burma
  4. Neerja Sethi                 $1.1b                                 India
  5. Thai Lee                       $1.1b                                 South Korea
  6. Oren Ezmen                $900m                                Turkey
  7. Chriestel  Dehaan        $900m                                Germany
  8. Weli Dai                       $720m                                China
  9. Safra Catiz                  $ 520m                                Israel
  10. Jane Hsio                    $510m                                 Taiwan
  11. Jayashree Ullal            $470m                                 UK
  12. Diane Von Fursten       $450m                                Belgium
  13. Sonia Gardner             $380m                                 Morocco
  14. Sachiko Kuno              $330m                                 Japan       


July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015

Job Openings in the top 10 best companies to work for

The best companies to work for : top brands, their employee strengths and number of job openings"

The best companies to work for : top brands, their employee strengths and number of job openings. Know more after the jump

This years ranking of the top 100 best companies to work for  has 16 new comers  including Twitter , Acuity ,Workday, Nationwide and Hilti and one returnee after 18 tears of absence : outdoor retailer  LL Bean . What does it take to create the best company to work for ? Apart from everything else.. The true measure of a company is how well they  treat their lowest paid employees . Also covered are the job openings across these top 100 companies as confirmed  and verified by the HR during the Fortune research survey .

These Job openings  in top 100 best companies to work for are as on  july,2015

1) The number 1 best company to work for is Google
a)Number of employees : 44,862
b) Number of job openings : 2500

2) The number 2 best companies to work for: Boston Consulting group 
a) Number of employees : 2701
b)What makes them great : One of the biggest  allures of working at BCG is  the ability to take social impact leave of  absence from 3 months to 12 months
c)Job Openings: 1000

3)The number 3 best companies to work for is Acuity
aNumber of employees : 1093
a)Number of job openings :150

4) The number 4 best companies to work for is SaaS Institute
a)Number of employees:6647
b)Number of openings: 350

5)The number 5 best companies to work for is  Robert W Baird
a)Number of employees :2822
Number of job openings

6)The number 6  best companies to work  is Edward jones
a)Number of employees: 37,164
b)Number of job openings:4874

7) The number 7 in the best companies to work for is Wegman’s Food Market
a)Number of Employees: 43,211
b) Number of job openings:1900

8)The number 8 in best companies to work for  : Salesforce
a) Number of employees :10,146
b) Number of job openings:946

9)The number 9 in the best companies to work for is genetech
a) Number of employees :12,895
b)Job Openings: 993

10)The number 10 best companies to work for is Camden Property Trust
a)Number of employees :1746
b)Number of job openings: 72

100 years of coco cola :20 interesting facts and statisics

" the making of coke"

The making of 100 years of Coco Cola

Read more about the  timeline of 100 years of coke and amazing 15 statistics below

"Cokes' 100 years of amazing growth"

Coca-Cola  was the first to introduces 100% recyclable bottle with 30% renewable material

  1. Coke was Founded  in 1886 by pharmacist John Stith  in Georgia 
  2.  The first Coca-Cola  was bottled in 1899
  3. The coke bottling rights was sold  by President Asa Candler  for $1. 
  4.  The  top  5 brands by volume are 
  5. a) Coca-Cola 
  6. b) Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light  
  7. c)Coca-Cola Zero 
  8. d) Fanta  
  9. 3)Capri-Sun    
  10.  Number of worldwide Coke employees :        146,200 
  11. Percent of the world’that recognize the Coca-Cola logo:   96 %
  12.  Total number of Coca-Cola products : 3,500
  13. Coke’s Market share in US:   42% 
  14. Percentage  of ‘ global beverages market  which coke forms a part :   26% 
  15.  Number of coke bottles sold each day : 1.8 billion 
  16. Number of coke bottles sold its first year   : 25 
  17. Number of worldwide Coke bottling companies: 275 
  18.  Amount you would have earned if you sold a single coke share in 2015:   $92,500
  19. Number of Coca-Cola brand drinks that are consumed each second  :10,450
  20. Coca-Cola was the 1st  commercial product to appear on  Time in  : 1950
  21.  The Coca-Cola bottle turns 100.this year in 2015

July 28, 2015

10 statistics on How Linkedin struck gold and disrupted the hiring industry

Linkedin was launched on 5th May, 2003 by Reid Hoffman and 5 team members. Click here to see complete linkedin stats

10 statistics on How Linkedin  struck gold and disrupted the hiring industry "

The  science of  the making of Linkedin : How to win friends and influence employers 

  1. Linkedin users (%)  with more than 500 connections:                           41
  2.  LinkedIn  membership after one year of operations :               4,500 
  3. Number of Languages which Linkedin Supports:                           24 
  4. Number of Employees which works at Linkedin :                      7,600 
  5. Total number of LinkedIn users :                                                313,000,000 
  6. Number of monthly unique visitors to LinkedIn:                     87,000,000
  7.  Professional  hired via  ads on  LinkedIn:                                   35,522,000 
  8.  interviews  received from Linkedin :                                           122,070,000
  9. Number of  linkedin account is created   seconds:                                1
  10. Number of full time employees in Linkedin:                                    7600 
  11. Cost of  Linkedin stock  per share at its IPO debut :                          $45 
  12. Cost of Linkedin Share after the first day of trading :                        $94 (109%
  13. Linkedin  revenues from non US Countries in percentage                30%
  14. Percentage of Linkedin Subscribers who are paid members:           16%
  15. The increase in percentage of Linkedin company created pages:              33%
source :Forbes/wiki/linkedin annual report

Hulu’s 10 streaming video statistics which you would never have known

Hulu is stealing the thunder from its nearest rivals Netflix &Amazon below to know more

"most viewed program in Hulu"

The Most watched Hulu VOD  Shows

"The 10 important facts on Hulu"

Hulu’s users average age is 39 years, and the company  has  488 content partners

Here are the top 10 most interesting Hulu facts that have changed the streaming video industry .All the below data are as of  June,2015

  1. Number of paying Hulu subscribers 4 million ,
  2. Number of Hulu video views in the past year 457 million
  3.  Average number of videos a Hulu watcher views 12 
  4.  Smartphone owners who downloaded TV and  video on demand : 15%
  5.  Hulu makes up 8.2% of black viewers online video time 
  6. Number of ad impressions per  month: $1.44 billion
  7. Number of video ads per user Hulu delivers in a month: 43
  8. Amount Hulu earned or half an hour of broadcast TV;$0.216
  9. Hulu users who only  watch television shows 73 %
  10. Percent of people who use Hulu to watch movies 9 %
  11. Total number of people who watched Hulu at least once in the past year 38 million 
  12. Growth percentage of Hulu  from 2010 to 2011 :  60 %
  13. Hulu’s ad service is 2 times more effective as TV ads 
  14. Total revenue made in 2011 by Hulu $420 million 32
  15. US households  who subscribe to Hulu : 9% vs 19% for Netflix
  16. Hulu’s ad-selector model  increases a 33% lift in call to action compared to pre roll ads

July 27, 2015

10 interesting statistics on howTumblr is set to end Facebook domination

10 interesting and mind boggling statistics on how  Tumblr is giving Facebook the jitters

"Tumblr Overtakes Instagram As Fastest-Growing Social Platform,"

According to a recent brand measuring research company Tumblr was the only network to occupy nearly as much of its users’ time as Facebook (respectively, 50.6 vs. 51 minutes daily) for individuals between the ages of 18 and 29.

"The rising of Tumblr: the next facebook"

lesser known facts on Tumble :Tumblr Statistics Data ( This data is updated till July 1st,2015

Very few of us know that  Tumblr’s , founder and CEO  David Karp who is worth more than $300m have not completed his high school. Karp left Bronx Science high school when he was 19..
  1. Tumblr  was bough over by Yahoo for $1.1billion in May,2013
  2. Total Blogs hosted by Tumblr :243.3
  3. Total number of Tumblr users  :425,000,000
  4. Total number of Tumblr blogs  :219,000,000 
  5. Annual Tumblr Revenue           :$85,000,000 
  6. New Sign ups in Tumblr  daily  :120,000 
  7. Total number of Tumblr posts until now : 101,000,000,000
  8.  Number of average monthly Tumblr visitors       :199,100,000
  9. Tumblr’s active user base in the last six months( jan 2015 to july ) grew by 120 percent Facebook in contrast grew by 1%( source 🙂
  10. Tumblr’s growth in mobile apps downloads  during jan-july,2015 : 22%
  11. Teens using  Tumblr on their mobile device    : 28 %
  12. Average length of a Tumblr  user  :            14 minutes 
  13. 35% users who visit Tumblr regularly has an annual  income of  atleast $35,00 
  14. In 2011  content sharing from Tumblr to other sites  increased by 1299%:
  15.  Tumblr visitors under who is between 21-35 : 66% 
research data : techrunch/guardian/wiki

Interesting 10 facts on Barnes and Nobles you hardly knew

"top 10 facts on barnes and nobles"

  •  Barnes & Noble originated in 1886 with a bookstore called Arthur Hinds & Company,
  • Number of Barnes and Nobles stores in 2014 : 661  . 
  • The Company  employs around   34,000 full and part time employees as of May 3, 2014.  
  •  Barnes & Noble stores range in size from 3,000 to 60,000 square feet  size, with an overall average store size of 26,000 square feet .
  •          source : barnes and nobles annual report : 2011-2014

    June 3, 2015

    Financial accounting software reviews: Top 10 most popular

    Capterra’s review of the top 20 most popular financial accounting software has thrown up the most popular lists of  financial accounting software’s. These have been ranked and reviewed  based on (a) number of customer,  (b)size of their business ( SMB or  Enterprise) along with the social media standing.

    Based on the above factors  Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Oracle financials rank among the top 3 . Meanwhile Wave, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage make up number 4 to 6. spot.Lastly Xero, SAP and Kashoo  takes the 7th,8th,9th and 10th place respectively.

    June 2, 2015

    SaaS based digital Campaign automation solutions: top 10 list

    This fantastic infographic from Capterra shows the top 10 marketing automation companies ranked by actual users and customers along with their following across social media based on Facebook fans, Tweets and Linkedin followers

    These top 10 SaaS based marketing automation software has been ranked by capterra based on their customer base, social media influence and by the size of their customer base ( SMB or Enterprise). 1)Infusionsoft 2)Hubspot 3)Vocus 4)Eloqua 5) Terradata 6)Marketo 7)Integrate 8)Simplecast 9)Acton and Ontraport

    June 18, 2011

    Best Places to Work in Australia

    1 NetApp Australia
    146 employees
    Industry: Information Technology – Storage/Data Management
    Ownership: Publicly quoted/held
    2 Diageo Australia
    560 employees
    Industry: Manufacturing & Production – Food products
    Ownership: Publicly quoted/held
    3 OBS
    125 employees
    Industry: Information Technology
    Ownership: Private
    4 Google Australia
    350 employees
    Industry: Media – Online Internet Services
    Ownership: Private
    5 Sentis
    60 employees
    Industry: Education & Training
    Ownership: Private
    6 The LiTMUS Group
    65 employees
    Industry: Professional Services – Consulting – Management
    Ownership: Private
    7 E-Web Marketing
    34 employees
    Industry: Media – Online Internet Services
    Ownership: Private
    8 Manidis Roberts
    126 employees
    Industry: Professional Services – Consulting – Management
    Ownership: Private
    9 RedBalloon
    50 employees
    Industry: Retail
    Ownership: Private
    10 Lifebroker
    45 employees
    Industry: Financial Services & Insurance – Life Insurance
    Ownership: Private

    Work™ Institute, Australia and published by BRW, Australia’s leading business magazine on June 24th, 2010.

    April 27, 2011

    Online Adnetworks Usage Trends: The Top 20 List

    Adnetworks Usage by Publishers: Top 20 Lists