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July 21, 2016

funding clean technology start ups : 5 VC’s that funds upto $10million

These are Among the biggest early stage investors in United States across medical and healthcare Categorry

Rockfort Capital :based out of Boston and invests across advanced hydrocarbons, renewable energy,sustainability and smart grid technologies. It generally funds  start ups from 5$milion to $25million : contact  them
Hercules Capital :based out of  ElmHurst ,illinois provide seed, start up  as well as late stage funding. It has more than 20 start ups in its porfolio.Blurb, Tapjoy and Transmedics are among them.You can directly connect them here
CIT Gap Fund : based out of Virginia mainly invests across seed and early stage.It invests across Biotech, healthcare and life sciences  Among its portfolio. Funding size : $0.1million to $5million. Connect with them
Epic  Ventures :based out of Idaho, rexburg provides  seed and  early stage funding in the range of $1- $5milion.With a fund size of more than. $170million, its highest funding has been upto $5million. Connect with them
Redpoint Ventures based out of Menlo park, California: It provides early stage investments from $1million to $5million.With a huge $2.5billion fund size, it invests across consumer products, media, internet,technology. Connect with them
Healthcare VC Firms | FindTheCompany



July 2, 2016

new infusion of capital to venture funds falls off the cliff

While  Start up funding shows signs of decline, Investment infusion across several VC firms showed signs of  revival.
. According to Venture Pulse, the first quarter of 2016 saw US$25.5 billion invested across 1,829 deals, marking the second-straight quarter in which investors dialed back VC funding and activity.  

" list of VC firms with new infusion of capital"

VC  Capital Infusion since the last one year

VC  which received fresh fund infusion  by regions

The scramble to find the next Unicorn saw investors open their checkbooks for mega-rounds throughout most of 2015. However, these $100M+ equity financings remain depressed after falling off a cliff in Q4’15, with all major markets trending flat at best. Q1’16 saw $8.7B invested across 37 such deals, compared to $11.5B over 40 deals last quarter.


June 20, 2016

10 wearable start ups with highest vc funding sitting on the biggest cash pile

The first quarter of 2016 saw $1.4 billion in venture capital funding and the most merger and acquisitions transactions in a single quarter to date. The biggest VC investment in 2016 , has been so far   on  Healthcare wearables and technology vertical .According to  Mercom capital   the first 6 months  in 2016  has seen  VC’s  landing up with war chests  of $260million  to lap up   the most promising investments across wearables technology

The growth of wearables  started gaining traction since 2009  as funding to wearables startups surpassed $2.2B across the past five years, accrued over 195 deals.

" top 10 biggest wearable brands with highest VC funding"

Jawbone, at $614M raised, is the most well-funded private wearables company. amongAmong i (Jawbone took on $300M in debt financing in April 2015).Andreessen Horowitz, Atomico Black Rock, Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments ,Firsthand Technology Value Fund   are among  those who have invested in jawbone

The most active VC   money that has been chasing the wearables sector   happens to  be  Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures.Among the biggest VC funding  across wearable technology  was  last years  $542M Series B raised by Magic Leap, Florida-based developer of head-mounted augmented reality displays. Magic Leap raised capital in that round from a wide range of investors including smart money VCs Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

VC interest in this sector  has been across 4 areas 
1)  Health and fitness bands:
2)Smart Watches and jewelry:
3)Smart apparel: OMsignal (smart workout apparel).
4)medical devices( mistfit wearables)


June 19, 2016

June 16, 2016

saas based performance monitoring platform logicmonitor raises $130million

Software company LogicMonitor has raised $130 million, marking its largest funding round for setting up the California company for an Asia expansion. LogicMonitor, a software-as-a-service, or SaaS, company that helps businesses monitor their data centers and flag possible problems, raised $130 million from Providence Strategic Growth, an investment arm of Providence Equity Partners, the company said in an interview. Prior to this funding, LogicMonitor, founded in 2007, had raised $21 million, a relatively small sum compared to some other high-growth software companies.
" logicmonitor gets $130 milion funding"

With 160 employees and more than 1,000 paying customers, including JetBlue, Citrix, National Geographic and Trulia, The company revenues has doubledeach year for the past five years. declined to provide specific numbers.


June 15, 2016

5 industries that will transform disruption powered by iOT


" internet of things mind map"



The Internet of Things or IoT is not really an industry and is more of a theme with IoT companies attacking a wide variety of industry challenges. Th above image posted by CBinsights shows together a map of IoT startups that are attacking different industries. While companies like Lockitron and Canary aim to automate your home, Proteus Digital Health and AdhereTech are trying to revolutionize  medicine by improving patient monitoring. Below are some of the areas that IoT startups are attacking with a small sampling of companies for each IoT segment.

vc investment in drones : top 5 deals

Funding to drone startups increased 104% as venture firms including Lightspeed Venture Partners, GGV Capital and Kleiner Perkins among others jumped into the space with sizable bets.

who are the VC that are funding drones"
Between 2010 and 2012, there were fewer than five VC deals to drone companies. But as hype and interest catalyzed for the space (Amazon famously revealed plans for drone delivery in December 2013), investment has grown. There are now at least 10 drone companies with Series A funding or later including Ehang, Skycatch and Kespry. A handful of companies have raised Series B financing including 3D Robotics and Airware.


April 1, 2016

VC exits from technology start ups

2015 TECH EXITS BY VC’s There were over 3,400 exits in 2015, a 14% increase from 2014. But exits by quarter are trending downward with just 717 exits in Q4’15 – the lowest quarterly total since Q1’14.

VC exits from top 10 biggest Technology start ups

"VC exits from top 10 biggest Technology start ups"


vc activity including start ups exits numbered 3400 last year"
Global tech exits including M&A, IPO trends, and much mores

February 24, 2016

us states ranked by vc investments across saas start ups


California,New York and Massachusetts are among top 3 US states with the highest investment in SaaS  companies



With over $16 billion investment across Saas Companies, Calfornia VC investment exceeded vc investment of all US states combined by $6billion


US states Ranked  by   “SaaS” start up Venture Fund Deals

Caifornia VC firms have invested $16billion across saas start ups from 2011 to 2014. The VC deals in California was equal to all other US started combined. saas based VC firms invested a total of $11.7 billion,as compared to VC investment of $16billion in california. To read more click below


February 22, 2016

google’s most expensive acquisition in united kingdom

"list of acquisition of UK start Uk start ups by google ventures"


Out of 8 start ups acquired by Google, the biggest  acquisition in UK or for that matter in Europe was  of  DEEP MIND technologies.
DeepMind technologies, a London-based artificial intelligence firm which specialises in machine learning, advanced algorithms and systems neuroscience was aquired by Google Ventures, the VC group of Google..  Google paid  a hefty amount of  £400m ($650m) for  acquisition of DeepMind


Deep minds  has created a neural network that  might be able  to access an external memory like a conventional Turing machine, resulting in a computer that appears to possibly mimic the short-term memory of the human brain.Deep Mind Technologies plans to develops technologies for e-commerce and games, and plans to  develop computers that think like humans.

Deepmind recent made headlines when it announced  that its alphaGo program had successfully beaten  a human professional 

The two-year-old artificial intelligence startup was founded by former child chess prodigy and neuroscientist Demis Hassabis alongside Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

February 20, 2016

the top 5 start ups that received venture funding this week

The following are the start ups  that got funding this week

  • Snapbizz: Retail technology firm
    Investors : Former CEO of the TATA group Ratan Tata
    Amount : Undisclosed
  • LodgIQ: Hotel revenue management systems
    Investors:Highgate Ventures and Trilantic Capital Partners.
    Amount :$5million
  • Jugnoo :aggregator of auto rides
    vestors:Led by personal HNI TV and film actress Saumya Tandon.
    Amount : Indosclosed
  • Diligent Corp: Maker of boardbook apps
    Investors: Insight Venture
    Amount :$624 million
  • Qualia Media : SasS start up
    Investors : 15 investors led by Verizon Ventures
    Amount : $5.5million

    Scroll down or click below to see  the other Vc deals this week

  • Hometeam, $5 million: seniors home care provider
    Investors:Kaiser Permanente Ventures
    Amount: $5 million
  • Operative: ophthalmic app that allows users to get an eye check via its app
    Investors:Led by Jump Capital along with Tribeca Venture Partners, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Chicago Ventures,
    Amount : $6million

February 1, 2016

15 cities that tops investment by vc firms on companies led by woman founders

The chart shows the list of US cities by Percent for Female Founded Companies  with backing from VC firms .New York City,has produced the largest number of companies with a female founder: 374, or 21% of all startups. It turns out that the Big Apple beats out San Francisco (338 startups and 16%) on both fronts. Another suprise  is  worth noting that Brooklyn, considered on its own, is the national frontrunner with 28% of startups, 33 in total, reporting at least one woman founder.metros

Among other cities  the percentage of women CEO’s seem to be lagging as  the overall national average of 15.4% for the years 2009 – 2014, These include  the well-known Silicon Valley cities of Palo Alto and San Jose.( techcrunch)

european start ups seeking angel funding by business verticals

"Business products followed by IT services is the no 2 and 3 industry vertical ,seeking funding"

When it comes to seeking VC funding by european start ups, its the consumer internet that represents the highest share of  start ups that is seeking to fund its growth
Business products  followed by  IT services is the no 2 and 3  industry  vertical ,seeking  funding, followed by clean technology,media and entertainment  and consumer products which rank 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. European  start ups specializing in internet& dot com along with IT services  account for 32% among the different industry vertical seeking funds  

January 31, 2016

the biggest IPO’s by industry and size

Chinese internet and online shopping giant Alibaba’s IPO was the biggest IPO in the history if financial markets. The number 2 biggest IPO was Votorantim Cimentos followed by Citizen Financial group , which is ranked number 3 The IPO of .Syncrony Financial  was the 4th largest, thereby making the fintech industry  the highest number of record setting initial public offering ,IPO history.

January 25, 2016

united kingdom accounts for 7% global vc deals, 70% growth across technology investments

VC INVESTMENT IN  UK  last year reached 3.6 billion euro  with  UK and Ireland accounting for 7% of global VC deals  in 2015. The UK tech sector received 70 per cent more funding from VCs last year, compared with 2014, with start-ups gaining just $2.1bn in 2014,according to research
based on the data from  CB Insights and London & Partners,

 However this number pales into insignificance when compared to VC investment and start up growth in US and silicon valley  miles According to the US National Venture Capital Association, $35.7bn was invested in tech companies by US venture funds in 2014 alone.

"fintech investment growth across UK venture funding"

However UK has traditionally seen increasing VC funding across  financial  technology  start ups. In 2015 Britain’s financial technology( fintech)  investments has  seen significant upside  with several
funding rounds in the vertical  which included  Ebury, a group that helps small businesses trade internationally, which raised $83m; Funding Circle, the peer-to-peer lender, which raised $150m; and WorldRemit, a money transfer group, which raised $100 million

UK’s  strength has been its proximity with the financial centre of London, where it scores over ” the silicon valley’s software power centre

french venture funds that funds up to $5million across early stage local start ups

Here is the complete list of French VC start ups that ” provide  funding to ocal french start ups to the tune of $5 million  . This list had been published by Andy Romans at Rubicon.  This list is not final list, there might be some other VC which we missed out. In case you wish your ” VC ” firm to get listed, you can tweet me at or send me a mail at [email protected]

1 CDC Entreprises Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 1,923 21
2 CM-CIC Capital Prive Paris, France Investment Bank US$ 373 13
3 Amundi SA Paris, France US$ 826,684 12
4 Credit Agricole Private Equity Paris, France US$ 4,456 12
5 Seventure Partners SA Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 601 11
6 Idinvest Partners Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 3,366 10
7 XAnge Private Equity Paris, France US$ 353 9
8 Auriga Partners SA Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 397 8
9 Sofinnova Partners Paris, France US$ 1,328 8
10 A Plus Finance Paris, France US$ 66 7
11 Emertec Gestion Grenoble, France Venture Capital US$ 144 7
12 Serena Capital SAS Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 120 7
13 Ventech SA Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 439 7
14 Alto Invest Le Chesnay, France 6
15 Alven Capital Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 180 6
16 Naxicap Partners SA Paris, France US$ 974 6
17 Oseo Maisons-Alfort, France Government US$ 361 6
18 Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners Paris, France US$ 580 5
19 Fonds Strategique d’Investissement Paris, France 5
20 I-Source Gestion SA Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 225 5
21 Innovacom SA Paris, France Corporate Venture Capital US$ 541 5
22 Truffle Capital SAS Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 462 5
23 123 Venture Paris, France US$ 180 4
24 ACE Management Paris, France US$ 166 4
25 Developpement et Partenariat Paris, France US$ 180 4
26 Gimv NV Antwerp, Belgium US$ 2,116 4
27 iXO Private Equity SAS Toulouse, France US$ 361 4
28 Oddo Asset Management Paris, France US$ 204 4
29 Sofimac Partners SA Clermont-Ferrand, France US$ 240 4
30 Sudinnova Lyon, France Venture Capital US$ 54 4
31 Turenne Capital Partenaires SA Paris, France US$ 361 4
32 BNP Paribas Developpement Paris, France US$ 295 3
33 BNP Paribas Private Equity SAS Paris, France US$ 971 3
34 Cap Decisif Management Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 58 3
35 CDC Innovation Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 499 3
36 CEA Investissement Grenoble, France Government US$ 18 3
37 CIC Banque de Vizille Lyon, France 3
38 Entrepreneur Venture Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 42 3
39 Jaina Capital SAS Paris, France Angel Investor US$ 120 3
40 Masseran Gestion SAS Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 56 3
41 Matignon Investissement & Gestion Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 301 3
42 Midi Capital SAS Toulouse, France US$ 32 3
43 NextStage Aurel Paris, France US$ 176 3
44 OTC Asset Management SA Paris, France US$ 301 3
45 Societe Hospitaliere d’Assurances Mutuel Lyon, France Venture Capital 3
46 360 Capital Partners Milan, Italy Venture Capital US$ 120 2
47 Apax Partners LLP London, United Kingdom US$ 20,000 2
48 Backbone SAS Paris, France 2
49 Bioam Gestion Paris, France Venture Capital US$ 67 2
50 Esfin Gestion Courbevoie, France Venture Capital US$ 72 2