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November 9, 2015

Political Funding by American biggest Companies : Republicans vs Democrats

How much does corporate America provide funds as donations  to their political masters at Washington.? While both democrats and Republicans have their friends across silicon valley start ups as well across corporate America.This is the first time we have precise data on which are those corporations and how much do they donate to politicians of both sides of the divide FindTheCompany and InsideGov teamed up to analyze data from the Center for Responsive Politics to see where America’s biggest corporations stand.
Specifically the data in the chart shows the  political donations from 2002 to 2015, then color-coded the results in the chart below.

The chart show  totals include money from individual employees, company-owned political action committees and, in some cases, the treasury of the company itself. The chart does not include “dark money,” which is funneled through nonprofits that aren’t required to report key details publicly

The number 1 in the list Las Vegas sands donates 100% of their donations exclusively to the Conservatives ( Republicans). American Financial Group ,Walmart Stores, Exxon Mobile, Union Pacific Corp and Fedex are some of them who donate a substantial part of their political funding to the Republican Party.

The only exception in the list who has donated entire corporate political budget  to conservatives was Las Vegas Sands .Its the company that owns American casino and resort company that owns The Venetian and The Palazzo, among many other properties. Since 2002, Las Vegas Sands has contributed more money than any other public U.S. company, and 99 percent of that money has gone to Republicans and conservatives.(source )

November 8, 2015

top 5 US States that are home to the 10 fastest growing companies

10 companies that are growing fastest across the US States

Inc. Magazine has been releasing the Inc. 5000, a list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America since 1982.This years Inc 5000 ranked the states of Utah, Colorado, Virginia and Massachusetts as the top 3 consistent top performers on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list. The calculation us based on a basic three-year growth rate based on annual revenues. Brands like Toys “R” Us, 7 Eleven and Pandora have each been featured on the list since its inception in 1982.

October 31, 2015

Marco Rubio campaign contributions and donations

marco Rubio cumulative donations received for Republican party nominee"

"donations received from Republican party to Marco Rubio"

Marco Rubio first rose to elective office in 2000 and holds an elected position to this day. Rubio has served as an elected official for a total of 15 years and counting, which is exactly the average for 2016 presidential candidates. Of of  1st November he has raised $47,713,472

October 26, 2015

Top 10 US cities with highest pay vs highest number of jobs

Which US Cities has the biggest pay and highest career options

The above chart shows the changes in salaries across the last 15 years in US and how it has changed over the last few years

The charts above compares US cities whihc pays highest that any other US city vs US cities which provide the highest employment

July 26, 2015

how startups fund their business : top 5 source of funding

" top 5 ways of funding a start up"
What are the most common methods of raising fund for a start up ? How many actually get funding from a equity firm or Venture investors? How many of them actually self sponsor? and how many use home loan or credit card loan.

Believe it or not, around 60% of  start ups businesses use their lifetime saving s from their bank . Investment by venture capital accounts for only 0.04% of  new businesses ,while a huge 10% actually use their personal credit card with astronomical  rate of interest for starting their venture. Infact business loan from Government   rank higher , in the 5th place .Home equity loan and  credit card forms 15% of  ” how start ups invests in their business

source : U.S. Census Bureau Research Date: March 23rd, 2015
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July 25, 2015

US Angel Investment percentage by industry since 2010 onwards

Source: Center for Venture Research, US Small Business Administration, 
Angel Resource Institute, Angel Capital Education Foundation Research 

The chart shows the entire data on the total investment by equity fund managers and angel investors  across US from 2010 onwards
The chart breaks down investment by industry and  Average stage of the company that was receiving investment

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July 2, 2015

US digital buyers across the consumer internet space

This timeline displays a forecast of the number of U.S. digital buyers up to 2018, based on factual numbers from 2010 to 2013. In 2015, 169.1 million people in the United States are projected to buy goods and services online. Mobile shopping activities via smartphones and tablets contributed to the continued rise in online shopping.

May 14, 2015

These are the places where you can find the biggest internet addicts

" these are the countries where you can find the worlds internet addicts"

These are the nations where you can find the worlds greatest internet addicts

who spends the most of their waking time online . The above chart lists out the nations where you can find the most internet addicts.  Brazil takes the first rank with 71% of their users who can be found online  at least once every hour, Nigeria is no 2  with 66% of its users online atleast once a hour. South Africa  Russia and India  takes the 3rd, 4th and 5th spot 

how expensive have college education fees in united states become

' chart showing the cost of college education and tuition fees  in US"

This chart is an indicator of  the rise of college education fees in US 

The list  of US Universities  and their cost of  tuition fees is indicated above.Using data from The College Board compiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this chart shows the list of  colleges  (both  the public and private schools) where the cost of tuition has shot up the most over the last 15 years. This data also might explain why US student debt, currently at about $1 trillion, keeps growing. 
(In all of these charts, colleges are ranked by the largest increases in 2014 US dollars, after adjusting for inflation. ))

May 13, 2015

Chart of the day :US Airline Passenger growth story

" US airline passenger growth story"

US Airline Passenger growth reach record levels since 2008

the latest data from the US Department of Transportation show that, on a rolling basis (year-over-year), monthly air passenger numbers on all airlines in the US have officially surpassed record levels last seen before the Great Recession. rankings
Around 841 million people flew on US and foreign carriers in the US (on domestic and international flights) between September 2014 and a year earlier. That beats the peak reached between March 2007 and March 2008, then the highest level recorded.

May 11, 2015

Mega Corporation Alibaba’s entities compared with similar US companies

"Alibaba and its  US equivalent competitors"

Alibaba group compared with related US companies 

The chart shows  Alibaba group compared to other related US companies who are into similar business . Alibaba Chinese e-commerce giant,dwarfs its competitors with hundreds of millions of users, is bigger than eBay and Amazon combined. Alibaba  ha  2 big  distributees which are Taobao, a consumer-to-consumer marketplace launched to compete with eBay in China, and Taobao Mall (or Tmall), an Amazon-like marketplace which allows Chinese consumers to purchase directly from brands. Meanwhile  Juhuasuan, a groupon equivalent  is into deal buying .Launched by former English teacher Jack Ma in 1998, the company has grown exponentially, feeding the appetite of a growing consumer class in China for products from Nike sneakers to high-end jewelry not readily available in stores

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May 9, 2015

US States ranked by number of tech start ups readying for IPO

"US States with the highest number of technology companies about to launch an IPO"
Which US states top tech IPO Pipeline  

California, New York and Massachusetts  are among the tops 3 states ranked by the number of technology start ups with IPO pipleline.Home to silicon valley with the big and the brightest of technology and human minds California  is right on top  as the leading state home to over 315 tech start ups  who are readying for an imminent  IPO.New York  emerges as the second by a huge margin with 69 start ups,while Massachusetts is ranked no 3 with over 44 start ups readying for IPO stage ( chart :cbinsights)

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May 6, 2015

Mapping the online video growth in Europe vs North America

" growth of video  advertising across top 7 nations"
"the state of online video advertising"
In the past year, the share of impressions from video ad formats has increased over 5X, from 2.5% of all impressions in Q1 2014 to now just over 12.8% of impressions. According to data from mediaworks revenue from video has grown to become over 55% of revenue delivered to publishers.

April 29, 2015

Apple’s impressive Q1,2015 sees 38% profit growth, with 70% of its revenue coming from iphones

iphone  contributes to 70% apple revenue
Apple’s latest earning report for Q1,2015 shows “iPhone sales  have been growing at a ridiculous  high  rate , and iphones now accounts for around 70% or two-thirds of Apple’s revenue. Macs continue to grow at a respectable rate. However apple’s hold on iPads continue to weaken and take another sharp year-over-year tumble. Meanwhile apple grew its profit by over 38% and revenue by over 29% in Q1,2015  amidst notching up another impressive quarterly result.Apple broke quarterly records  in 2015, Q1 with $18 billion in profit and $74.6 billion in revenue, compared to $13.1 billion in profit and $57.6 billion in revenue in Q1 of 2014

April 28, 2015

Chart of the day : digital spending by region compared with overall media spends

online media spends as a part of total media spends  in North america, europe, asia and latin america

Chart depicting  Global digital ad spend as a part of overall total media spends across geographical regions 

The chart by emarketer shows  the patterns of  digital spending across  global marketplace  for the last 5 years  2011 to 2016 (projected). In 2015  with  28% share of digital media spending  Western Europe and North America both rank no 1  in the world. These regions are followed by Asia Pacific which ranks no 2 with approx 24% spends across the digital media  in 2015.Eastern Europe and  Latin America  with 21% and 13.4% spends across online  ranks 3rd and 4th respectively

April 23, 2015

how yahoo is starting to become increasingly irrelevant

"Yahoo is on the verge of biggest decline"

 The worlds first portal  Yahoo which  had the biggest user base  in the hey days of the internet  is in dire straits And  Marissa Mayer  has not been able to  even pause its rapid decline,although has managed to make Wall street happy .Marissa Mayer  has not shown her midas touch   which she was expected  to bring at Yahoo.
One of the  most important indicators of a websites relevance is the ratio of online users spend on the web versus the time it spends on your site. Although this is a relative metric as both the constants changes. However if you see the above chart. you will know why ” today’s internet users are slowly moving away from Yahoo,

April 22, 2015

which US cities have the highest number of HNI’s ( super richest): the story in charts

Statistic: Ultra-High-Net-Worth population in the U.S. in 2013, by city | Statista


New York is  truly home to the best and the brightest . The biggest movers and shakers across technology companies, manufacturing and services. No other states powers the US economy better than New York. Its not surprising at all to see NY having the highest super rich ( High Net Worth Individuals ) exceeding  8000..

The no 2 US state  having the highest (HNI ) is  shared by  Los Angeles and San Francisco   which are the cradle of the tech industry  with 4945 and 4840 HNI’s respectively .LA  has 105 more HNI’s compared to SF
The number 3 is  Washington with 2675 HNI’s followed by Chicago with 2665 super rich 
 Houston and Dallas with 2490 and 2240  rounds off the 4th and 5th position respectively

Atlanta, Seattle and Boston takes the  6th, 7th and 8th position  who has the highest number of  HNI’s in US 

, the cradle of the tech  industry wit 4,945 superich .

April 20, 2015

Billionaire Cities : Global cities which are home to the wealthiest

" Global cities  which are home to the  wealthiest "


These cities are homes to the richest and worlds wealthiest.New York has the highest  number of billionaires in the world : 78 in total and is the number one city home to wealthiest of all

 Moscow ranks no 2  with 68 billionaires. Hong Kong with 64 billionaires  completes the elite line up of the top 3  most wealthiest cities

London and   Beijing   ranks 4th and 5th with  46 and 45 billionaires respectively
Meanwhile US  tops the countries  with highest billionaires . New York , San Francisco and Sao Paolo , the 3 cities has  129 billionaires

April 8, 2015

US accounts 33% of global ad spends and 45% worldwide mobile spends

US accounts 33% of global ad spends and 45% worldwide mobile spends


 US  overall media ad spends in 2014  including digital and mobile comes to $178billion as against  Canada’s $15.5 billion. Compared to global  media spends of $546 billion. The US  accounts  for  33% of overall  spends on advertising globallu

 US   digital marketing spends in 2014 was  $50.7 billion, out of global ad spends of  $145billion The US accounted for 34% global  digital marketing spends. Meanwhile   Canada  online ad spends reached $3.61billion

US mobile ad spends  in 2014 was approx $19billion, in comparison to Canada’s $854million. Globally US accounted for 45% of total mobile  pends worldwide 

April 5, 2015