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December 13, 2015

Youtube ,Snapchat replaces Facebook as US teens favorite social destination

A new study by Forrester Research found that just 65 percent of U.S. online users between the ages of 12 and 17 consider Facebook to be cool—ahead of Tumblr (62 percent), Pinterest (58 percent) and Google+ (55 percent), but lagging behind YouTube (80 percent), Snapchat (79 percent), Instagram (78 percent), Vine (72 percent), Twitter (69 percent) and WhatsApp (67 percent).

However, Forrester found that more than 60 percent of respondents use Facebook the most of all social networks, with more than one-third saying they are on it “all the time.”

July 27, 2015

10 interesting statistics on howTumblr is set to end Facebook domination

10 interesting and mind boggling statistics on how  Tumblr is giving Facebook the jitters

"Tumblr Overtakes Instagram As Fastest-Growing Social Platform,"

According to a recent brand measuring research company Tumblr was the only network to occupy nearly as much of its users’ time as Facebook (respectively, 50.6 vs. 51 minutes daily) for individuals between the ages of 18 and 29.

"The rising of Tumblr: the next facebook"

lesser known facts on Tumble :Tumblr Statistics Data ( This data is updated till July 1st,2015

Very few of us know that  Tumblr’s , founder and CEO  David Karp who is worth more than $300m have not completed his high school. Karp left Bronx Science high school when he was 19..
  1. Tumblr  was bough over by Yahoo for $1.1billion in May,2013
  2. Total Blogs hosted by Tumblr :243.3
  3. Total number of Tumblr users  :425,000,000
  4. Total number of Tumblr blogs  :219,000,000 
  5. Annual Tumblr Revenue           :$85,000,000 
  6. New Sign ups in Tumblr  daily  :120,000 
  7. Total number of Tumblr posts until now : 101,000,000,000
  8.  Number of average monthly Tumblr visitors       :199,100,000
  9. Tumblr’s active user base in the last six months( jan 2015 to july ) grew by 120 percent Facebook in contrast grew by 1%( source 🙂
  10. Tumblr’s growth in mobile apps downloads  during jan-july,2015 : 22%
  11. Teens using  Tumblr on their mobile device    : 28 %
  12. Average length of a Tumblr  user  :            14 minutes 
  13. 35% users who visit Tumblr regularly has an annual  income of  atleast $35,00 
  14. In 2011  content sharing from Tumblr to other sites  increased by 1299%:
  15.  Tumblr visitors under who is between 21-35 : 66% 
research data : techrunch/guardian/wiki

July 9, 2015

compete and alexa ranks top 15 social networking sites this year

"top 10 most visited social websites"

" social networking sites with highest visitors  ranking"

" top 15 social networking sites in 2015"
data/source :ebizmba

Alexa and Compete published their list of most trafficked  social web sites  this year . Social networking sites led by Facebook and Twitter rules the  social box office with  compete ranking it 3 and Alexa ranking in 2. Alexa ranks websites in terms of web traffic, as a result the lower the alexa rank, the higher the traffic and vice versa.  Compete is a similar tool which ranks web sites  as per unique visitors.
Twitter and Linkedin make the number 2 and 3  most frequented social networks with a compete ranking it  21 and Alexa ranking it 7. Linkedin ranks  25 in compete and 9 in Alexa

June 7, 2015

Facebook and Whatsapp active users exceed 2.5billion and counting

"As of January 2015, there are 829 million active QQ accounts, with a peak of 176.4 million simultaneous online QQ users"

Latest Social Media usage and statistics around the world

The above chart shows the latest social media users across the world. Facebook  continues to top global social media usage with 1.5 billion active users and is miles ahead of its nearest competitor QQ.Chinese  based Tencent holdings owned QQ is ranked no 2 with  829 million active users  with a peak of 176.4 million simultaneous online .

Whatsap with over 700 million users is ranked 3rd while Facebook’s messenger  service with 500million + users is ranked 5th. Linkedin and Skype  ranks 7th and 8th with  347 and 300 million users .Google plus and Instagram takes the 9th  rank with  both standing at 300million users. Twitter ranks 12th with 288million active users

Facebook  with its messenger service along with whatsapp together exceed 2.5billion active users 

February 27, 2015

US Most Visited Top 10 Multi Platform Social networks : Google + inches ahead of Twitter

chart of the day
The above chart  shows data on the top 10 most visited social networks in US  across cross platform devices including browser-based visits across personal computers, tablets and mobile phones
Facebook forms 55.2% of all visits to social media websites in US,followed by Youtube with 20.7% Americans logging in via their smartphones, Tablets or PC/Desktops 

Suprisingly Twitter  is loosing out to Google Plus in terms of online visits as  Google + 4% share  to twitters 2.52% visits. QA Community site Yahoo Answers is visited more than Linkedin( 1.45% vs 1.38%), followed by Pinterest 1.12%


June 3, 2013

Why Tumblr will Rewrite Yahoo’s History

The combination of Tumblr + Yahoo! is expected to grow Yahoo’s audience by 50% to more than a billion monthly visitors, and to grow traffic by ~20%.
Similar to Instagram, what many seem to miss is that Tumblr isn’t just a blogging or content platform that thrives online and ports extremely well to mobile, it is a bona fide social network.

Yahoo sees this acquisition to power its web 3.0 users who are Mobile savvy, well aware of current trends on Technology news and  Entertainment. Before this Acquisition Yahoo was and ( will continue ) to be seen as a web1.0 company “and also ran technology start up”

The Basic difference among Yahoo , Google, Facebook  and Twitter is its engagement ecosystem. Users once connected tend to stay there interact and engage setting up a viral marketing mechanism. The  Famed Google Algorithms today powers Google Plus, Google Adsense as well as the Google Adwords program and Blogger…While Google has straddled a complex mix of users partners and cocreators  and advertisers where its virtually owns the products along with the entire network of distributors ( Adsense/Adwords/Blogger/Video/Image/Maps and a web mail along with several others (products which are  often discontinued  in the name of consumer feedback..)..

Similarly Facebook and Twitter  straddles a entire product ecosystem where users stay connected and real time…

Comparatively Yahoo failed in selling its core Proposition”  By trying to do too many things at the cost of nothing new ,and not to mention the musical chairs of CEO coming and trying to give a direction of their own without  idea of a roadmap where the Company would like to go
What Yahoo lacked was  getting their 3C’s right Consumption, Cocreation and Curation. The 3C which is so essential to connect with online users…
Tumblr will help Yahoo get the 3C’s right (hopefully this time) Marissa Mayer knows this.. and Tumblr acquisition this might   the start of the New Yahoo . If anyone can change Yahoo its their current  CEO .. 

March 8, 2013

Coming Soon :Tumblr set to launch Mobile Advertising


 As of March 2, 2013, Tumblr has over 96 million blogs. According to comScore, it scored 13.4 million unique visitors in the United States alone in July 2011—up 218% from July 2010.

Mobile Ads Coming to Tumblr: It’s been a little more than a year since Tumblr began allowing users — both individuals and large-scale advertisers — to promote their content on the network for as little as $1 a post. Now, Tumblr is bringing those ads to mobile as it eyes its first annual profit.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Derek Gottfrid, vice president of product at Tumblr, said that companies will be able to start promoting their blogs as well as individual posts on Tumblr’s apps for iOS and Android within the first half of the year. After running internal tests, Tumblr is now seeking out launch partners for the new products.

During an interaction with  Mashable  recently, Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp said he expects mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic by early next year at the latest. “We’re seeing three times the growth on mobile versus desktop,” he said.

The foray into mobile advertising should help six-year-old Tumblr, which has a monthly audience of more than 170 million, turn a profit for the first time this year, Lee Brown, head of sales at Tumblr, told Bloomberg. The average ad buy on Tumblr is currently “just under six figures,
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