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July 21, 2015

US Home insurance average premium payout by States

"US insurance and car insurance premium quotes by States"
source :Statistic Verification Source: Home Insurance LLC Research Date: 7.6.2014 

The above data shows the average Premiums paid by car insurers  in 2014 by  individual states.
A few of the states are missing due to lack of reliable and accurate data. Florida along with  Oklahoma residents pay the highest insurance with an average insurance payout of $2280 and $1572, followed by Louisiana  at third place with average  insurance  premium of  $1483
Meanwhile residents in the state of  Idaho( $405) and Utah($441) paid the least insurance premiums, followed by Oregon with $484  .

  1. California residents pay an average insurance premium of $ 795
  2. Connecticut  residents average insurance premiums payout is    $799
  3. Indiana Residents pays an average premium of  $781
  4. New Jersey residents  average insurance  annual premium is  $638
  5. North Carolina residents payout is  $631
  6. while South Carolina pays av average insurance premium of  $679

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