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December 23, 2013

Why Pinterest and Instagram usage among Women show 50% growth

Women are gradually exceeding men in terms of social media engagement. The latest research  research from SheKnows and Harris Interactive shows tha5t after nUK where women outnumbered men US is following the same trend as ” research shows that d US female social network users formed  79% of women ages 25 to 54 used Facebook regularly, compared with a dramatically lower 35% who said they regularly visited YouTube, 30% who said the same of Pinterest, 22% for Twitter, and just 13% for Instagram Read more at

Usage of  of Pinterest  among Women users  are showing an upward trend , along with blogging platforms,  and  Instagram. However Facebok still dominates as 30% female users  spend 30%  on Facebook
Women are increasingly using social media to express themselves and have an identity of   their own as ” Men gradually move ” to Gadgets and Smartphone to view sports , Technology and Politcal news