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February 3, 2016

10 corporations in america having the worst boards

Here is a look into the laryhest are among the worlds most valuable Airlines brand with a combined brand value of over$17.5 billion .The number one airlines brand with a highest brand value is EMIRATES.Emirates  continues to lead the sector with a 21% rise in brand value to US$6.6 billion. Formula 1, the French Open and most importantly football teams from PSG to Real Madrid and Arsenal to AC Milan all display the Emirates logo.

for yahoo the end seems near , sacks 15% workforce and close down 6 global offices

Yahoo continues to be battered by the stock markets and  employees alike as the company decided to do what it does the best.. more firings and more offices to be closed
With its decision to sack  15% global workforce as well as close its  regional offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan, Yahoo has also decided to end  products such as Games and Smart TV.

However if the  company actually belives that these cuts can prevent ” the collapse of yahoo” it must be day dreaming.. Unless yahoo starts focusing on the core products it has ( search/ content and video) these cuts and bruises will only  be cosmetic in nature

The cuts will reduce Yahoo!’s ranks to 9,000 employees and fewer than 1,000 contractors, and save an estimated $400m in operating costs. Additionally, Yahoo! plans to sell off around $1bn worth of its holdings, including real estate and patents.

Yahoo Inc. – Earnings Surprise | FindTheCompany

 Meanwhile the latest financial results published yesterday shows Yahoo is loosing its ground further in online search and display advertising, facing increasingly tough competition from rivals Facebook (FB) and Alphabet’s Google (GOOG).

For yahoo this sacking will save the company of of 4 billion USD.The cuts will include closing offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Milan, and the end of products such as Games and Smart TV. The cuts will reduce Yahoo!’s ranks to 9,000 employees and fewer than 1,000 contractors, and save an estimated $400m in operating costs. Additionally, Yahoo! plans to sell off around $1bn worth of its holdings, including real estate and patents.

Meanwhile  Inside Yahoo ,employee motivation is at its lowest, Some employees at Yahoo are so fed up of Marissa Mayer that they have given her a snarky little nickname called “Evita,” in reference to Eva Peron, the former wife of Argentinian dictator Juan Peron, known for her rise to power and desire for fame. However things were not always this way for Marissa .

Marissa Mayer took over as the Google blue eyed lady .. and many were relieved to have someone as Marissa as the CEO. as unlike her predecessors who were more from the entertainment industry working with movie studios or mainstream media industry. Mayer represented  a quintessential ” new media  with just the right background and skills
Mayer bought with her  at Yahoo an enormous understanding of consumer web , technology and deep insights on product development, strategy and operational Innovativeness.  However despite a good start at Yahoo  , she lost her steam and along with that the support of some of her key investors and people .

Last year the number of departures at Yahoo, exceeded one third of its workforce. Citing a Glassdoor survey, the report said that only 34% of Yahoo employees are keen to stay .. while a whopping 52% employees are keen to get out .. while rest 12% as not yet decided

May 11, 2015

which techology company has highest number of woman managers

technology companies and women managers

Tech brands with the highest number of woman managers  

Pinterest, Linked, Yahoo are the top tech companies with the higher number of women managers with 40,39 and 37% respectively 
While there is no evidence or research to show that productivity or efficiency is gender dependent nor any study to show why companies needs to hire more woman than men or vice versa.  So what makes them so attractive to tom tom !! For these global technology giants gender diversity is a big statement in itself .It makes them sound very politically correct and helps them to don the leadership role in the tech industry by trying to showcase gender diversity. This is a great way to hire new woman recruits who are at times seen not as ambitious or career driven as men… What is left unsaid is the role of economics in gender diversity . Do compensation levels play a role in gender divide ?

eBay, Apple, and HP have the most women in leadership role in tech companies

"gender diversities in leadership positions in tech companies"

Gender diversity in  leadership  Positions  in Technology companies 

The chart published by Gigacom above shows the gender diversity in top technology companies when it comes to leadership. Some companies count leadership roles as being only vice presidents, others count as broad a definition as “officials and managers. eBay, Apple, and HP have the most women in leadership roles, although at 28 percent they’re still far from equally weighted. 

May 7, 2015

47% of google’s search traffic comes from mobile

Mobile share  in US Organic  search engine traffic 

With more than 75% smartphone penetration  in US , mobile now accounts for 45% of online search traffic , searches from mobile  forms 45% share of US organic search traffic in Q1,
The iPhone (18%) and iPad (12%) alone contributed a combined 30% of organic search traffic, per the report, more than double the share (13%) from Android devices.
While mobile search search traffic  grew by 54%YoY,in Q1, desktop search traffic rose by 14%  According to google 47% of  its search traffic now comes from mobile

May 5, 2015

2015 highest paid female ceo’s and their salaries

Infographic: America's Highest-Paid Female Chief Executives | Statista


By how much do you think compensation levels between male CEO’s and female CEO’s vary? or does it at all ? According to the S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group research data published by USA Today  show  that female CEOs in the S&P 500 earned $18.8 million, more then the $12.7 million paid to the male CEOs .Marissa Mayer  of Yahoo and  Safra Cadz of Oracle  ranks 1st and 2nd  among the  top 10 ” highest paid  female  chief executives in 2015″

Ex Google hand  Marissa Mayer ranks 7th in overall CEO pay, with her total annual compensation at $42.1 million.Safra Ada Catz of Oracle earns $42,1 million while Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson  pay package tops $33.7 million. Ranking 4th is  Carol M Meyrowitz of TJX with $28.7million . Meanwhile  Indra Nooyi from Pepsi and Ursula burns from Xerox  complete t the 5th and 6th  rank with both their annual pay reaching $22.5million.

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April 23, 2015

how yahoo is starting to become increasingly irrelevant

"Yahoo is on the verge of biggest decline"

 The worlds first portal  Yahoo which  had the biggest user base  in the hey days of the internet  is in dire straits And  Marissa Mayer  has not been able to  even pause its rapid decline,although has managed to make Wall street happy .Marissa Mayer  has not shown her midas touch   which she was expected  to bring at Yahoo.
One of the  most important indicators of a websites relevance is the ratio of online users spend on the web versus the time it spends on your site. Although this is a relative metric as both the constants changes. However if you see the above chart. you will know why ” today’s internet users are slowly moving away from Yahoo,

June 4, 2014

US Online Search Marketshare vs Unique Search Queries

Google leads with highest 65% search marketshare in US , Bing is  18.3%

This  data by statistic shows the market share of search engines in the United States, from 2008 onwards  to  April 2014 by share of search queries. In January 2014, Microsoft’s Bing  handled 18.3% and in April this was upto 20%  of all search queries in the United States. Google  continues to be the undaunted and unchallenged Leader with over 65% of search marketshare this year .During the same period of time, Yahoo had a search market share of 10.4% down from 20% in 2011..
US Search Market  and unique searches across  big 3

This statistic shows the number of core search queries processed by the top four online search engines in the United States as of April 2014. During that month, Yahoo processed 1.86 billion search queries and market leader Google processed 12.58 billion search queries.

March 31, 2014

Yahoo Buys Social Data Visualization App Firm Vizify

Yahoo takes over Vizify social graphi app

that Yahoo has acquired it and it is shutting down. Vizify was a social technology app that helped users
 better visualize and graph their social lives via an infographic  and tag clouds in the format of a personal website 

Vizify  was founded in 2011 is an app which turns your social media data into interactive infographics and videos. It became very popular at the end of 2013, when it turned many people’s twitter
feeds into a 30 second video clip demonstrating their most popular posts and their most interactive friends and fans.

Earlier the start up company had raised $1.46 million in its life. Given that its last round of funding
came in 2012, the takeover by Yahoo makes sense as it will “ get the funding
and the attention, without which it would have closed down

January 16, 2014

Yahoo No 2 Fired by No 1 : Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer Fires Ex Googler henrique

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer fires COO more than a year after she wooed him away from Google –  “Yahoo’s No. 2 executive, Henrique de Castro, has been fired by his boss, Marissa Mayer, a little more than a year after she wooed him away from Google to help her turn around the struggling Internet company.

Marissa had a difficult time with both the Wall street and the Internal Employees, both falling out of options, as she continues to believe that Yahoo is a moving ahead , towards making it a lean, big  with the start up culture ( which she had learnt at Google ) by making decisions that  are hard to make, but she is determined to take everyone , at the same time,letting people go if it does not meet her expectations

Yahoo, which has lost ground in recent years to competitors like Google and Facebook, announced de Castro’s departure in a terse, two-sentence document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission after the stock market closed Wednesday.

In a memo  which was clearly” blunt  instead of the sugar coating that comes with it says 

 “I made the difficult decision that our COO, Henrique de Castro, should leave the company. I appreciate Henrique’s contributions and wish him the best in his future endeavors.Overall, I’m confident that the leadership team, our direction, and these changes will enable even more successful execution,”

Mayers message was terse and blunt , indicating that she will do everything to steer the ship in the right direction. no matter how big or small they are across the corporate hierarchy

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October 12, 2013

The Most Powerful Women in Technology Companies : Sheryl Sandberg vs Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg are two of the most powerful and well-known businesswomen in the digital world, executing leadership roles in two of the biggest names in tech business. Marissa Mayer is the President and CEO of Yahoo! since July 2012, and Sheryl Sandberg has been the COO of Facebook since 2008. Both women have been in the news as an example and inspiration in leadership

July 17, 2013

Yahoo’s Turnaround Under Marissa Mayer: What the Numbers Reveal

The latest Trends on Web Marketing

The above  data on  Yahoo statistic shows information on the annual GAAP revenue of Yahoo from 2004 to 2012. In 2010, the company’s annual revenue was 6.32 billion U.S. dollars. In 2012, Yahoo’s revenue had shrunk to 4.99 billion U.S. dollars.

This statistic shows the number of unique visitors to from the United States from April 2011 to April 2013. In July 2011, the California-based internet company had 149.02 million unique visitors from the U.S., this number grew to 150.55 million visits in October 201

June 3, 2013

Why Tumblr will Rewrite Yahoo’s History

The combination of Tumblr + Yahoo! is expected to grow Yahoo’s audience by 50% to more than a billion monthly visitors, and to grow traffic by ~20%.
Similar to Instagram, what many seem to miss is that Tumblr isn’t just a blogging or content platform that thrives online and ports extremely well to mobile, it is a bona fide social network.

Yahoo sees this acquisition to power its web 3.0 users who are Mobile savvy, well aware of current trends on Technology news and  Entertainment. Before this Acquisition Yahoo was and ( will continue ) to be seen as a web1.0 company “and also ran technology start up”

The Basic difference among Yahoo , Google, Facebook  and Twitter is its engagement ecosystem. Users once connected tend to stay there interact and engage setting up a viral marketing mechanism. The  Famed Google Algorithms today powers Google Plus, Google Adsense as well as the Google Adwords program and Blogger…While Google has straddled a complex mix of users partners and cocreators  and advertisers where its virtually owns the products along with the entire network of distributors ( Adsense/Adwords/Blogger/Video/Image/Maps and a web mail along with several others (products which are  often discontinued  in the name of consumer feedback..)..

Similarly Facebook and Twitter  straddles a entire product ecosystem where users stay connected and real time…

Comparatively Yahoo failed in selling its core Proposition”  By trying to do too many things at the cost of nothing new ,and not to mention the musical chairs of CEO coming and trying to give a direction of their own without  idea of a roadmap where the Company would like to go
What Yahoo lacked was  getting their 3C’s right Consumption, Cocreation and Curation. The 3C which is so essential to connect with online users…
Tumblr will help Yahoo get the 3C’s right (hopefully this time) Marissa Mayer knows this.. and Tumblr acquisition this might   the start of the New Yahoo . If anyone can change Yahoo its their current  CEO .. 

March 26, 2013

Yahoo Buys a Mobile Aggregation App from a 17 Year old British Teen

  Yahoo Buys Summly – Business Insider: Yahoo  has  has acquired  a mobile news aggregation service  Summly from a start up British entrepreneur Nick D’Aloisio ,who is just 17 .

 This mobile news aggregation app  was created by D’Aloisio,which scans the Web for news and uses an algorithm to find the type of content you want to read which it then summarizes  on the fly 

D’Aloisio began using computers at the age of nine, making films, and then moved to programming at the age of 12 when Apple opened its App Store for the iPhone. Nick is no stranger to success at such a young age. Yahoo ‘s Offer  comes less than five years after he released his first app, called Fingermill, an onscreen virtual treadmill for fingers along with an App called  Facemood, which analyzed a person’s Facebook account to determine their mood, and a service that helps people discover new music 

Nick D’Aloisio was creating programs at 12, and got the idea for the app in 2011 when revising for his exams and finding himself frustrated with web pages that broadly repeated the same content.

 He produced an early version of Summly, called Trimit, which was downloaded more than 200,000 times. taught himself how to create computer programs at age 12.

Yahoo is  set to  shut down Summly as a stand alone app, but it says it’s going to incorporate Summly technology into its own mobile apps and sites.

Yahoo was attracted to Summly’s core technology for automatically summarizing news articles. The technology, which included an algorithm for deriving the summaries, was created with help from SRI International, a Silicon Valley research-and development firm that has an artificial-intelligence lab and has an ownership stake in the startup.

March 4, 2013

Why Google CEO Banned Work from Home

Last week, Yahoo banned employees from working from home. How did CEO Marissa Mayer decide to make such a controversial decision? According to a source, the only way Mayer is comfortable making any decision: with the help of data. Like a lot of companies, Yahoo has something called a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

According to BusinessInsider ,After spending months frustrated at how empty Yahoo parking lots were, Mayer consulted Yahoo’s VPN logs to see if remote employees were checking in enough. Mayer discovered they were not — and her decision was made.

Kara Swisher of AllthingsD  first reported the news that Mayer was showing executives Yahoo’s VPN logs to justify her work-from-home ban. Mayer is famously obsessed with metrics and data. Once, a Google designer quit the company in a huff because he was tired of how Mayer, in charge of how homepage looked, would choose design elements like color or font not based on taste, but raw data

How far of Google culture will Marissa bring to Yahoo,is yet to be seen. Heres wishing her all the best
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February 26, 2013

Microsoft’s Bing now has 16% Search Marketshare in US,

Nearly 19.5 billion explicit core searches were conducted in January (up 11 percent), with Google Sites ranking first with 13.1 billion (up 11 percent). Microsoft Sites ranked second with 3.2 billion searches (up 12 percent), followed by Yahoo! Sites with 2.3 billion (up 9 percent), Ask Network with 536 million and AOL, Inc. with 331 million (up 7 percent

Google remains the strong leader in the U.S. core search market, accounting for 2 out of every 3 searches – up less than a percentage point in the pastyear. Microsoft Bing had the most significant share gain in 2012, increasing 1.2 percentage points to 16.3 percent to extend its lead on #3 Yahoo! at 12.2% . Ask Network remains fourth at 3 percent (up 0.1%), while AOL rounded out the list at 1.8% up 0.2 %

September 10, 2012

New Kindle Fire Devices to Have Bing as Default Search Engine

It was a sweet victory for Microsoft as Amazon’s  new kindle has Bing as its  its new default search engine and Amazon has   a tie up  to make Bing the default search engine on the e-tailer’s new batch of Kindle Fire devices. However you can change its settings , so as to change to other search provider ( Google /Yahoo)

All text you enter in Amazon Silks address bar is sent to a default search engine. The initial default search engine is selected by Amazon Silk, and we may change the default search engine in the future without notice to you,” Amazon states. “If you would like, you may choose to use a different search provider s your default search engine.”

The new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite  devices’ Silk browser,also has some other new things in store, compared to the previous version.
The latest version of Silk has improved page load speeds, improved HTML5 support, and some UI changes. Here’s what it looks like:It also comes with a new Trending Now feature, which will direct users to popular pages around the web. 
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May 15, 2012