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February 2, 2016

October 30, 2013

Is Your Facebook Activity being Monitored : 10 Nations that Evesdrop on its citizens

With  the recent controversy in the US and its intelligence snooping on world leaders, inlcuding Angela Merkel ( Chancellor of Germany) , Facebook has just published a report on which countries has asked Facebook to provide  them with data and details inlcuding ” Online Conversations  by its citizens

The map highlights 69 countries. You can see the entire ranking here (click on the map that you’ll spot, and it will turn interactive). If you want to leave your country and go to a place where ” there is no Snopping from Big Brother or the Government, then your  safest haven is Barbados, where during a six-month period Facebook did not cough up a single bit of customer information.

The Top 10 Countries which has asked  Facebook to handover information on online conversations or details on its Users are 
  1. Malta
  2. United States
  3. Italy
  4. United Kingdom
  5. India
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand
  8. Germany
  9. Singpore
  10. France

October 10, 2012

Facebook took 163 Days to Reach 1 billion users

As of October 4th, 2012 In October 2012, the countries with the most Facebook users were

 United States with 166.1 million members
  Brazil with 58.4 million members
 India with 55.3 million members
Indonesia with 47.5 million members
 Mexico with 38.3 million members

Facebook has finally reached the much vaunted and much anticipated number of one billion users  and has become the  most used website in the world today  with 1 billion users and counting.Another important statistics published on Facebook corporate division show that there are 140 billion  are the total friends network a t the site

Facebook took 163 days to reach 1000 million from 900 million users , while it took  4 years ( 3 years and 10 months) to reach1000 million or 1 billion users.

September 1, 2012

Steve Jobs Turnaround at Apple Depicted in Charts

Dan Dummer has charted out a great  Post showing Apple Financial performance under Steve Jobs  at  Splatf goes without saying that Steve Jobs’ effect on Apple was profound. You don’t call a guy the best corporate leader in history for nothing. But just how dramatically did Steve turn Apple around in the 14 years after Gil Amelio got the boot?  The chart shows exactly that 
Based on this comparison of Apple’s 10-Q report from the June quarter of 1997 — right before Jobs started to increase his role at Apple — and Apple’s most recent quarterly results, it’s pretty amazing

image source : Splatf

August 31, 2012

The Sony Story of Declining Marketshare and Revenue

Image Courtesy:splatf

Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony, has conceded the consumer electronics company is being forced by limited resources to be “very selective” about the smartphones it offers in the US, as it faces “a big task” in challenging dominant rivals Apple and Samsung
Meanwhile in its country of origin Sony shares fell as much as 6.7% to 1,132 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchang during April 2012. Its TV business, one of its biggest growth drivers in the past, has been hit hard by increased competition and falling prices. The division has been making losses for eight years in a row.
The company has also lost ground to rivals in the gaming and mobile phone business
Sony has been making a loss for each of the past four years, has forecast that it will return to profit in the current financial year of 2012 Sony The firm, which has been making a loss for each of the past four years, has forecast that it will return to profit in the current financial year.

May 15, 2012

Apple’s Exponential Growth Chart: Facts vs Fiction

Fortune 50Infographics – The Sortable Apple by the Numbers Chart Shows Exponential Growth (GALLERY):

The Sortable Apple by the Numbers infographic shows the remarkable journey of Apple as a Fortune 500 company throughout the years. With displays indicating it has the GDP of New Zealand, the takeover of the iPad and iPhone and the ability to buy Twitter, RIM, Netflix and more, the infographic shows how Apple has truly made it as a company that is here to stay and conquer all.

via Trendhunter