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August 30, 2015

5c smartwatches having the best battery lives

the best cities to work for for marketing and sales professionals

California, Pennsylvania and New York are the top 3 states which pays the highest salaried to sales and marketing professionals.
Highest Paying Locations for Marketing Managers | StartClass

The above chart shows the best locations for sales and marketing employees” who are most likely to get more than average compensation” as compared to other cities in US source :

the most popular emarketing automation tools for IT Enterprises


   What you did not about Bain Capital : know these 10 trivia facts  and how  the company is incubating several start up companies

They list of top 20 bains investment"

Bain Capital

  1. Year in which it was  Founded :1973, 
  2. Number of full time employees : 900+
  3. Investor capital  Bain manages  as of date : :$75billion
  4.  Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by Bain & Company partners Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss, 
  5.  Bain Cap specialises in : private equity, venture capital, credit products 
  6. Investments  across industries :Bain Capital invests across a range of industry sectors and geographic regions. 
  7. Bains Total Assets: $66,000,000,000 
  8. Initial Investment Funding Raised $37,000,000
  9. Earliest Bain’s investment : earliest and most notable venture investments was  “Staples, Inc., the office supply retailer. 
  10. Bains  acquisitions and investments : Along with Thomas H. Lee Partners, acquired Experian, the consumer credit reporting business of TRW Inc., in 1996 for more than $1 billion.

August 28, 2015

comparing the market cap of internet companies: 1995 vs 2015


  1. Year in which it was  Founded :1973, 

October 16, 2014

Digital Advertising Report : 2014


The increasing digitization of marketing, retail sales and FMCG has completely changed the way we used marketing.  as one of our core  brand building strategy .While the digital economy has changed the way we use to market. What has not changed are the basic principles of marketing . Identify a need, try to see of any other business  are trying to t address it if yes… can you do better than them ? What are those value drivers you can bring which other cant ?

Digital marketing  has enabled us to help decide which part of our marketing dollars are effective. and what are those touch points  where we can engage them better , by Geo targeting , video marketing or a  “optimize the landing page  landing page ur marketry out changed fundamentally not changed the way we used to market, except that ” it has forever changed the way we shop , led by the mobile revolution

August 30, 2014

The Biggest Blockbuster iPhone Quarters since its launch : 2007 -2014,volumes grew 8 times since 2007

Statistic: Global Apple iPhone sales from 3rd quarter 2007 to 3rd quarter 2014 (in million units) | Statista

The Biggest iPhone sales Curve:When did Apple sell the highest number of iPhones

During the last  7years of  iPhones existenceNotice the importance of the quarters Q1 2012 , Q1 2013 and Q1, 2014 . These were Apple’s biggest iPhone sales blockbusters  quarters  which saw highest sales volume .These 3 quarters was among the top quarters in the last seven years,when its sales were highest .

If you compare the  skyscrapers in the  above chart in  the 7 years ” of iphone sales .. the volume of iphones sold during its first year and second year ( 2007 and 2008 ) have grown 8 times in a 7 year span …( 2013 AND 2014) 

Sales of the iPhone have risen strongly over the years, from around 1.4 million iPhones sold in 2007 to more than 150 million units worldwide in 2013. In total, Apple has sold more than 400 million new iPhones from 2007 to 2013 all around the world. From 2010 to 2013, Apple has held a market share between 13 and 23 percent within the new smartphone sales segment worldwide

May 23, 2012

Social Media Best Practices : Lessons from HBO

Here are some insights from Trendrr on  how  HBO has been using social media and how TV is beginning  to go social

HBO Success with Social Engagement
Daily activity dwarfed on-air activity 208,601 to 23,596.
54% of viewers preferred to tweet from their phones, while 46% did from the web.
66% of activity came from women
NYC, LA, and Chicago were the top three markets buzzing about the show
The series’ promoted trend, #MistakesGirlsMake, encouraged fans to coalesce around the show and helped make it a Social TV success.
The premiere’s ratings were modest for HBO: 1.1 million viewers across two airings.

Source: via Sumit on Pinterest

December 12, 2011

2011 Top Trending Topics at Twitter :

What the Trend
(now a HootSuite company) analyzed over 207,518 hashtags to identify the top trending topics of 2011. Along with the big list comes a handful of more focused categories including movies, TV shows and news events. They’ve whipped up the handy infographic below for your year-end reflection on the vox populi.