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May 4, 2015

5 most effective consumer purchase influencers

" 5 most effective metrics in judging consumer influencers"
How do marketers convince consumers that they indeed have got the best deal .. well its still the old  way of   influencing consumers that matters. WOW word of mouth has the biggest impact  on consumer purchases decisions and  continues to outperform all paid media, finds Deloitte in recently-released survey results [pdf], which show 8 in 10 Americans aged 14+ saying recommendations have a medium (43%) or high (38%) influence on their purchase decisions. But among paid media, TV still commands the broadest degree of influence, cited by almost two-thirds of respondents.

May 2, 2015

total media vs mobile and digital media consumption in singapore:

Singapore media consumption by devices from Sumit Roy

This data  shows the media consumption in Singapore (data provided by Inmobi mobile ad networks”InMobi’s Mobile Media Consumption Study) and shows  total media consumption in Singapore  on an average day.Singapore total media usage  is broken down by  TV, print, radio mobile (smartphones)and tablets including spending time online which is compared to TV, radio print and other media ..Online media tops as the number 1 most viewed medium with 115 mins, whereas mobile usage in singapore  tops as the number 2 with users spending 110 mins on their smartphones along with  53 mins on their tablets In total about 45% media is consumed by the 3 devices in about 8 hours media usage  in Singapore  on an average day . TV is ranked 3rd with users spending 90 mins on the medium

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mobile and web constitutes 25% of media time in UK

50%  and above UK  users use mobile and smartphones, out of 8.6 hours of total media time  with mobile usage  accounting for almost 2 hours and online usage of 1:45 hours.UK users however tops TV  usage with more  than 2.5 hours spent on the medium

Mobile usage by activities

23%  mobile users in UK users play games with 21% social media  are active on social media. 12% use emails and 8% engage in mobile shopping

June 3, 2012

3 Reasons why Television Industry on its last Legs

Is the ” State of 
Television”    on its last legs standing ?  After ” having  ended the the Newspaper Business, is the internet going to obliterate Television ? 
The chart above published at Business Insider  lays out the problem: After a century of growth, the New York Times’s news business peaked earlier this decade with just over $3 billion in revenue and $500 million of operating profit. In the years since, however, the company’s revenue (blue line) and operating profit (green banrs) have begun to shrink.

The greatest Folly of the Newspaper Industry was that it paid no heed on the ” writing on the wall” and  the print Barons   failed to realized how” users  are moving towards the web..   .. But for almost a whole decade, the newspaper industry barely noticed.
Subscriptions kept going up.Ads kept going until they realised that ” the party was about to end”  So is the same thing going to happen to the TV ?.
So  how soon are we going to write an obituary for Television.  Businessinser cites 4 reasons why this may end up the same way
Reason No 1: Television shows Broadcasts have come down drastically    (with the very notable exception of live sports)News today  is consumed via the Internet, and less via TV or Print.

Reason No 2 :Users are increasingly watching TV and movie content, but always on demand and almost never with ads ( used to watching shows via Netflix or iTunes or HBO that ads now seem like bizarre intrusions)

  •  Today ” Consumer  are awash with ” three to four Mobile Screens” which is watch TV and movie content on 4 different screens, depending on which is convenient (TV, laptops, phones, iPad)

  • May 23, 2012

    Social Media Best Practices : Lessons from HBO

    Here are some insights from Trendrr on  how  HBO has been using social media and how TV is beginning  to go social

    HBO Success with Social Engagement
    Daily activity dwarfed on-air activity 208,601 to 23,596.
    54% of viewers preferred to tweet from their phones, while 46% did from the web.
    66% of activity came from women
    NYC, LA, and Chicago were the top three markets buzzing about the show
    The series’ promoted trend, #MistakesGirlsMake, encouraged fans to coalesce around the show and helped make it a Social TV success.
    The premiere’s ratings were modest for HBO: 1.1 million viewers across two airings.

    Source: via Sumit on Pinterest

    The Social TV Ecosystem: The Top 10 Start ups

    A Snapshot of the Exploding Social-TV Ecosystem | Social TV and Trending Topics: What’s Hot Right Now – Advertising Age:  According to Mark Ghuneim, founder and CEO of Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm  research is showing that social activity (including tweets, Facebook updates and check-ins) surrounding broadcast prime-time TV increased by 194% from April 2011 to April 2012 — nearly quadrupling in volume.”

    Last year the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) broke records on both MTV and Twitter. At 10:35 p.m. ET, Beyonce’s live performance and baby bump reveal generated 8,868 tweets per second. Trendrr put together this infographic that breaks down the social TV aspect of the award show. The 2011 VMAsgenerated more than 5.5 million social media mentions on Sunday. The majority of those mentions were from Twitter.