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February 5, 2014

Why You Need to Look Beyond Facebook for Marketing

The Rise of  Pinterest :

Why Your Digital Marketing Can’t Afford to Pass Up Pinterest | Mobile Marketing Watch:  Most  marketers tend to focus on Facebook and Twitter ” with the realization that ” they need to be present in the top two social media Channels However what they forget is that ” Niche sites ” or vertical social media are equally imortant from a digital marketing perspective

According to a recent study ” Facebook Users are more likely tohave Banner Blindness compared to other social media properties

 Pinterest  with a astounding  70 million users,is  the diverse digital and mobile melting pot for professional and amateurs are more open to buy online and engage in transactional activities 

 So instead of repeating ourselves yet again, let’s run with the belief that a picture tells a thousand words. And thanks to a new infographic published this week, here’s an insightful infographic that hammers home the point we’ve been making for a while – Pinterest is a powerful platform for your promotional efforts.”

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